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This week: nuclear news – under the radar, but still there

Inundation of news this week, mostly about the USA election. But also about coronoavirus and climate.


The nuclear issue is less covered, and could be seen as less important than those two present world crises.
But here’s the problem. The global nuclear lobby is quietly organising, and the impending Biden-Harris administration in America is giving that lobby new impetus. It has been easier for the anti-nuclear and clean energy movement to oppose the policies of that bullying sociopath Donald Trump. It will be harder to oppose Biden and Kamala, who, like Barack Obama, are supporters of, and beholden to, the nuclear industry.
I have found all the news quite overwhelming this week. While I acknowledge the urgency and importance of coronavirus and climate, I think that, from now on, I might need to confine my news to  nuclear issues, (which is where this newsletter started).  The nuclear threat is going on, as it were, under the radar. Politicians and communities are being sucked in by clever pro nuclear propaganda and financial incentives, all this helped along by slick and uncritical media coverage.
Some bits of good news   Grass Restoration Project is a Virginia Success, Planting 600 Acres That Grow to Become 9,000.Growing food together is growing soul food, too.

The beginning of the end for nuclear weapons?

Some problems that will handicap the development of Small Nuclear Reactors.

As with every week, the Google headlines about nuclear power mostly lead to articles that promote it.

JAPAN.  The accumulating radioactive water is another Fukushima disaster crisis.  The next generation of LDP leaders embrace both carbon neutrality and the elimination of nuclear energy.   Due to shutdowns, Japan has only one nuclear reactor working.  Japanese nuclear regulator’s website hit by possible cyberattack In desperate search of disposal sites for its nuclear waste, Japan offers poisonous grants to two small villages.


Climate.    Biden – Harris win is a win for the climate.  U.S. Senate election results – a disappointment for climate action, but with a couple of bright spots.  United States under Donald Trump formally exits Paris Agreement on climate change.

Nuclear. The most frightening prospect – Trump remaining still in control of nuclear weaponry.  Biden could take swift action on nuclear weapons policy and arms control agreements.   U.S. Navy to spend $billions on two Columbia-class nuclear missile submarinesSudden resignation of head of USA’s National Nuclear Security Administration. U.S. Nuclear Bomb Overseer Quits After Clash With Energy Chief.   America’s Kings Bay peace activists to be sentenced Nov. 12 and 13.  Cuban missile crisis -a reminder that nuclear war could so easily still happen.  A USA Senator reflects on the anniversary of the Cuban missile crisis.



RUSSIA. Putin orders Russian government to try to meet Paris climate goals.

CANADA. Canada’s Bruce County Council postpones voting on nuclear waste bunker plan.

SOUTH  AFRICA.  Covid-19 divides and weakens the nuclear sector in South Africa.

UKRAINE.  Chernobyl’s bumblebees still affected by radiation.

GERMANYNuclear wastes from Sellafield UK to arrive in Germany.  Nuclear Technology Germany Association says Small Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) will always be more expensive than large ones.

POLAND.  Poland’s nuclear energy plans not likely to be supported by the European Commission.

FINLAND.  84% of Finland’s population support signing up to the U.N. Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty.

BELARUS.  Anxieties, memories of Chernobyl, as Belarus launches new nuclear power station.  Belarus opens nuclear plant opposed by neighboring Lithuania.

Philippines.  Nuclear power – simply unaffordable for the Philippines.

TURKEY.  Russian company with powerful connections withdrawa from Turkish nuclear plant operation.

EUROPE.  Europe still without a final disposal solution for its most dangerous nuclear waste.

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO. The tragic nuclear history of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

AUSTRALIA. Jo Biden’s win leaves Scott Morrison looking pretty silly on climate policy. Biden as president would pursue climate ‘cheaters’, such as Morrison’s Australia.

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