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Bradwell nuclear power station – an unwise plan,%20Woodfield%20Road,%20Leigh%20-%20Nuclear%20Power%20Station&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2020Saturday, 27 June 2020 –

I am concerned about the building of this Nuclear Power Station, as it is very close to Leigh, as the crow flies.

Our government may go ahead on the July 1 and build a Nuclear Power Station at Bradwell. I write because of my concern about the increasing involvement of Chinese companies/Government in British infrastructure in general and the above Power Station in particular.

There are several issues about the proposed new nuclear stations.

1. As renewable sources of energy become cheaper and more reliable do we need more nuclear sources at all?

2. Have the dangers and problems of disposal of nuclear waste been fully resolved yet?

3. Although the carbon footprint of nuclear production is low, building in this low lying, flood prone area will be very high and detrimental to the surrounding land.

4.Even though because of Brexit the government wants to develop trade with as many countries as possible, do we want to be in hock to the Chinese. Their track record in Africa where they have been responsible for a massive amount of infrastructure, is with the passage of time not proving as beneficial as hoped.

Also the State-owned China General Nuclear Power Group specified as a designer and operator of the plant, is blacklisted by the United States Department of Commerce for attempting to acquire advanced U.S. nuclear technology and material for diversion to military use.

I believe my fears are similar to those of Mr Tom Tugenhardt MP and Mr Duncan Smith MP even if without their depth of knowledge, I think the country should be made more aware of the risks we may be taking on especially as regards the Nuclear industry.

Can anything be done to halt the above development? You may not realise  how much bigger the new power station will be.

June 29, 2020 - Posted by | general

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