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Hiroshima 1945, Fukushima 2011, – Japan’s nuclear horrors – theme for March 21

As World War 2 neared its end, with 20 million Russian soldiers killed, fighting with the Allies against Hitler, America’s government was already planning its military superiority over Russia.

What they needed was to demonstrate  a weapon of huge mass destruction, that would frighten the Russians.   Germany surrendered on 7 May 1945. Too late to try one out on Germany , but Japan was still in the war, (though near to giving up). So they had to hurry.  Japan would be the test case –  selecting the city of Hiroshima , both to test the effects of atomic bombing, and to show the Russians, on August 6th.  To emphasise the USA’s military superiority, they plutonium bombed Nagasaki 3 days later.

After the war, how to get Japan ”on side” against Russia , and equally important, to show the Japanese that nuclear is really quite good.? USA helped Japan to now get an ‘economic miracle’, and better still, give Japan the benefit of ‘good nukes’.

To these crowded, seismically dangerous Japanese islands, USA promoted clusters of nuclear power stations.  The nuclear industry’s image was miraculously enhanced –  to Japan, and to the world.

BUT, 66 years later, Japan suffered another disastous nuclear blow, with the meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear power station. With the 10 year anniversary of this disaster, on March 11, the real cleanup is nowhere in sight, vast amounts of contaminated water are still accumulating, areas are uninahitable, and most evacuees don’t want to return. Radioactive pollution in forests is still a problem.

Sad to reflect that this one country, Japan, has suffered two great nuclear horrors – 75 years apart, with the tragic effects of both continuing.  The world needs, not a celebratory, cosmetic, Olympic Games, but real international help for the people of Fukushima, and for the environmental remediation. Japan needs help to shut down the toxic nuclear industry and move to clean energy

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  1. STP failure Texas nuclear plant was just 3 minutes away from going completely off-line during blackout – Raw Story – PSYCHOTIC IRRATIONALITY AND STUPIDITY What have the massive gulf coast hurricanes harvey, maria others, taught me? The monster coldspell and failure of the grid in texas, with temps in the teens . Almost freezing to death. Many almost dying again of starvation, like during the hurricanes. Almost dying of thirst and, bacteria infested water. Texas is the rightwing devil, of the south. Texas is where the South Texas Project nuclear reactors, at Bay city, lost backup . So close to melting down again, like they were during Hurricane Harvey. This occured in the  time, during the blackouts in texas . There was no water in half of texas. Even hospitals in Austin . Texas is a total failure, with the pandemic still going.

    I write this diatribe-invective, appealing to the sense and sanity, of the american people and people in the WORLD. No one is listening 30 years too late Its all 30 years too late. The nukeape countries are: Pronuke energy. Pronuclear weapons. Generals are attached at the hip, to nuclear power. Attached to the Nuclear military industrial complexes and stock markets. There are minnions of them in all nuke countries. In Nuke countrys like the USA , France, Russia, Canada .

    Australias wildfires, are starting to burn again. Like all the huge wildfires, they are from hydrocarbon residue in soils, drought, global climate change, pryophoric radionuclides like uranium waste, in the soil.

    There are MEGA recurring Firestorms and wildfires, that occur in areas where nuclear catastrophes occured in the forests around Fukushima and pripyat. The phenomenon  is from the inherent pyrophoricity of the multiple radionuclides, deposited there by the nuclear explosions and meltdowns. for the past 5 to 10  years. Radionuclide wildfires have been raging at Fukushima, Chernobyl, Santa Susana , INL

    Santa Susana had two meltdowns in the 1960s. The Woolsey wildfires there, are some eme of the worst, in history. The Idaho National Laboratory had 2.nuclear reactor meltdowns, in 50 years.

    The 2018 INL wildfires,  burned 90,000 acres in and around the 50 reactor, Idaho National Laboratory site, spredimg deadly radionulide death over the United States.

    INL is a 30 square mile area, chocked full of Radionuclide waste. The pyrophoricity of all radionuclides, the Uranium, plutonium, cesium 137 cobalt 60 strontium 90 americium, thorium 90 . Radium and Uranium, from fracking, from nuclear , from uranium mining, from oil refining and burning hydrocarbons.

    Areas around Mayak and Hanford have perrenial wildfires . Depleted uranium is used in bullets, mortars, bombs, rockets because of it’s inherent pyrophoricty.

    Areas around Los Alamos, have had perrenial-massive wild fires for years from the plutonium and americium byproducts of nuclear bomb manufacturing, residue there. Wildfires will happen this year at Los Alamos. It is primed for it from the drought in nothern New Mexico. Primed for it, from climate change, drought and radionuclide pyrophoric catalysis. Plutonium burns, when exposed to air, like the rocky flats, plutonium pit factory fires in arvada in the 60s, 70s, and, 80s in Denver.

