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Endless summers, endless wildfires

Endless summers, endless wildfires, South Wind 8 September 2020, 

If leaders can’t get their heads around the wildfire-climate link, we had better prepare for many more nasty summers  “…………. Now, everything is merged into one, and greatly enlarged. In my youth the places I recall having summer fires were Australia, the western United States, and odd outbreaks in Latin America, Africa and Mediterranean countries. Now we hear of fires erupting in other northern lands, as far north as the shores of the Arctic Ocean.

Looking back at this year so far we could be forgiven for thinking the whole world is ablaze. Almost as soon as wildfires are extinguished on one continent they seem to be breaking out afresh on another one.

2020 began with Australia’s record-breaking Black Summer fires destroying millions of hectares of forest and capturing global attention. Within a couple of months fires had broken out in Ukraine, threatening the abandoned Chernobyl nuclear plant.

A month later, smouldering peat that had been primed by years of drying and warming began to spark vegetation fires in Siberia that would eventually number over 600, emitting more carbon in two months than any preceding year and producing a smoke cloud spanning an area bigger than Europe.

The Siberian fires were still burning in mid-August when forests in California erupted into flames, more than a month earlier than the start of a “normal” season in that part of the world and less than two years after its previous record-breaking year.

At the end of a relatively quiet Californian fire season, in 2019-20 Australia got the benefit of that state’s large water-bombing aircraft, one of which crashed in the Australian Alps killing its US crew. Now, with California suffering similar devastation, we are battling to respond to its desperate appeal for reciprocal help.

Add to all those the perennial fires accompanying rainforest clearing in Southeast Asia and Brazil. The Amazon Basin situation is dire. August-September is the land-clearers’ peak burning period, and this year, with legal constraints all but destroyed under president Jair Bolsonaro, the area burnt and smoke generated looks like being even worse than what triggered last year’s global alarm.

Last week saw release of the interim report of the inquiry into Australia’s natural disaster management, led by former air force chief Mark Binskin, which was set up by the Morrison government after the Black Summer fires.

As the Black Summer fires showed, the report said, “bushfire behaviour has become more extreme and less predictable. Catastrophic fire conditions may become more common, rendering traditional bushfire prediction models and firefighting techniques less effective.”

No close observer of climate change would be surprised by the coronavirus pandemic’s global progress and the response to it of many political and vested interests. Those interests might wish it were otherwise, but this contagion operates without any reference to the things they hold dear.

Climate change, too, doesn’t recognise human boundaries. We set it off, and by failing to curb carbon emissions, we ensured its impact would continue to grow. Yet Australian governments, ignoring dire warnings from disaster experts, continue to behave as if it doesn’t exist.

This summer may see something of a reprieve. Weather authorities anticipate a wettish spring for eastern Australia. A moist understory is less likely to kindle fire from dry lightning, which has plagued recent fire management in both hemispheres.

But hoping for good weather doesn’t replace what the experts keep saying: a fire plan that doesn’t acknowledge the overwhelming influence of climate change is no plan at all. If partisan politics and vested interests prevent us acting on this, we’d better get ready for many more summers from hell.


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  1. Things will be worse next years because the fires spread pyrophoric hellfire . I dont get why u wont print this and the truth. probably some spook bullshit. That thing at mining awareness is the spookiest thing on the inet along w ith the pukepro boogaloo boy fascist. there is durnford the radchik puke many others inet ghouls fiddle while the world burns and will probly blowup from reactor catastrophes and nuke war. Blatant fascist thug murder in the streets of the usa. it will hit australia soon.

    Lets talk about what Trump has done what it would do.

    1. It continues biological warfare funding as high or higher than the other imperial nuke ghouls. It does it  because it is a fascist bio warmonger nuke ghoul. His neocons are famous for their papers on biowarfare. He has let covid go crazy. Evil rabid fascist dog

    IT  Made the queen of torture, Gina Haspell head of cia!!
    2. Has said repeadly it will start nuclear bomb testing again soon..
    3. Two plutonium pit factories . One going in Los alamos . One starting in carolina.

    Crazy monster psychosis .
    a.More bombs for bombs. bombs for space bombs
    b. for tactical nukes
    c. for hypersonic nuke bombs.

    Anyone who reads this should Read Iversens Full Body Burden about the Rocky flats pit factory, to see what that means for the people in Carolina and New Mexico who live by the plutonium Pit Factories. Cancer and death for the next 50 years.

