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This week’s news – climate, pandemic, nuclear

Every year there’s a  ”Year of” something. I’m thinking that 2020 should be called the Year Of Obfuscation”, (another wonderful word that I’ve learned. )  The world needs to cut through this mixture of lies and omissions.

For a start, there’s the wealth of propaganda concerning the coronavirus pandemic. For various reasons, it’s THE topic right now for disinformation. Some world  leaders minimise or deny the seriousness of the pandemic. Meanwhile, the WHO reports record increase in daily virus cases.  Second wave of coronavirus continues to sweep across Europe.

Climate change denialism thrives, ( -you can add  “extinction denial”too.)  A climate change denialist is given top role at a major U.S. science agency. But – It’s Climate Change, Stupid.  The Berkeley Earth Project–  shows that it’s gotten warmer pretty much everywhere and that there really is no factor that can explain this warming other than anthropogenic emissions.

As for nuclear news,  tap “nuclear”into Google news, and you will get a stream of articles touting small nuclear reactors as the big future for curing climate change. A rare find in such a stream – Nuclear power is not climate-effective, even if only because of comparative costs and delays.

Some bits of good news –   Some positive COVID-19 trends emerged in August in parts of the US, and elsewhere. – New York Turned the World’s Largest Garbage Dump into a Green Oasis of Native Grasses That Also Powers Homes

“Event attribution science” assesses the big role of climate change in weather extremes. Endless summers, endless wildfiresEarth may temporarily pass dangerous 1.5℃ warming limit by 2024, major new report says .

United in Science report: Climate Change has not stopped for COVID19– Why climate change has the potential to cause more pandemics.

Importance of the ocean’s biological carbon pump.  Climate engineering: Modelling projections oversimplify risks

Compelling new documentary ‘I am Greta Thunberg’.

INJUSTICE at work? The extradition trial of Julian AssangeJulian Assange’s extradition hearing in London. What can we expect? Professor Paul Rogers – a witness explaining how Julian Assange is to be extradited for POLITICAL REASONS.

Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) is getting close to the 50 ratifications needed to bring it into legal force.

Investigative journalism -Big Oil is cheating the public on “recycling” of plastic.

Global population slowdown – good news for the planet’s ecology.

ARCTIC.  The Arctic is transitioning from a climate of snow and ice to one of water and rain.  Climate change causing major changes in Arctic insect communities.  Climate change and the loss of sea otters.  Russian nuclear submarines ‘hunted’ by NATO forces in the Barents sea.

AFRICA.  Senegal suburbs remain under water days after ‘exceptional rainfall’  Farmland submerged as severe floods hit Nigeria 


CANADA. Campaign against nuclear fuel waste storage in South Bruce, Canada.  Bruce County divided over becoming permanent site to store Canada’s nuclear waste.

JAPAN. Opposition in Kamoenai to hosting nuclear waste dump. Suttsu, Hokkaido residents oppose radioactive waste dump plan.  Fukushima’s citizen radiation testers still on the job. Radioactive soil plan casts shadow over Fukushima village. “The nuclear plant took everything…” Tokyo Olympics must be held at ‘any cost’, says Japanese minister.



CHINA. Effective nuclear arms control engagement with China – the View from Beijing.

FRANCE.  France’s secrecy over its deplorable history of nuclear bomb testing in Algeria.   France’s weekly nuclear power generation drops.

SAUDI ARABIA. IAEA Providing Support for Saudi Arabia as It Plans to Adopt Nuclear Energy

SPAIN. Spain’s Asco 1 nuclear plant taken offline for three-day halt

INDIA. India and China both have a nuclear no-first-use policy– nuclear war between them is less likely.

SOUTH KOREA.  South Korea’s nuclear reactors affected by Typhoon Haishen: 2 reactors stopped.

IRAN. Iran has halted numerous cyber-attacks on its nuclear plants.

INDIA.  The impediments to India’s nuclear power dream.

UKRAINE.  Chernobyl nuclear power plant gets special permission to run ‘hot’ tests with nuclear waste.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. United Arab Emirates’ unnecessary nuclear power push could bring dangerous, catastrophic consequences.

NORTH KOREA. The United States and its allies must learn how to live safely with a nuclear North Korea.

AUSTRALIA.  Australia’s environmental scientists are being gagged.  Australia’s environmental law: the danger in moving powers to the States.  Dissent and anger: Senate divided over nuke dump push . Deep disagreement on federal radioactive waste plan

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  1. You are a good person. Christina. Thanks. Things are going pretty crazy in the USA. So many wildfires. The usual suspects, climate denialists, are actually impeding good people from evacuating. Militias and trump supporters are pulling people over in oregon and elsewhere, that are fleeing for there lives. Pulling them over in the searing heat and smoke and blocking traffic. Pulling them over because, they are climate denialists. They have to blame the fires on someone.So they blame innocents fleeing their burned property . They say evacuees and bad people, are setting the thousands of fires going on in several states. For propaganda purposes. Just criminal. That is how crazy america is getting I hope no one will do that or, is doing that in australia. How has it come to this?

    Comment by tara | September 15, 2020 | Reply

  2. Thank you, Tara. yes, indeed, things are pretty crazy in the USA. Better in Australia, though there is a pretty ignorant Prime Minister who doesn’t want any real action on climate change.

    Comment by Christina MacPherson | September 15, 2020 | Reply

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