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Nuclear power, far too slow to affect global heating – theme for July 20

In recent themes I wrote about nuclear power being in fact a big contributor to global warming,  and about how climate change will in fact finish off the nuclear industry.

But – let’s pretend that nuclear reactors really could reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

TIME: To do that, 1500 one thousand megawatt-electric new reactors would be needed within a few years to displace a significant amount of carbon-emitting fossil generation.  A Massachusetts Institute of Technology Study on “The Future of Nuclear Power”   projected that a global growth scenario for as many as 1500 one thousand megawatt-electric new reactors would be needed to displace a significant amount of carbon-emitting fossil generation. Average 115 built per year would reduce our CO2 use by only 16%.

But the new flavour of the month is Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs), which generate  from 50 to 200 megawatts. So the  world would need, quickly, to have a significant reduction of carbon emissions, i.e at least 7500 largish SMRs – or 30,000 smaller ones., (and these SMRs are already shown to be more costly than large ones,)

Meanwhile – if the nuclear “climate cure” were to be pursued, the enormous costs and efforts involved would take away from the clean, fast, and ever cheaper solutions of energy efficiency and renewable energy.






June 25, 2020 - Posted by | Christina's themes, climate change


  1. Nuclear reactors are at risk from covid. Japan has a thousand cases. Everyone there, uses masks and self secludes. The asian’s have been using masks, to prevent contagion for decades. The Japanese and Koreans are actively using iv antiviral drugs and steroids for treatment. The Koreans and Chinese have cheap and or free home tests for covid 19. This turkey is more interested in letting people die, creating divisiveness, creating chaos, destroying the economy and lying, than saving lives. Mad, evil man. A terrible destructive Man. Leadership vacuum. Very negative criminal leadership activity. An amoral criminal psychopath for president. Would you want your kids to be like this guy?

    Comment by Sherry Tracey | July 14, 2020 | Reply

  2. Did russians and ukrainians self medicate with vodka post Chernobyl, for pain and other forms of self-medication? Pain from maladies and effects caused by the dissemination of the most toxic nuclides known, spread in those regions, from Chernobyl.

    Comment by Jess Talman | July 30, 2020 | Reply

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