    4. Abrogation of all world nuke treaties. This has caused world proliferation to increase dramatically in india in saudia arabia, in the usa , in russia.
    This crazy idiot is encouraging the Use of small tactical nuke . The chances to start a nuke war increase because of tactical nukes has gone  to the point where it will happen under this evil fascist devil, a full scale nuke war will ensue. and even if it doesnt 2 or more rickety reactors will blow frim it realeasing the equivalents of 50 thousand nuclear bombs iinto the biosphere. The russians have had a nuclear explosion from this evil thing cranking up a nuclear and biological arms race  unprecedented.
    5. Most corrupt nuclear criminal in history. Its fiends were their in ohio with the 60 million dollar bribe to keep tow of the worst reactors w holes in them goig
    6 . Space wars boondogle at a time of mass unemployment and starvation and misery
    7. Deregulation of nuclear reactor supervision along with legalizing the worse organophosphates. No reinforcement of reactors post fukushima even the sleaze obama was toying with that.
    8. Four awful nuke catastrophes and there will ne probably all more. Wildfires in the us. The us the worst nuke contaminated country in the world. Spreading more radionucides everywhere for more and worsse fires in the next few years.
    A . Santa susana fires
    B. INL 900,000 acres of worst racnuc hell blowin to midwest and beyond
    C . Brunswick nuke power plant
    D. Accidental nuke detonation of nuke weapon in russia from this evil thing amping up arms races
    E. It probably singlehandedly is responsible for covid across the world

    Radionuclides are pyrophoric. They cause wildfires in trace amounts in conjuction with all the hyrocabon residue in and on the ground that has accumutaed for 150 years in shithole industrial societies. Hydrocarbon residue, from the mega amounts of fossil fuels burned daily in the world. Wildfires that are burning unchecked across the usa . Wildfires putting lethal smoke in the air, in virtually every corner of demented , fascist rot-brained-trumps anerica.  Wild for burning conjunction with the global warming that they are so much a part of.  The massive fossil fuel burning and fossil fuel pollution that is making global warming burn everthing to a crisp. Individuals are not seting off the wild fires in california.. We all are. Evil fuking hi consumption monkeys and nucleoapes. High energy radioclides like strontium 90, cobalt 60 and cesium 137 cause heat decay. Uranium plutonium, cesium137 iridium, radium  etc are the most pyrophoric and poisonous substances known. 121 degree farenheit temp at san louis obisbo in the worst earhquake region of america with one of the oldest most rickety nuclear reactors and most nuclear polluting pieces of human contrived death machines in the world.

    Multiple bomb detonations on their own people, to test them. They fracked narural gas with nuke bombs, all over the USA, that is too radioactive to use. Permanenetly They have to leave it in the ground. It is ao radioactive, to this day, that if you were in a room with some ofit it, it would kill you in a short time. The radioacive gas, in rivers and aquifers.
    Nuclear bombs go hand-in-hand w nuclear power.There have been multiple reactor explosions and, accidents for 75 years since hiroshima.
    Trinity bomb or hiroshima. It was a dirty bomb attrocity. It was the beginning of the insidious WW3 nuke war on the world.  Trinity was the beginning of the great war of humanity on itsef. The Bomb, the radionuclide suicide, the waste. the reactors. Fukushima is the worst nuclear accident  possible. It heavily contaminates the world..   In fact they thought trinity might catch the atmosphere on fire. The atmosphere is on fire in nuclear hellfire world in more ways than one, with the radioactive krypton from nuclear the blasts  contributing to ozone holes in the atmosphere.
    We are destroying our hearts our health our genome our immune systems our childrens future.In steps man moderated and probably semi engineered covid. Flesh eating procaryotic and eucaryotic dsisease. Mutated parasites that are turnung our hearts and circulatory systems into spongiform decayed roadkill.

    I know some people are indentured to the government, the brain-washing, the military industrial complex, the corporations and oil companies, that are all intertwined .  The billionaire-oligarchs in these filthy polluted and nuclear polluted and nuclear, unsustainable societies, that we call first world developed economies. The imperialism, the greed.

    Hiroshama was the beginning of Nuclear World War 3 on all life on earth. Radionuclides that are so toxic. Radionuclides are intrinsically omnicidal, to all life and genomes  on the planet and incompatible with our very biochemical and biological essense.

    Probably a billion people have died since it started. Perhaps our genome is too damaged for us to continue already Detonating nuclear bombs on us. Killing maiming and causing, long term genetic damage to peoples in the middle east and serbia with depeleted uranium nuclear warfare.

