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The week in climate and nuclear news

While we are preoccupied with the pandemic, global heating is not going away. Climate Change Made 2019 The Warmest Year On Record. Eleven of 12 hottest years have occurred since 2000, new climate report warns. What happens after coronavirus will determine our climate‘s future.

Coronavirus illustrates the unsafety of nuclear facilities. In the USA , and presumably in Russia and other countries, too, nuclear power stations have to be refuelled, a process that involves many hundreds of workers – a real problem for “social distancing”.   Compare that situation with solar and wind power plants, where the fuel is delivered directly, all by itself – requiring no transport, no armies of workers.

That, and other considerations, such as astronomic costs, do not deter the American government, locked as it is in the embrace of the nuclear lobby.  Now they are coming straight out with the admission, or perhaps the boast, that new nuclear reactors are essential for the nuclear weapons industry. I am sure that it is the same in Russia.

A bit of good news –  For the First Time in 240 Years, White-Tailed Eagles Spotted Flying Over England

To save the planet, cultural, social and political transformation is essential; new technologies only part of the answer.  Arctic marine life threatened as a result of Alaskan sea ice disappearing.   International climate ministers meet to discuss green recovery post COVID-19European Solar Generation Breaks Records, As Coronavirus Shutdowns Reduce Air Pollution.

Animals in radiation zones are not doing well.

Occupational Radiation Exposure: Serious Risks and Safety Solutions.

Animals in radiation zones are not doing well.

ARCTIC.  North pole soon to be ice free in summer .


NORTH KOREA South Korea’s government dismissed rumours about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un being gravely ill. Expert reveals ‘power struggle’ for ‘control of nuclear weapons and military’. Kim Jong Un Mystery Grows on Reports of Train, Medical Team. North Korea already has its nuclear arsenal. even if Kim should die..

JAPAN.  Tsunami could overtake Fukushima Daiichi’s seawall.   Buildings around Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in poor condition, unsafe.  Friends of the Earth and Peace Boat launch video series about Fukushima evacuees.

UKRAINE. Ukraine Continues Fighting Fires Near Defunct Chernobyl Nuclear Plant.

UK. UK govt again to try “astronomically expensive” plutonium reprocessing nuclear reactors . The end of reprocessing spent nuclear fuel has left an expensive UK plutonium stockpile with no peaceful use.   Under cover of Coronavirus constraints, EDF could speed application for £14 billion Sizewell nuclear reactor build, without pubic consultation.

INDIA. A dire need  to closely scrutinize  Indian procurement and export practices in defense and nuclear deals. .

TAIWAN. Taiwan environmentalists mark Chernobyl nuclear disaster anniversary, call for renewables not nuclear.

CANADA.  Canada on verge of investing in plutonium.

FRANCE. France’s nuclear company EDF in spiralling debt crisis.    Fitch downgrades EDF’s Outlook to Negative.   EDF nuclear power company looks to a profitable future in small-scale, distributed RENEWABLE energy.   France: The Forgotten Nuclear Power That Could Kill Billions of People.

RUSSIA. Russia dumps its plans for costly huge Nuclear Destroyer and supersized Frigate Programs. Russia building 69,700-ton nuclear powered icebreakers to keep the Northern Sea Route navigable year round.

FINLAND. Latest delay…/latest-delay-in-olkiluoto-nuclear-fuel-loadings-leads-to-fitch-revising-outlook-to-negativen Olkiluoto nuclear fuel loadings leads to Fitch revising outlook to negative.

AUSTRALIA. Australian govt’s devious ploy to further dispossess the Bangarla Aboriginal people. South Australia’s $27.9 billion food, wine and tourism markets endangered by Kimba nuclear waste dump plan.

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  1. The fires will burn around all nuclear disasters and unsafe nuclear waste sites ad infinitum because, the radionuclide’s are so pyrophoric

    Comment by emu | April 28, 2020 | Reply

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