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The nuclear industry a big winner from U.S. election as Democrats and Republicans embrace this toxic industry

Nuclear Power Could Win Big In U.S. Elections, Oil Price By Jon LeSage – Sep 2, 2020

The world’s largest nuclear power market is ready to gain more government backing for the energy — no matter who wins in November.

For nearly a half century, the Democratic Party’s election year party platform has excluded nuclear energy, but that’s not the case this year. The newly-released party platform says It favors a “technology-neutral” approach that includes all zero-carbon technologies, including hydroelectric power, geothermal, existing and advanced nuclear, and carbon capture and storage.

It’s the first time since the 1972 election year that the party has had any positive statements to make about nuclear power, which did include early testing of fusion nearly a half century ago. That year, the Democratic party said it supported “greater research and development” into “unconventional energy sources” including solar, geothermal, and “a variety of nuclear power possibilities to design clean breeder fission and fusion techniques.”

Since then, the Democratic Party has either ignored or opposed nuclear energy. Environmental groups have been opposed to nuclear power for years, and have had much influence on campaigns and elected officials.

A clear example of it comes from 2005, when about 300 environmental groups –

including Greenpeace, Sierra Club, and Public Citizen – signed a statement  which said “we flatly reject the argument that increased investment in nuclear capacity is an acceptable or necessary solution….[N]uclear power should not be a part of any solution to address global warming.”

The Sierra Club, the largest US environmental lobby, says it remains “unequivocally opposed to nuclear energy.”………

Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign website also includes nuclear power support   …..

Biden has been championing starting a new agency, Advanced Research Projects Agency for Climate Change (ARPA-C). Like predecessor ARPA-E that funded advanced technology in renewable energy, electric vehicles, and other technologies, and DARPA that supported advanced military vehicle applications, ARPA-C would back test projects working toward lowering cost, driving efficiency, and reducing emissions.

The change in policy statements is good news for the American nuclear-energy sector…….

But its already been in the works in Washington. During the past two years, bipartisan support on Capitol Hill has led to new laws, including the Nuclear Energy Innovation and Modernization Act and the Nuclear Energy Innovation Capabilities Act  ……

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