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To 23 June – the week in nuclear/climate news

With a record world increase in coronavirus cases, Brazil and North America in the spotlight – media attention has been rightly focussed on the pandemic. FAIR exposes the false claims about China and COVID-19 . At the same time, global heating seems to be at a runaway pace, affecting the Northern Hemisphere, and especially the Arctic.  To protect our planet – we need to transform, not grow, the economy.

Global nuclear news is mainly just the same old collection of handouts from the nuclear industry, faithfully regurgitated by journalists who want to keep their jobs.  Otherwise, not much is happening.

A bit of good news – Coronavirus  more than 1500 treatment studies are underway world-wide.

Now, the nuclear arms race has become even worse.

Joint Project Nuclear Risk and Public Control.

Explaining ionising radiation -a film about nuclear fallout

COVID-19, nuclear war, and global warming: lessons for our vulnerable world.

Covid-19 pandemic – ‘fire drill’ for effects of climate crisis.  COVID-19 recovery plans – excellent opportunity for global renewable energy development.


RUSSIA.  The ‘chemical fingerprint’ of a 2017 nuclear explosion.    Anti-nuclear resistance in Russia: problems protests, reprisals.  Siberia’s alarming  prolonged heat wave.

UK.  UK’s Nuclear Future in Doubt amid Diplomatic Fallout over Huawai.   EDF’s failing nuclear reactors in UK.  Covid-19 pandemic being used to prevent proper public consultation on Bradwell nuclear project.   Bradwell nuclear project “unsustainable, unsuitable and unacceptable” – and not a done deal.  Sizewell nuclear power station could become a dangerous nuclear island. Sizewell C nuclear project threatens nationally important landscapes, habitats and species of the Suffolk coast.

PACIFIC ISLANDS. Pacific leaders do not want the coronavirus pandemic to distract from work on climate change.

FRANCE. Nuclear power sales heavily affected by COVID-19 in France: legal battles to follow.

SOUTH AFRICA. Financially ruinous coal and nuclear power proposals – will muck up post-Covid-19 recovery. South Africa’s environmental watchdogs warn government against new nuclear power.    Renewable energy for South Africa – cost-efficient and quick – forget coal and nuclear.

SOUTH KOREA. Kim Jong Un’s cyberwar preparations.    U.S. – China talks may cover North Korea nuclear issue

BULGARIA.  French, American, Russian nuclear companies join forces to build Bulgarian nuclear station.

INDIA. Explaining the India-China conflict.

JAPAN. COVID-19 sheds doubts on Tokyo Olympics 2021.

IRAN. Europe’s effort to save Iran nuclear deal.

BRAZIL. 35 years in construction, Brazil’s very costly Angra 3 nuclear plant to be delayed yet again.

TURKEY. Environmental problems, and legal holdup for Russia’s $20 billion nuclear power project in Turkey.


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