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Suffolk coast – time to choose whether it is to be a nuclear or a renewable coast

East Anglian Daily Times11th July 2020, Green councillor Andrew Stringer says now is the time to choose if Suffolk will become the nuclear coast, or the renewable coast. “We are the first
to understand climate change, and the last that can do something about

This quote is not from a protestor trying to change the world by
non-violent direct action. These are the words of James Kelloway, the
energy intelligence manager for the National Grid. And right now Suffolk
needs all the energy intelligence we can get. We sit on the horns of a
dilemma. We have significant energy production resources in and around our
coast line.

And, perfectly understandably these resources are trying to
grow – not only to help meet the country’s energy needs but to face the
challenge of moving towards a low carbon economy. Governments in the past
have left us with a legacy of an unclear energy policy. Almost as if they
were trying to ride two horses at the same time. This conflict is playing
out in real time, right now on our Suffolk Coast. The choices we make now
leave less and less room for error.

We simply must deliver a low carbon
future in less than a decade, while the focus on value for money has never
been more crucial. If we are to continue with our current quality of life
let alone leave a legacy that allows us to thrive. If that challenge
wasn’t hard enough, this all plays out on a spectacular heritage coast.

July 14, 2020 - Posted by | general

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