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Pro nuclear bias in Google headline articles

On the Google headline list today – there were 95 headings for ”nuclear”. Leaving aside the 22 articles about weapons, there were 13 that were really neutral – no opinion expressed or implied.

Of the remaining 61,  47 were clearly or implicitly promoting  the nuclear industry
The main pro nuclear arguments were: 
  • nuclear power portrayed as clean and essential to combat climate change, necessary for national development.
  • new technology, especially small nuclear reactors as clean, necessary, economic.
  • nuclear fusion power coming along
  • other issues – safety, radiation safe, medical value, education, thorium and other new fuel..
The 13 anti-nuclear articles stressed:
  • nuclear ineffective against climate change, renewables effective
  • nuclear expensive, poor national option.
  • safety issues.
When it comes to the 22 articles about nuclear weapons, unsurprisingly, they’re almost all opposed to nuclear weapons. Two exceptions – boastful articles about national pride in nuclear weaponry.
By the way, if you tap ”Thorium” into Google search, you will get a stream of propaganda about thorium nuclear reactors as the next big thing.

October 12, 2020 - Posted by | 2 WORLD, media

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