The News That Matters about the Nuclear Industry Fukushima Chernobyl Mayak Three Mile Island Atomic Testing Radiation Isotope

Nuclear news – week to 23 November

As I decided previously, I’m leaving out the news on Coronavirus and Global Heating,  important though they are.

Even so, this newsletter is too long. Especially as we seem to be in a sort of timewarp, waiting for a resolution in the USA, waiting for a new direction in the pandemic.

Some bits of good news – Future Crunch’s summary of good news.  Jeff Bezos Created $10 Billion ‘Earth Fund’ to Meet Climate Crisis, First Grants of $800M Go to Iconic Environmental Groups


Correcting 5 wrong opinions about the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Nuclear power hinders fight against climate change.

Standard nuclear reactor designs are still too costly, and safety features are only a third of nuclear costs.

Solar energy is bullish in the market; the same can’t be said for nuclear.

The creeping carbon costs of digital communication.

Book review: The Case for Degrowth.

Extradition hearing of Julian Assange – defence witnesses destroy myths, demonstrate his integrity

JAPAN.   No. 2 reactor at Tohoku Electric Power Co’s Onagawa nuclear power plant for restart, despite problems. Resident against Japanese nuclear reactor OK’d for restart says safe evacuation impossible.  Surveys to identify nuclear waste disposal site begin in Hokkaido.

Nuclear disaster: Fukushima schools frozen in time. Forests affected by Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident.  Japan Set to Decide Timing of Fukushima Water Release As Early As This Year.  Release of Fukushima’s radioactive water into sea will harm entire Asia’s coasts: Indian experts.

TAIWANTaiwanese protest plan to dump water from Japan nuclear plant into sea.



FRANCEExtended shutdown for work on Flamanville nuclear reactor build.  Greenpeace launches legal appeal against French nuclear safety authority allowing extension of lifetime of nuclear reactors.

CANADA.  Small Modular Nuclear Reactors, the nuclear industry’s latest pipe dream.  Canadian government’s misplacing funding into unviable small nuclear reactors

IRAN.  Tehran’s UN ambassador says rival Saudi Arabia is looking for an excuse to build nuclear weapons and blaming Iran.  Iran admits breach of nuclear deal discovered by UN inspectorate.  Iran slams European criticism on expanding nuclear programme.

BANGLADESH.  Bangladesh draws up a nuclear disaster response plan.

GERMANY.  Uranprojekt –The Nazi Nuclear Program.

RUSSIA. Russia’s latest nuclear icebreaker had to abort maiden Arctic voyage.

UKRAINE.  First canister of used nuclear fuel loaded into Chernobyl storage facility.

SAUDI ARABIA.  Saudi minister says nuclear armament against Iran ‘an option’.

NORTH KOREA. North Korea sparks new nuclear weapons fears.

AUSTRALIA. Australia’s Department of Defence captured by foreign weapons makers Thales, BAE.

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  1. There is so much petrochemical residue in soil, around cities. The residue, is from unburned hcs from car exhaust. There are so much pyrophoric heavy metals and radionuclides, in the soil from massive fossil fuel burning in cars. There is global heating.  It is causing wild fires to move from the periphery of urban areas, closer to cities and towns. Like by Phoenix Arizona, Grand Junction Colorado, Boulder Colorado.

    There was a quadruple increase in the volume and, number of wildfires last year. This year law Vegas and LA will be on fire. Most of Utah, nevada, arizona, west Colorado and new mexico will be on fire. There will be 20 hurricanes next year. One will strike a nuclear power plant.

    Comment by Jesse stover | November 23, 2020 | Reply

  2. Only in America can serial killers like: Kyle Rittenhouse , the affluenza killer who ran down and murdered 5 people maimed others, Robert Durst and others go free while 3 million rot in prisons and jails and trump gleefully executes a few poor people on death row a week

    Comment by Hallie Young | November 25, 2020 | Reply

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