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100 year licences for nuclear reactors? – a hazardous plan

What a great idea!   This way, all the nuclear industry  heavies, all the regulatory officials involved, will be long gone when disaster strikes.  They get off scot free –   no costs, no blame, no shame.  Just leaves the taxpayers’ grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on, to deal with the massive problems caused bu these self=serving decision-makers.


NRC to discuss 100-year licenses for nuclear plants, Facilities could receive longer extensions, Gloucester Daily Times. By Heather Alterisio Staff Writer, 9 Jan 21,  SEABROOK, N.H. — A daylong Nuclear Regulatory Commission meeting Thursday will revolve around discussion of any technical issues that could arise if nuclear power plants were licensed to operate for 100 years.

When a nuclear power plant is first licensed by the NRC, that license permits a plant to operate for 40 years. After that, owners of nuclear plants can apply for a 20-year license extension. Nearly every power plant in the U.S. has gone through that renewal process at least once, according to NRC spokesman Scott Burnell.

Seabrook Station at 626 Lafayette Road received approval from the NRC in 2019 to extend its operating license from 2030 to 2050. The plant sits about 17 miles northwest — as the seagull flies — from parts of Cape Ann.

As of Oct. 31, the federal Energy Information Administration said there were 56 commercially operating nuclear power plants with 94 nuclear reactors in 28 states.

About 10 years ago, the NRC began discussions to address what protocols should be put in place if plant owners wanted to renew their license a second time, allowing operation for 80 years. Burnell said the law does not set a limit on how many times a plant can apply to renew its license.

The NRC has since awarded second renewals to a Florida plant and one in Pennsylvania, allowing operation for 80 years. The meeting Thursday — which will be online and open to the public — poses the question, what protocols should be in place if a plant owner pursued a third renewal, allowing it to operate for 100 years?………

Natalie Hildt Treat, executive director for C-10, an Amesbury-based nonprofit that monitors Seabrook Station and its impact on surrounding communities, said C-10 has already brought attention to issues related to aging concrete at Seabrook, the first nuclear power plant known to have this problem.

Prior to and while Seabrook Station was undergoing its recent license renewal process, C-10 pressed the NRC to address concrete degradation caused by alkali-silica reaction in which tiny cracks develop in concrete structures. C-10 worked closely with Victor Saouma, a professor of civil engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder and an expert in alkali-silica reaction.

Saouma is one of the experts who will speak Thursday on technical issues relating to concrete. C-10 believes there should be federal regulations that include taking concrete samples from all of the nation’s nuclear reactors, testing them “rigorously,” and creating protocols for how to manage issues as they arise, Treat said.

“We don’t think the NRC or the plant operators have a handle on whether these reactors are safe today, much less an unprecedented number of decades,” she said.

Treat added that Seabrook Station, like other plants around the country, was designed a few decades ago and they “are not getting any safer as they age.”

It is implausible to think that plants could safely operate for more than double of their anticipated life span,” she said.

Construction of the Seabrook reactor began in 1976 and the plant began operating at full power in 1990.

More information on the work of C-10 may be found at

The public meeting is Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information or for the Microsoft Teams webinar details, visit Code=20201407.

To access the meeting by telephone, call 301-576-2978 and then enter the passcode, 835226175#.

Heather Alterisio may be contacted at

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  1. Biden is up to his ears in nuclear madness left by Obama and Trump.
    MICIMATT (Military Industrial Congressional Intelligence Media Academia Think Tank) complex. Biden is the lapdog of it. Biden is stalling help for mericans over a measly 400dollars. Biden will continue, trillions for war and nuclear bombs. He is funding small nuclear reactors for space, battlefields and America started by Trump and obama. Biden will do this, until there are a few more reactor meltdowns. Meltdowns like Santa Susana and three mile island..  Biden will continue the neoliberal ecoconmic policies, where everyone is starving to death, worse than they are now. If he does this, there will be a major uprising, where dispossessed people join forces. Biden is a moderate nuclear imperialist.As the pandemic cripples America, Donald Trump ordered funding for military Small Nuclear Reactors in space,In America and on the battlefield. Complete insanity. If Biden continues this, he guarentees, the end of humanity in 5 yeqrs.He must reinforce reactors now. Biden must cutback the nuclear weapons inventory, now. He must deal with accrueing nuclear waste, now. Biden must start closing old reactors. NUKEAPES ARE ALL PSYCHOTIC AND  OR PSYCHOPATHICALLY DELUDED IN SOME WAY
    Trump is A completely psychotic criminal. Centrist democrats follow the neoliberal-fascist, war criminal, father OF THE Patriot act author and, king of incarceration, jojo Biden. Biden might not start a nuclear war so quickly AS trump, though biden caused a civil war, in Ukraine. There is serious risk of another nuke accident in Ukraine soon, because of Nuland, Biden, Obama and Clinton-putting corrupt neonazis in power, in the Ukraine.
    When things collapse, reactors blow, all things will burn, like the western USA, that was on fire last summer.All The billionaires behind Biden, care about is their money. The billionaires can keep their illusions, of power and comfort for now. They got their boot-lickers back in power, with Biden.

    Comment by Art hunsaker | January 22, 2021 | Reply

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