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This week in nuclear and climate news

News is, by its nature, all about bad stuff. Whatever is normal, reasonable, decent,  is ordinary, and just not news, – a fact that we need to remind ourselves of, in these uncertain Covid-19 days.  There’s a lot of good will for changing society’s trajectory towards ruining our planet.  Half of the Earth’s ice-free land is still free from human impactPost-pandemic packages could green up our energy systems for environmental and economic benefit.   Some seemingly small ideas can have surprisingly large successes – for example, fast-growing mini-forests springing up in Europe are helping the climate.

Another bit of good news –  Elders Around the World in Their 80s, 90s, and 100s Are Bouncing Back From Virus – and Sharing Advice.

Our existential threat – our extinction.

Cloud studies indicate that global heating may be more alarming than anticipated.  Global heating to bring more frequent, more extreme, ocean waves.  Seeking ways to remove carbon from the air.

The last major treaty for nuclear weapons control now hangs in the balance.



TAIWAN. Taiwan green groups urge Japan not to discharge radioactive water.

FRANCE. Fire on French submarine – luckily its nuclear reactor, nuclear fuel, had been removed for overhaul Risk of fire on a nuclear submarine. France’s lucky escape, due to reactor being removed for overhaul. French nuclear watchdog demands EDF fix faults at 5 reactors.

RUSSIA. Russia: commentary on its nuclear deterrence principles.

EUROPE. Radioactive cloud over Europe in 2017 came from a civilian nuclear reactor.

INDIA. India will follow with nuclear weapons testing, if USA resumes testing.

UK. Investigative journalism – Will Sellafields nuclear waste waft to Ireland? Or waft somewhere else?    Why doesn’t debt-ridden EDF cut its losses and close its uneconomic UK nuclear reactorsSellafield waste will stay on site after 2021, Cumbria County Council agrees.  Grave climate risks to Sizewell C nuclear project – all too close to the sea.

NORTH KOREA. North Korea Vows to Boost Nuclear Program, Saying U.S. Diplomacy Failed.

SOUTH AFRICA.  South African activists threaten to sue over nuclear plan.

CANADA. Canada’s proposed radioactive waste disposal rules are weak and industry-friendly.  Delay to community vote on nuclear waste dump for South Bruce, Ontario.

ARMENIA. Armenia Rejects Russian Funding For Nuclear Plant Upgrade.

BELGIUM. Wallonia rejects nuclear waste disposal suggestion.

LUXEMBOURG. Greenpeace Luxembourg Protests against Belgian Nuclear WasteNo feasible solution found between Belgium and Luxembourg on nuclear waste disposal.

BRAZIL. Brazil government approves plan to complete third nuclear plant.

AUSTRALIA. Australia’s govt rushes nuclear waste Bill through Lower House, but this story is not over.All Users

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