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Google headline articles on nuclear issues today are mainly promoting nuclear power

3 November 20, Leaving out the subject of nuclear weapons, the articles on nuclear power were mainly supporting or promoting it.  Of the total of 64 articles, 41 approved of or enthused about nuclear power, while 15 were critical of it, and 8 could be described as neutral, – factual, with no opinion either way.

The favourite topics for pro nuclear articles were the ”need” for new nuclear reactors, both small and large, the promotion of nuclear reactors for shipping, and the need to prolong the lives of existing reactors.  Nuclear fusion and  nuclear for space travel were also  popular topics. Nuclear power praised for safety , climate action and nuclear medicine.  Radiation danger -”exaggerated”.

Anti nuclear articles focussed on costs, toxic wastes, and safety risks, with small nuclear reactors singled out for being uneconomic.  Nuclear power was also  criticised as being ineffective against climate change.

In the 27 articles about  nuclear weapons, much of the coverage was done in a neutral way, with factual reporting on the policies of USA , Russia, China. There were 11 articles clearly opposing nuclear weapons, and 4 that could be seen as supporting them –  in that they stressed the need for retaining or building up a nuclear arsenal.


November 2, 2020 - Posted by | Christina's notes

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