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Topics in today’s “Nuclear” headlines on Google News

There were 81 headlines about nuclear issues (plus a few about other topics, but using the word ”nuclear in the articles’ heading).

The majority  (38)  of the 55 articles about “peaceful ” nuclear reactors, were supporting nuclear power.   The top topics by far were favouring the development of nuclear reactors, and –  (surprise surprise) of Small Nuclear Reactors.  The top reason given – that nuclear power is essential to combat climate change.   In not one of the articles was that assumption challenged or questioned in any way.  Lesser arguments – nuclear power for space exploration, some comforting stories about solving the wastes, fusion, hydrogen, and safety.

There were 9 ‘neutral’articles , mainly on developing nuclear power, with some on Fukshima and wastes, carefully factual only.

8 articles basically opposed nuclear power, mainly against the development of Small Nuclear Reactors, a couple discussed safety and radiation hazards.

26 articles concerned nuclear weapons, mostly dealing with policies. These are generally written in an informative and neutral style. There was only one that seemed in favour of weapons, strongly opposing the UN  Nuclear Ban Treaty.   Despite that general neutral style, there is often a subtle undertone that the weapons of Western countries are OK, but those of Russia, China, North Korea  are not acceptable.

In the 10 articles deploring nuclear weapons, there was much feeling, individual stories, and a consideration of the human consequences for weapons workers,  ”downwinders”, and victims of nuclear bombing.

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