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Legal case on extradition of Julian Assange an alarming precedent for freedom of speech


January 4, 2021 - Posted by | civil liberties, legal, UK

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  1. The fear is that in a dystopic future even worse than today, journalists could find the state has them by the balls in the same way they have lawyers, but creating a licensing agency such as the various state bars that require a journalist to obtain a license to practice, and subject him to disbarment for breaches of ethical rules set up by the state. That way they could decide who is and is not a “journalist,” entitled to all the privileges and duties of practicing journalism by making reporting news a franchise of the State. They could do things like requiring an applicant to the journalism bar to graduate from an accredited J-School and take an entrance exam, and pay a bar fee every year. This would completely defeat the purpose of the First Amendment of freedom of the press.

    It could happen. I fear it will happen if Assange is convicted.

    Let’s make sure an American court does not do anything to encourage such an atrocity.

    Comment by jeffgolin1 | January 4, 2021 | Reply

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