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Opinion: Trump has made nuclear disaster much more likely: don’t expect much better from Biden.

Rex Newman, 6 Jan 21, Trump did not just leave a hawkish nuke weapons problem. The evil, dumb son of a bitch was going to start testing nuclear weapons again. Tactical nukes. All treaties abrogated. Exploding nuclear bombs to stop hurricanes. He was aiming to use tactical nukes. Space wars. He has made a nuclear accident, a hundred times more likely. He has done it by deregulatings nuke reactors supervision so stupidly and capriciously post Fukushima. By not setting up programs to make reactors infratrucure more safe, since fukushima.

Especially in the face of increased earhquake and hurricane activity. San louis obisbo. S carolina for earthquakes. 23 coastal reactors for hurricanes.

The nuclear reactor corruption in ohio, three reactors with holes in their heads ready to blow kept open w ratepayers subaidizing them. Came from the disgusting repuklikans and trump.

The second plutonium pit factory. One man nuclear obliteration of the world. 3 more nuke catastrophes inl woolsey brunswick. Hawkish is a terrible euphemistic understatement for trumps nuke policies though i have heard it before. Probly one or more of the 94 shitty old nuclear complexes will blow w nuclear waste fuel fires.  20 pounds of hi level nuke waste from a nuclear reactor, w cs137 plutonium st90 co60 in it will kill a person in 20 minutes who is 15 ft from it. The reactors make tons of that shit every year. 100 billions of a gram of any of that shit especially polonium and cesium will murder a person. A diver i knew was exposed to an open box of iridium used to check ship hulls. 100 grams of the shit destroyed half the divers body and killed his diver mate, 50 feet under water.

Dont expect so much better from biden as he reappoints victoria nuland ,who put the neonazis in power in ukraine. There will be onw or two nuke catastrophes in the usa and ukraine the media cant hide like inl brunswig and woolsey. The economy will continue to go to shit. There will be an uprising against biden. Hopefully a bunch of trump nazis will be wiped out.

Nuclear waste to be dumped in landfills nothing done about hanford or los alamos or san onofre at san diego tens of thousands of tons of the worst hilevel nuke waste possible store above ground in flimsy cannisters in new mexico texas az idaho, wash, san onofre that will exlode catch fire and poison the usa. Americium241 as poisonous as plutonium cheap smoke detectors full of that shit poisoning ladfills across the usa. Depleted uranium everywhere. Dozens of nuclear meltdowns. The artic is full of millions of tons of nuclear waste from old american russian french and uk nuke subs. From reactors dumped into the sea.
90 thousand acres of nuclear waste and nuc reactor garbage and nuke fallout from two meltdowns burned into the air at the idaho national lab fire. 70 years with 60 reactors and thousands of tons of the worst radioactive crap possible burned.into the air, in 2018 under trumps watch.

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