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Awareness about infectious diseases seems to have faded, up until suddenly just lately. It really is a long time between epidemics, and now we have a pandemic. The quickly spreading Coronavirus disease is being handled differently, according to each country. Climate scientist Paul Beckwith explains this, and warns on the necessity of urgent action.  Another excellent resource is Corona Virus – With Dr. John Campbell. There is also the inhumane theory of “herd immunity”, being recommended by some as a strategy for Britain.

Climate scientists are bemoaning the slowness to take action on the coronavirus, but, even more so, the continuing slowness to act on global heating.

A bit of good news One Million ‘Wonder Plant’ Seedlings Are Planted in Wales to Fight Climate Crisis—and Create Healthy Seas

Polar ice melting at an accelerating rate. The planet’s largest ecosystems could collapse faster than we thought.

Global response to Covid-19 is rapid. Response to climate change is too damn slow. Coronavirus poses threat to climate action.

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists warns on doomsday.   Hypocrisy: new commitments to Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) include push for nuclear power.

Nuclear modernisation, cyber operations, raise a dilemma for nuclear deterrence.

Investigative journalism –  Fukushima, and the ocean’s history of nuclear waste dumping.

Tritium – more hazardous than gamma rays and most X-rays.



UK. UK’s nuclear regulated asset base (RAB) financing passes all financial risks to electricity customers.  Nuclear waste transport disrupted by measures to stall coronavirus. Bradwell B Nuclear power plant consultations cancelled amid coronavirus fears. Groups question the viability of the three coastal sites for UK’s new nuclear plants.  The lies about nuclear waste dumping in Scotland – from U.S. nuclear submarines.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Nuclear power, then nuclear weapons? for United Arab Emirates.

SOUTH AFRICA. Murky links between the nuclear and coal lobbies in South Africa. Eskom nuclear troubles – the outcome of years of corruption.

INDONESIA. Nuclear Agency employee accused of illegally storing radioactive waste at his home. Indonesia warned on dangers of nuclear power, advantages of renewable energy.

GERMANY. German grid and nuclear plant operators step up coronavirus precautions.

IRAN. Iran continues to provide international inspectors access to its nuclear facilities.

AUSTRALIA. Australian govt rejects a report that recommends nuclear submarines.  Small Nuclear Reactors, like large ones, are out of the question for Australia, due to staggering costs. Small nuclear reactors, (just like large) can survive only with massive subsidies. This week’s uranium report- prices fall again, Australia’s “nuclear future” going nowhere.

March 16, 2020 - Posted by | Christina's notes



    This Corporate-right Abomination will lose to Trumpo.
    Sanders and other candidates are not radical but, because of fossilized-partisan mentalitities. There is the illusion that corporate candiadate will do anything. Baiting and jingoism, and gfeeding thw billionairs and military hogs, there is no democratic choice.

    Old boobs that support this type of no-choice politics and propaganda, are the reason Morrison is in power in Australia and you will have continued climate catastrophe. Morrison and it’s corporate ghouls will get nuclear waste and worse in Australia. So cowardly and silly.

    Business as usual as a pandemic strikes undeleloped amerika. Norway is sending people from undeveloped counties out, to cope with the pandemic.
    The United Deathhole of america has deathcare and is woefully unprepared. The monster in charge, lies and sets the stage for an unprecedented genocidal pandemic, as it twists and turns, delays any meaningful action and lies about  the pandemic.

    A national state of emergency declared. Deranged-sociopathic sadists and demagogues, spoonfeed the worst lies and irresponsible garbage about the corona virus.
    Billions for nukes, for nuke weapons. Billions for oil and gas corporate money as the country is ravaged by corona.

    Cops and and security deployed at major hospitals in major cities across the USA as the pandemic grows and store shelves are emptied. Cops deployed to keep people out, not to let them in.

    That is Murican reality now..

    Trillions for nuclear madness for the evil monkeys at the pentagon. Trillions to bail out the crooks on wallstereet, as their fragile, fake house of cards collapses.

    Companies are laying off in Japan and going bankrupt. Japan is erroding quickly. It is terrible because so many people are becoming desparate.

    Less hospital beds in murica than tiny Italy where 26 percent are people corona infected

    Warm weather will not slow it down.

    In the USA, they do not even bother to hide a blatantly rigged election. The same Corporate Nuclear Fascist State, that brought the nuclear death to the world. The Corporate monsters have installed a demented old fascist, loser candidate that is sure to lose to the Corporate Monster in Charge. The Orange Psycho has installed tactical nuclear weapons on submarines.

    There are numerous nuclear messes going on in the Nuclear Craphole of Amerca. There are 96 rotten, deregulated atrocities ready to blow and burn what is left of the wretched country.

    Millions of homeless. An abyssmal police state. If you get sick you will be bankrupt and if elderly or marginalized now, probably die. That is from from Deathcare Medical . Not healthcare.

    An Corporate Orwellian hellstate. A nightmare of the worst propaganda
    and lies possible. It will not last 4 more years of the sadism, genocide and madness.

    Comment by Tina Stow | March 16, 2020 | Reply

    • Corona 30 Morbitity Mers

      Do not listen to conspiracy theories or factoids. It is serious. 86 percent of the people, who already heve the virus in the USA, do not know they have it. It can kill babies and toddlers as well. If you value your loved ones hunker down, and help slow down the deadly virus’s transmission.

      How dangerous is a coronavirus infection?

      Usually coronavirus illnesses are fairly mild, affecting just the upper airway. But the new virus, as well as both SARS and MERS, are different.

      Those three types of betacoronaviruses can latch onto proteins studding the outside of lung cells, and penetrate much deeper into the airway than cold-causing coronaviruses, says Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Bethesda, M.D. The 2019 version is “a disease that causes more lung disease than sniffles,” Fauci says.

      Damage to the lungs can make the viruses deadly. In 2003 and 2004, SARS killed nearly 10 percent of the 8,096 people in 29 countries who fell ill. A total of 774 people died, according to the World Health Organization.

      MERS is even more deadly, claiming about 30 percent of people it infects. Unlike SARS, outbreaks of that virus are still simmering, Fauci says. Since 2012, MERS has caused 2,494 confirmed cases in 27 countries and killed 858 people.

      MERS can spread from person to person, and some “superspreaders” have passed the virus on to many others. Most famously, 186 people contracted MERS after one businessman unwittingly brought the virus to South Korea in 2015 and spread it to others. Another superspreader who caught MERS from that man passed the virus to 82 people over just two days while being treated in a hospital

      Comment by Gene Leonard MD | March 17, 2020 | Reply

      • to Gene Leonard MD
        Thanks for your helpful and informative comment. I have used it as a post on this site. So important for people to get themselves informed on this matter.

        Comment by Christina MacPherson | March 18, 2020

  2. Ann Frank’s memorial in Idaho desecrated w swastikas . refugee Jewish girl hidden from certain death by nazis in Netherlands in ww2

    The insanity must end

    Comment by Afg | December 10, 2020 | Reply

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