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Hiroshima and Nagasaki commemoration week: nuclear and climate news

75 years on, the inhumanity, racism, and sheer immorality of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is becoming recognised.  Was the bombing of Nagasaki necessary, or more likely, done as a statement of threat to Russia? A Hiroshima survivor explains why 75 years of radiation research is so important.  On the Hiroshima anniversary, four  States ratify the U.N. Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, bringing the number up to 43 ratifications, near to the required 50, to make it law.  This is a significant Treaty, making it clear that,  like chemical and biological weapons, nuclear weapons are not respectable, not justifiable.

The coronavirus, and climate change have their worst effects on underprivileged people, and regions at war harder hit by climate change.

A doctor who is a hibakusha speaks out for the Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.  Nuclear bomb devastation killed over 90% of the doctors and nurses in Hiroshima.  Hiroshima survivor Koko Kondo met the man who dropped that atomic bomb.  Untrue: claims that the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended World War 2.  The nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki did NOT save lives and shorten World War 2.     Racism in nuclear bomb testing, bombing of Japanese people, and nuclear waste dumping.

Arms control, the new arms race, and some reasons for optimism.      The illusion that nuclear weapons are under control.

The longlasting impact of Fukushima nuclear disaster, and nuclear activities world-wide.

Nuclear waste – how to warn people for 10,000 years.

It’s not the energy salvation for the world – nuclear fusion.

LEBANON.  Beirut explosion was not an atomic bomb.

VATICAN. Vatican signed up to the U.N. Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty, provides moral guidance.


RUSSIA.  Surprisingly Rapid Increase in Scale and Intensity of Fires in Siberia.  Russia will regard any incoming missile as a nuclear attack.  Problems with Russia’s hype about “super weapons”– and risk of escalating war.  Russia plans removal of its nuclear trash from Arctic waters.

JAPAN.  Billing Olympics as ‘pandemic recovery games’ unfeasible: ex-Fukushima mayor.   Fukushima’s contaminated waste water – more serious than previously thought.  Opening the floodgates at Fukushima.  Japan needs to halt its plan to dump contaminated water from Fukushima immediately.   Particles from Fukushima meltdown contained plutonium Fallout over Fukushima fallout papers continues as two are retracted.

UK.  The continuing and ever more expensive saga of Britain’s Hinkley Point C nuclear project,   Conservative politicians in UK gathering opposition to China’s involvement in nuclear projects.  Grim financial news for weapons maker Magnox/Babcock.    Ballooning by $billions – UK’s costs for its nuclear weapons.

FRANCE.  Flamanville -the costly bloated shoddy leaky white elephant in France’s nuclear room.  Fire at the Belleville nuclear power plant reveals the disorganization of EDF.

NEW ZEALAND.  Glaciers in New Zealand – extreme melting due to global heating.

AFRICA. Ways to get rid of nuclear weapons –ideas  from Africa.

GERMANY. Hosting nuclear weapons is a danger to Germany.

UKRAINE. Nuclear radiation – potential danger in East Ukraine.

PORTUGAL.  Portuguese party PAN lodges complaint to U.N. about Spain’s ageing Almarez nuclear power station.

ARMENIA.  Armenian Ambassador on Azerbaijani threats of missile strike against Metsamor Nuclear Power Plan.

AUSTRALIA.  Links between Trump administration, Falun Gong, and Australia’s government.  Australia’s nuclear lobby targets young people, using Facebook and Instagram.

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