    Nuclear bombs go hand-in-hand w nuclear power.There have been multiple reactor explosions and, accidents for 75 years since hiroshima.  IHiroshima was a dirty bomb attrocity that killed a hundred thousand instantly. Is still killing. It was the beginning of the insidious WWW3 nuke war on the world.  Trinity and horoshima were the beginning of the great war of humanity on itself and the dumn japanese nuceoapes are blocking ICA.
    The Bomb, the radionuclide suicide, the waste. the reactors. Fukushima is worst nuclear accident  possible. It heavily contaminates the world..  
    They thought trinity might catch the atmosphere on fire. Trinisty did beging the nuclear atmosphere fires and nuclear reactions with the radioactive krypton from nuclear the blasts ,contributing to ozone holes in the atmosphere.

    10s of millions of tons of the most toxic
    radionucide garbage and death material released on the northern hemisphere and more for 75 years. The arctic is melted. Every atom, of a high energy-emitting, radionuclide will catalyze a billion exothermic reactions in the biosphere.

    Most Radionuclides are pyrophoric. High energy radioclides like strontium 90, cobalt 60 and cesium 137 cause heat decay. Alpha and beta emitters, massively destroy procariotic and eucariotic fungal organisms that help maintain microscopic and macroscopic thermal regulation of large swaths of the biosphere. How can anyone say that the massive nuclear pollution, of the northern biosphere is not effecting the climate in a place like the arctic?
    Radioactive gasses and krypton in the atmosphere propagating free-radical reactions. Depleting ozone.
    The high pyrophoricity and extreme toxicity from plutonium and uranium.

    The radioactive fall-out spread quickly and “unexpectedly”. The official history claims “the wind changed suddenly”. It was the first of many lies, as declassified documents and the victims’ testimony reveal.

    Trinity  was a dirty bomb so was hiroshima

    The horrific events — the initial Trinity test in Alamogordo, the “Little Boy” bombing of Hiroshima and  the “Fat Man” plutonium bombing of Nagasaki — is that, incredibly, in a world where nine nations possess a total of nearly 14,000 nuclear weapons. They have poisoned the earth making and testing them. Poisoned the earth with the treactors and theor byproducts.

    There are wild fires encircling the earth now. Perennial wild fires every year now by Fukushima and  Chernobyl,. Wild fires caused by pyrophoric radionuclides in nuclear sacrifice zones and reserves like INL with 50 reactors and thousands of tons of waste. A 900,000 acre wild-fire at INL last years.

    Ten’s of millions of tons, of the most lethal mutagenic and carcinogenic waste, gamma emmitors, uranium. cesium,  polonium that can kill in millionths of a gram.  Most poisonous elements in the universe. They are  everywhere. Genomes destroyed in belarus from Chernobyl.. in navada. In mayak :cesium 137 and more from fukushima: plutonium riodine, cesium, cobalt60, strontium90.

    There are the depleted uranium nuclear wars in the middle east and serbia. 
    A whole city of birth defects and cancer from it, in fallujah , iraq.

    A billion people dead from zygotes killed, birth defects, chernobyl heart, spontaneous abortions, radiation poisonings  and cancer from these evil gamma, beta, alpha heavy metal poisons.

    The evil devils continue to lie about it.

    Our life support , is about ready to be done in, by the worst nuclear pollution in our aquifers our food, our air..

    Some stupid people, say we should be thankful for hiroshima . That is because, they say , “There have been no wars or nuke wars since then!”

    These dummies and greedy fools,  will not acknowledge the slow murderous, nuclear ww3 going on, that has insidiously murdered and killed  so many. It has  detroyed swaths of life and will destroy all life and genomes . The
    omnicidal con-men, evil monkeys are dead set on nuke war anyway. 

    There is so much nuclear fallout and nuclear puke and pollution  in the biosphere , from the slow nuke war and, nuke insanity, there will be no hope for any life on earth soon.

    watch for the counter morons and evil morons, who say we should thank, the nuke ape monsters who, did hiroshima and prevented ww3, because they did not. They have made things far worse, than most people can imagine! Donald trump has broken all nuke treaties. Caused the russians to detonate a nuke bomb. Heavily increased nuclear spending and brought us closer to nuclear warl than ever before . The other imperialist  party at this point will probably continue the nuclear insanity but not as critically recklessly.

    Comment by Truth | September 8, 2020 | Reply

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