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Fears that a USA ”interim” nuclear waste dump may become permanent

February 1, 2021 - Posted by | USA, wastes


  1. What deep geological site is suggested? Yucca Mountain is too small, geologically inappropriate, and leaky (which would lead to corrosion without deflectors over each cask). The proposed, illegal (waste cannot be legally moved until a permanent site is identified) “consolidated interim storage” sites in New Mexico and Texas would also become de facto permanent sites, so the waste would have to be moved twice, adding risk for little reason, as well as bringing radioactive materials to an area currently without nuclear power. We seem to be left with storing irradiated fuel as close to the generation site as possible, stewarding the materials that brought us energy and are now no longer useful.

    Comment by njsally | February 1, 2021 | Reply

    • Nj Sally has a dertailed and fundamental grasp of the issues. Thanks for osting this comment. It should be published.

      Ther is no safe place to keep, high level nuclear waste. Things would run smock in ten years at.yucca mountin. I don’t have the energy.or time to cover it. It is true “Yucca Mountain is too small, geologically inappropriate, and leaky.”

      Many. Aquifers in Nevada are already contaminated by the worst radionuclides from bomb explosions and, the fracking of radioactive waste into the ground.
      A question to ask is “Are the.increased birth defects, leukemia and cancer rates from nuclear processing, nuclear waste storage, and nuclear power generation worth the expensive power generated?” There are alternative power sources. There are the major risks of nuclear meldowns and hi level nuclear waste fires.

      Comment by ken r | February 1, 2021 | Reply

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