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Climate and nuclear news – week to 13 April

With the whole world in the grip of anxiety about coronavirus, and preoccupied with responding to the pandemic, climate scientists and activists ponder the opportunity to develop a green economy when it is over.  And indeed, the global climate, and the world’s biodiversity are right now benefiting from the lockdown response.  But, alas, the signs are already there, that, in recovering from the health crisis, governments are more likely to promote polluting industries and consumer spending, and to relax environmental safeguards. It’s too early to tell.

As for the nuclear lobby, it continues to battle bravely on, with propaganda about nuclear’s role in diagnosing COVID 19, and with promoting small nuclear reactors. Despite the nuclear industry’s present urgent problem with Coronavirus and staffing– or perhaps because of this, it is heavily promoting “clean”, “safe”, “cheap” nuclear power to Africa.

A bit of good news – Reports Find Social Restrictions Are Working to Curb New COVID-19 Cases From Italy to Seattle

The coronavirus pandemic, like other global catastrophes, reveals the limitations of nationalism.

Climate change could cause sudden biodiversity losses worldwide.

Ordinary people can beat the nuclear establishment: it’s been done before.

New START treaty must be extended, a U.S. – Russia nuclear arms race an intolerable threat to the whole world.

Nuclear Non-Proliferation in a Deadlock.

Nuclear fusion, too hot, too costly? And not ready before 2050.

UKRAINE. Chernobyl wildfires now ‘close’ to exploded nuclear reactor.  What is causing the Chernobyl Wildfires? Year on Year, mostly in the Summer. Fukushima forests future? CRIIRAD monitoring Kiev nuclear risk of Chernobyl radioactive plumes #Strontium90 #Plutonium #Cesium137/134.  Satellite Imagery of Chernobyl Fires April 8 and 9 2020 – NASA.  Ukrainian firefighters continue to struggle with Chernobyl are fires, amid radiation fears. As at 5 April, radiation levels in Chernobyl area were 16 times above normal, due to forest fires.   The unsafety of Ukraine’s nuclear reactors: Ukrainian Association of Veterans of Atomic Energy and Industry fear “another Chernobyl”.


UK. Who has the UK nuclear button while Johnson is ill? No comment.    David Lowry: Covid-19 spread shows up vulnerability at heart of nuclear programmes. With coronavirus problem, Hinkley Point C nuclear project should be paused.  Sellafield nuclear construction stalled – pause in construction extended to April 27. Call to stop construction at Hinkley Point C nuclear project, due to coronavirus risk.

More delay in planning application for UK’s Wylfa Newydd nuclear project.  Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA) call for more stringent safety measures, and the closure of EDF’s old nuclear reactors.     Microbes in nuclear fuel ponds slow down the decommissioning process. University boffins discuss the eternal problem of nuclear wastes.  U.S. taxpayers might cough up for a private company’s new “Small Nuclear” space travel gimmick.

JAPAN. To help future generations, Fukushima mothers have become radiation scientists’.

SOUTH KOREA. The Carbon Brief Profile: South Korea.

INDIA. India’s dangerous nuclear triad.

BOSNIA. Bosnia might need international arbitration over Croatia’s nuclear waste dump plan near the border.

PAKISTAN. Pakistan’s tactical nuclear weapons, even defensively used, could usher in a larger nuclear war.

RUSSIA. Russia wants to extend New START nuclear weapons treaty, but the U.S. has not revealed its plans.  Russia gambles on safety and cost, in extending life of fast breeder reactor.

BANGLADESH. Russia evacuates some employees from Bangladesh nuclear site.

VIETNAM. 277,700 Vietnamese support “Appeal of the Hibakusha “ – call to eliminate nuclear weapons.

SWEDEN.  Sweden’s wind power on the way to putting nuclear out of business.

ISRAEL. USA has helped Israel to develop a mighty armory of nuclear missiles.

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  1. The powers that run america, are ignoring the great nuclear power plant, fire and meltdown risks. They have accelerated the risks since fukushima. They have added fuel to the fire of nuclear confrontation, through tactical nukes and first strike paradigms.  

    The countries with major nuclear meltdowns, have only slipped further into risk of nuclear self-destruction and nuclear-world pollution from the economic hardship and political problems caused, by their meltdowns ie Japan and Ukraine. Ukraine has nuclear powerplants, seriously on the verge of going off.
    The same can be said of Russia and America if they have major nuclear accidents or, as they continue to allow risks to grow exponentially in times of dangerous demagogery and authoritarianism.

    There is the looming risk of nuclear war in times of destabilized nuclear armed and nuclear powered countries.

    There are multiple reactors and reactor cores in space now. There is  other non-nuclear garbage in space now, along with  nuclear garbage from plutonium batteries.

      The density of unstable-clumped, space garbage has grown tremendously in the past 40 years. Any large disruption, can spiral a major storm of large to microsized debri into any one or more of the multiple reactor cores in space and send plummeting to earth. The danger is far more impending, than asteroid risks.

    They will have to put up 40,000 satellites, to make  5g work. Asteroids are not our greatest short term threats from space.
    There is enough nuclear pollution in the biosphere, to have devastating effects on our immune systems and genome, yet no one speaks of it in relation to the covid pandemic.

    A perfect storm of nuclear induced-extinction. What a tragic-painful and sad way, to end human life and most all life, on earth.

    Comment by Richard Christie | April 14, 2020 | Reply

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