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to 11 January – nuclear news this week

Midst all of the Trumpian circus, and the dire problems of the pandemic, it’s hard to find news about the underlying grave problems of the climate. I did vow to stay off that subject.  But that’s hard to do, when global heating has accelerated over 2020, when it should have been a cooler year, with La Nina prevailing.   Not only accelerating – climate change is here with us. The Earthbound Report lists 10 big impacts in 2020.

But – to return to the nuclear, it hasn’t been just a background problem lately, as the Washington mayhem raises anxieties about Donald Trump’s finger on the trigger of nuclear war.

A bit of good news – The good news hidden within one of America’s darkest weeks

Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons: The Road There and the Road AheadBeatrice Fihn: How to implement the nuclear weapons ban treaty.

Multinational effort could help solve U.S.-Russia nuclear issue.

Geopolitics Of Nuclear Generation Delayed Renewables By Decades To Fossil Fuel Industry Benefit, Our Detriment.

Ten compelling reasons to stay away from nuclear power .

Judge’s refusal to extradite Julian Assange is still part of cowardly process to deny freedom of information.

JAPAN.   High court drops TEPCO’s appeal against order for compensation to affected Fukushima worker.  Radiation levels at Fukushima plant found worse and more lethal than previously assumed. Only 30% of Fukushima residents happy with disaster recovery progress.

INDIA.  Military strategy relying on nuclear weapons – a dangerous myth.

CANADA.  Canada vocal about nuclear disarmament, but silent about the Treaty for Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.  Canada shows how nuclear reactors are not needed for production of technetium-99m.    Creating jobs and community opportunities -Pickering City Council wants immediate dismantling of nuclear station.



ITALY. Seven regions in Italy to take legal action against plan for nuclear waste dumping.    Beautiful Italian regions furious at sites recommended for nuclear trash.

IRAN. Iran will expel U.N. nuclear inspectors unless sanctions are lifted.

NORTH KOREA. Kim Jong Un signals plans to develop new nuclear weapons.

INDONESIA.  Indonesia’s nuclear ambitions could prove disastrous for the Southeast Asian region.

FRANCE.  France’s declining nuclear production.  Nuclear in France: why bother? This technology is on the way out.  France conducts enhanced thermonuclear missile test.  Government control over nuclear and radiation information; firing of sociologist Christine Fassert.

ISRAELRestoring Iran nuclear deal is good for Israel.

LEBANON.  Lebanon’s Hezbollah chief says nuclear button with “crazy fool” Trump.

AUSTRALIA.  Australian govt has quiet nuclear deal with China, but condemns Victoria-China medical research.

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  1.   Extension of the coup
    They are planning to storm Washington DC with guns on Jan 20 with Trump’s FEMA and the oath keeper cops helping them across the country They used FEMA, ice AND DHS in Portland. A main boogaloo boy has confirmed that. It is confirmed On several booger boi websites.

    Juan Cole talks about that in his article on oped news. The boogaloo boys accelerationists descending on Washington before January 20.

    We have already seen police complicit with the coup in Washington. They allowed them go into the capital and commit murder and maybe.

    RECENT STATEMENT BY DONALD DONALD TRUMP TO USE FEMA FOR ANOTHER COUP STATEMENTS & RELEASES President Donald J. Trump Approves District of Columbia Emergency Declaration Issued on: January 11, 2021 Today, President Donald J. Trump declared that an emergency exists in the District of Columbia and ordered Federal assistance to supplement the District’s response efforts due to the emergency conditions resulting from the 59th Presidential Inauguration from January 11 to January 24, 2021. The President’s action authorizes the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Specifically, FEMA is authorized to identify, mobilize, and provide at its discretion, equipment and resources necessary to alleviate the impacts of the emergency. Emergency protective measures, limited to direct Federal assistance, will be provided at 100 percent Federal funding.

    TED RALLS PREDICTIONS, THAT HAVE BEEN ONGOING FOR 3 MONTHS HAVE ALL COME TRUE The Coup I Predicted Has Begun January 6, 2021 “My regular readers know that I’ve been concerned about an attempt by outgoing president Donald Trump to stay in office via a violent coup. The coup attempt is underway and cannot be considered behind us until Biden is sworn in. Democrats have cornered Trump. He is fighting for his life and staying out of prison.”

    How did this happen? Continues to happen again and again? This has never happened. Calling this a repeat of 1812 or some other colonial event is an insult to colonial events. What happened is a low class unqualified animal who had been rightly shunned from common decent society had somehow survived well deserved banishment and learned to survive by cheating stealing conniving and lying his way through life. Then one day he came upon the biography of Mussolini and his pinheaded brain began to churn. Wednesday this culminated in Trump’s “March on Rome” complete with “Blackshirts” thugs attempting to take control of the “Parliament”. It’s not American society. It’s not the neighbors you quietly watch as they exude the regional racism they were born into. It’s one meansiprited hate filled animal with the money and means and MOST IMPORTANTLY the quiet acquiesced permission of common decent society who were too polite and allowed him to soil the country with his mere presence. Trump is an animal. Not only must he be impeached, he must be banned from political participation and if we had it, have his citizenship revoked and banished to Slovenia where his dolt of a mail-order slut wife who NEVER deserved to be First Lady of this country, can apply for him to get a Slovenian Green Card. But no. Resoundingly no. This wasn’t our fault. If we are to be blamed we were too American, too pleasant and too polite.

    Donald Trump is allied w the ldp in Japan. He never gave a darned about Fukushima . Trump never gave a damn about the Japanese. fixing reactors in after Fukushima.  Trump never gave a darned about  Japan dumping the radioactive water from Fukushima. into the ocean. Trump never gave a damn about the Japanese exporting radioactive food, from Fukushima all over the world. 

