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This week’s nuclear news

The big news worldwide continues to be about the coronavirus, which is still raging in many countries, especially in the USA.  Meanwhile the race to develop and implement vaccines is already on.

It’s not as if global heating has stopped,  but this newsletter is sticking to the nuclear subject.   That seems to be going quiet,  but not so, really, While the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons will come into force next month, there seems to be a rush by the nuclear weapons states to ramp up their nuclear arsenal.
This week, I didn’t add up the numbers of headlined articles on nuclear issues, in Google News.  But I did add up the ones on Small Modular Reactors.  Today – there were over 80 of them, the vast majority enthusing mindlessly about them.  There were 8 articles that raised questions, doubts about the viability of small nuclear reactors.

Today’s Google headlines on nuclear issues – weapons and Iran dominate the stories.

The global energy revolution.

Correcting 5 wrong opinions about the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.  Living with the Nuclear Prohibition Treaty: nuclear weapons states would be unwise to attack it.

Nuclear power hinders fight against climate change.

Standard nuclear reactor designs are still too costly, and safety features are only a third of nuclear costs.

Solar energy is bullish in the market; the same can’t be said for nuclear.

The creeping carbon costs of digital communication.

Book review: The Case for Degrowth.

Extradition hearing of Julian Assange – defence witnesses destroy myths, demonstrate his integrity

JAPAN.  Japanese local governments depend on “nuclear money”.    Destructive potential of over a million tons of radioactive water into the Pacific.  Fukushima nuclear reactor no.1 – debris prevented from falling into fuel storage pool.  Nuclear disaster: Fukushima schools frozen in time.  Survey finds that most Fukushima evacuees do not intend to return.  No. 2 reactor at Tohoku Electric Power Co’s Onagawa nuclear power plant for restart, despite problems.  Surveys to identify nuclear waste disposal site begin in Hokkaido.

TAIWAN.  Taiwanese protest plan to dump water from Japan nuclear plant into sea.






INDIA.  Cybersecurity breach at Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KKNPP) undetected for over 6 months.

EUROPE.  The effect on Europe of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

FRANCE.  Extended shutdown for work on Flamanville nuclear reactor build.  Greenpeace launches legal appeal against French nuclear safety authority allowing extension of lifetime of nuclear reactors.  Concern in France over lack of expert inspection of nuclear sites.  Orano, formerly Areva, targeted by judicial investigation for corruption.  Corruption investigation into AREVA’s sale of Nigerian uraniumNew comic book investigates the dilemma about France’s nuclear wastes.

CANADA.  Canada’s environmental groups join to oppose experimental Small Nuclear Reactors (SMRs).    Small Modular Nuclear Reactors, the nuclear industry’s latest pipe dream.  Canadian government’s misplacing funding into unviable small nuclear reactors for North West Territories.  Safety dangers of small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs).  In the face of public opposition, Ottawa delays small nuclear reactor plan.  Ontario could get clean renewable energy from neighbouring provinces, with no need for nuclear power.

IRAN.  Architect of its nuclear programme assassinated – Iran vows retaliation.   Tehran’s UN ambassador says rival Saudi Arabia is looking for an excuse to build nuclear weapons and blaming Iran.  Iran admits breach of nuclear deal discovered by UN inspectorate.  Iran slams European criticism on expanding nuclear programme. What’s behind the assaisnation of Iran’s top nuclear scientist?

BANGLADESH.  Bangladesh draws up a nuclear disaster response plan.

GERMANY.  Uranprojekt –The Nazi Nuclear Program.

RUSSIA. Russia’s latest nuclear icebreaker had to abort maiden Arctic voyage.  Russia claims to have successfully tested an “unstoppable” nuclear missile.

UKRAINE.  First canister of used nuclear fuel loaded into Chernobyl storage facility.  Comprehensive research now shows that irradiated areas near Chernobyl have fewest mammals.

SAUDI ARABIA.  Saudi minister says nuclear armament against Iran ‘an option’.

NORTH KOREA. North Korea sparks new nuclear weapons fears.

ROMANIA. European Commission approves Romania’s purchase of nuclear reactors.

RWANDA..  Growing opposition to nuclear power in Rwanda

AUSTRALIA  Victorian Parliament: Legislative Council Committee finds that nuclear ban should stay.    Victorian Government Inquiry confirms that there is no future in nuclear power.  Inquiry confirms nuclear energy’s ‘proven risks’.  Victorian Inquiry finds nuclear power costly and risky.

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