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Released from silence — Beyond Nuclear International

Emotions fill the words of atomic veterans forced to witness Nevada blast

via Released from silence — Beyond Nuclear International

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  1. Nuclear pollution will cause the end of humans, long before climate change does. There is so much radionuclide in north hemisphere people now, that it is acutely toxic. Young people dropping off from systemic disease or heart attacks from things like cesium 137.
    So much genetic disease The old dinasaurs and pronukes say it will not affect you from 10 to 30 years. Not true. Life spans have decreased in america for those born during nuke testing and later.
    People should read Kristen Iversens Full Body Burden. The cancers that came on so quickly, from the intense and voluminous plutonium releases from rocky flats. Dr iversen and her family were not as heavily exposed as others and did not have the tumors but, they were all cursed by torturous chronic fatigue syndromes and other major health problems in Iversens family.

    Dr Busby obeserved a lab at los alamos that had enough enclosure and plutonium dust to give the test dogs lung cancer in two weeks.

    Things are getting worse. We are almost completely in the dark about what is going on in Japan post Fukushima.

    Kate Browns book about chernobyl is an excellent read.

    Comment by Angie Johnson | May 11, 2020 | Reply

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