    Trump single-handedly deregulated all reactors in the USA, now to the point of meltdowns all over the USA.

    Hurricane activity is higher than ever in the USA.  5 more hurricanes than they thought  not possible ,occured by the USA last year.  23 Agee shitty reactors on USA coast ready to blow. More earthquaqes and the Agee San Louis obisbo reactor still open. San onofre nuclear waste flooding into the Pacific.

    Trump helped keep open: 3  old damaged,  beat up reactors 30 and 40 yo reactors. with damaged reactor containment. They are kept oept open in Ohio through bribery lies, and corrpuption. Raising rates and taxes on ohioans. They are Ready to blow reactors.

    Reactors Kept open by Trump and corrupt Republicans in Ohio to increasing taxes and electricty rates on the citizens of ohio.

    Trump, has done nothing to build up reactors in america, since fukushima.

    Trump wants to put nuclear waste, in city dumps. Trump is opening another plutonium pit factory for nuclear weapons in Carolina .  A plutonium polluting miasma,for building up nuke weapons form 8 thousand to 10 thousand in america.

    The Chinese have only 280 nuclear weapons. Two huge cities roseup in China against new nuclear reactors and  nuke reactor plutonium  processing plants.

    60 percent of Americans hate nuclear.  If people Rose enmasse in america about nuclear,Trump would have them arrested.

    Trump did nothing to fix hanford . Los alamos. San onofre. inl or the brunswick reactor in Carolina  The Brunswick reactor  damaged by hurricane maria. With Trump in power.

    Trump wanted to detonate nuclear bombs, to stop hurricanes by florida. Trump is importing nuclear waste from all over the world,to america.

    Trump abrogated all nuclear treaties he started a new military branch, for nuclear weapons in space. Trump  put small tactical nuclear weapons, on all American submarines . It increases  the risk of nuclear war with China and Russia  a thousand times. Trump wants to start testing nuclear weapons on American citizens again. Trump started a hypersonic nuclear weapons race with Russia.  a year after he announce it, it caused an accidental nuclear missile explosion and,  nuclear blast in russia. Billions for small modular reactors in warzonew.

    Trump gave 300 million dollars  for small nuclear reactors like nuscale of which 5 have  melted down in America, in past 70 years. Trillions for ongoing illegal occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan in Syria. For war in yemen Part of the trillions is used For massive nuclear weapons programs.

    Continued fossil fuel-residue-saturated-soils from cars and industry . Pollution from Deregulation of fracking, that puts more pyrophoric radium and uranium into the invironment. Continuous uranium and radium  increases, in the environment from fracking automobile pollution, oil refining and exploration from cars, trucks, coal burning. From oil refining ND chemical and ore refining. Climate change is here.
    Nuke pollution from reactors, nuclear waste, uranium and metal mining, old and new meltdowns.  Residuals from bomb testing. Americium smoke detectors . These have all contributed to the buildup of pyrophoric radionuclides in the environment.

    The pyrophoric radionucdes in the environment. Climate change accumulatig Hydrocarbon residue in the soils all contributed,to half of the United States, being consumed by wildfires last year. The wild fires are increasing in density and size; all over the world. Sooner rather than later the wild fires will be close to reactors causing nuclear mishaps. Some of them like the 90000 acre wildfire at Idaho National Laboratory in Idaho, burned thousands of tons of radioactive residue in the air under Trump’s watch. Trump doesn’t believe in climate change. He has made it worse and deregulated everything, including nuclear. He lists to use tactical nuclear weapons, before he leaves office. Trump’s  negligence, hundreds of thousands of poor blacks, poor whites and Hispanics, disabled, and  elderly people have died from Trump caused covid deaths. Far more than will ever die in China.
    The Chinese are  and mass quarnteening 20,000. China s a rough place but Trump and the repuklikans purposeful negligent and enforced genocide all over the USA have killed hundreds of thousands..

    Most of the killer mob in Washington and still going are rich white boys.

      Trump’s proud boys and  into blm  and paramilitaries,  went into protesting cities, and invited violence with the CPS help. They up and killed marninalised people,when they not inciing violence.

    Hey MAGA Marchers: Where Was Coward Trump as You Died?
    By Bob Fitrakis     
    From Reader Supported News

    by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman,

    DC Capitol Storming

    When Donald Trump incited you to assault the Capitol, he said he would be with you.

    He wasn’t.

    Four of you are dead and you’ve killed a policeman. More of you will suffer and die from the COVID that spread through your maskless march. Many of you now face prison terms and ruined lives.

    Had you been black, you’d’ve been gunned down before you got anywhere near the Capitol building.

    Some of you in Los Angeles compensated by assaulting a black woman who accidentally walked into one of your rallies. Others expressed your opinions about Jews by wearing hats saying 6MWE (Six Million Wasn’t Enough).

    Maybe Trump’s bone spurs kept him from marching with you.

    When Alice Paul and Martin Luther King and Dorothy Day and Cesar Chavez and so many other great American leaders have organized marches for social change, they personally endured gassings, beatings, imprisonment. They never hesitated to risk their own bodies for a higher cause.

    When Trump urged you to assault the Congress, he never intended to join you. He sat safe in the White House you pay for, watching you kill and be killed. He will certainly pardon himself to avoid the kinds of criminal charges many of you will face.

    When the COVID came here, Trump let it spread so America could develop “herd immunity.”

    You are the herd. Are you immune yet?

    Republican operatives installed the Dominion voting maches in GA. The repukes were defeated by get out the vote

    Comment by Cg | January 13, 2021 | Reply


    Abandoned radioisotope lighthouses by Russia in the Arctic

    Comment by Jenny rich | January 14, 2021 | Reply

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