    Plutonium, depleted uranium, uranium, amerecium dust contamination, from plutonium pit manufacture, at Los Alamoa catalyze wildires, there. Wildfire areas have grown since  older wildfire, AROUND LOS ALAMOS.

    WILDFIRES ARE GROWING.  Wildfires engulphed half of australia, half of the usa, a third of the Amazon in the past 3 years.

    Americium is used, in cheap smoke detectors in the USA by the way. Americium  is closely related to plutonium  the.most poisonous substance known by humans. Using Americium in cheap.smoke detectors,  is a cheap, deadly way get rid of deadly hilevel waste from mericas awful reactors and make a profit from it.

    If you ground up,  one americium pellet  from a sleazy 3 dollar walmart smoke detector into dust, dispersed it in a 10 by 20ft room, with 20 people, tall 20 people would get lung cancer, in two weeks.

    There are Huge swaths of wildfires  in nuclear polluted Arctic and Siberia regions, that nowoccur annually.

    Neo liberal-creeps, redbaiters and warmongers are entrenched, with the military industrial complexes of the western world. Nukeapes are  entrenched in Russia with Rosatom. Russia wants to Build crappy nuke plants, in third world counties.

    More nuke missiles . Billions and trillions, for weapons as people starve , infrastrucures erode the economies suck. A steep race downward, to environmental and nuclear oblivion. There are 80,000 tonnes, of hi level nuke waste in huge thin, tincan metal casks, across the USA. The equivalents of 10 million nuclear bombs . Stored outside on pads, in thin skin cracked-casks. All around the country, in NM, Texas, Nevada, San Onofre, Washington, NM, Florida and by reactors.

    If you or I were within 20 feet, of 50 pounds of that hilevel waste, it will emmit enough gamma and beta rays, to kill you in 20 minutes.

    Florida has several beatup, old, reactors on  it’ coasts, as do Texas, Louisiana, Missisippi, North Carolina etc.

    There will be 5 to 8, extra hurricanes per season now. There are more earthquakes from fracking.

    Failure to close embrittled, 30 and 40 yo rattletrap, reactors,  will lead to nuclear catastrophe.

    Radionuclides in trace amounts, in the environment, increase wild fires, 30 fold by making them hotter, bigger and, much more profuse. Radionuclides Increase the width and breadth of wildfires, like the huge 90,000 acre wildfire at Idaho National laboratory, where the area is saturated w radionuclides. If even two or three nuke complexes go off in the USA, half the country will get very sick, in America . One reactor complex meltdown will destroy an entire region, like Chernobyl and Fukushima. There will ne no one, to stop the country, from going up in multiple chemical and nuclear explosions with fires if more than 1 catastrophe occurs . There will be No drinkable water. All electric grids will be down. Two-Thirds of the country , will be sick and dying. many people and animals bleeding through every pore in their bodies. Total radiation sickess inside and out, from internal radionuclides and external beta and gamma irradiation.

    Half or more the country will be having wildfires, next year there will be 6 extra hurricanes.

    It will not be civil war that destroys america. Those of us who have survived the Hurricanes like Maria, Sandy, Harvey, know.

    Those of us, who have survived the blackouts, survived massive wildfires, know that the crooked rightwing-bobo-civil-war-nonsense, is bs and coverup of the ugliest monsters.

    People will be too sick and disabled to move or eat , much less shoot anyone else when the old embrittled reactors start going off. It will be from serial incompetence and serial events, from more hurricanes, from infrastructure failure.

    One or more reactors, may go off from more flooding, more earthquakes more wildfires.

    The govt extends nuclear reactor licenses, deregulates their supervision further. The  government does not mandate-shutting the old dangerous nuke, monsters down . They are so expensive and dangerous, with no place safe to store, their extinction level-hoardes of hi level nuclear waste.

    There will be catastrophic attritition and death following, nuclear melt downs. It will lead to more chemical plants blowing-up. More power outages. More nuke reactors blowing up. Hi level nuke waste fires, across the usa. The USA is already inundated with the radionuclides – internally, in our water , in our landfills Americans are so stupid.

    Comment by ken r | March 1, 2021 | Reply

    • Excellent article, thank you.
      I hope to publish it in full, or in part, within the next few days, and I hope that this is OK with you and Oped Neews, – with full attribution, of course

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | March 4, 2021 | Reply

      • Its OK. Thanks for all of your hard work

        Comment by ah | March 5, 2021

  2. Thomas Edison said, he never wanted to hear about radionuclides or, x-rays again.

    Why cant humans help each other to save the world, instead of working so hard to kill all living things and destroy the world?

    Comment by Terra Lowe | March 14, 2021 | Reply

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