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Non violent anti-nuclear action – the Clamshell Alliance model for success

Know Your Nonviolent History: In 1976 Clamshell Alliance Launches Mass Demonstrations 18, 2016, by Rivera Sun  On August 1st, 1976, the first nonviolent mass demonstration of the Clamshell Alliance took place at the proposed site of the Seabrook Nuclear Energy Facility in New Hampshire. The Clamshell Alliance was a group of anti-nuclear activists who worked to stop nuclear power plant construction at a time when President Nixon’s “Project Independence” had proposed the construction of over 1,000 nuclear power plants throughout the nation. Although the Clamshell Alliance was only partially successful in halting the Seabrook facility, their mass mobilizations deterred the plans for other plants and changed the landscape of nuclear energy forever. If not for the Clamshell Alliance, it is possible that we would be living in the nuclear nightmare of President Nixon’s vision of a thousand plants by the year 2000.

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  1. Was there camped out for two weeks 10,000 people and groups , I lived up there, there where a few of us that went black block and did direct action with fence cutters . We really caused a shitstorm within the group but youth can do that . Now the plant has cracked inside the torus and they got extensions . A mess for all . 15 miles south of boston seabrook is 20 north when have another plant called pilgrim that has the same design as fukushima mach 5 I think in top . It has soany incidents and shuts down with our northeasters but fight we do and powers that be , you know .. can’t tell you how many times we took over the mass govs state house . Also all waste stored on site . Downwinders they are called . Pm me

    Comment by Lillibits miss b Nicosia | January 2, 2021 | Reply

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