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Climate and Nuclear news for the past week

When their finances are affected by climate change, the guys at the top at last start to pay attention.  G20 finance ministers and central bank governors met in Saudi Arabia, and sounded the alarm over the climate emergency, despite U.S. objections. Leaked report for world’s major fossil fuel financier says Earth is on unsustainable trajectory.

Of course, nuclear weapons tensions are always there, particularly as regards USA and Iran.  However, when it comes to the so-called “peaceful nukes”, things are very quiet.  All that continues is an endless stream of  “journalism” promoting Small Modular Reactors (they leave out that unpopular word ‘Nuclear’). This hype resembles the early 2000s hype about the “nuclear renaissance’ and is sounding more and more hollow.

A bit of good news – All Australian Bushfires in NSW Have Officially Been Contained Thanks to Week of Heavy Rain. Australian Soldiers Are Using Their Time Off to Care for Koalas Displaced by the Fires.

Immoral and illegal spying on Julian Assange and his lawyers Investigative journalism – How will Julian Assange’s extradition case proceed in court?

All the world is betraying the world’s children, the World Health Organisation has found.

A war correspondent turns to today’s war on climate change, as he studies Antarctica.

Scientists warn on the seriousness of the collapse of many insect species.

Climate denialists using bots on Twitter to get their message across.

Reprocessing is NOT a solution to the nuclear waste problem.  Small nuclear reactors are no better than large ones.

UK. Britain buying new nuclear warheads from USA: Pentagon knew about it. Nuclear Energy Agency’s “pretend transparency“.  UK Parliament did not.  Chinese-led nuclear company pretending that Sizewell project is a ‘fait accompli’ – no, it is far from it.  Huge rise predicted for Britain’s seas and tidal rivers.

JAPAN. Survey finds most Japanese do not want to attend live Olympic or Paralympic events. Replace Tokyo by London as Host of 2020 Olympics. Time running out on Tokyo Olympics. South Korean activists and professors sign petition against Japan’s push to dump radioactive water into the ocean.  Japan’s paralysis over what to do with the nuclear industry’s plutonium wastes.


FRANCE.  Anti Nuclear activists break into France’s Tricastin nuclear station. France starts out on the path to withdraw from nuclear energy. France shuts down Fessenheim reactor in first phase of retreat from nuclear power.

INDIA. Trump to visit India as salesman for Westinghouse nuclear reactors.Large U.S. nuclear delegation to India to con Indians into buying Small Modular Nuclear Reactors. Why India is not defined as a “Nuclear Power”, though it has nuclear bombs.

INDONESIA. Indonesian authorities investigate suspected nuclear waste dumping at housing estate.   Positive tests for Caesium-137 in some South Tangerang residents. Indonesia eases import limits on processed foods from Japan imposed after Fukushima nuclear disaster.

BAVARIA (GERMANY). Bavaria’s renewable capacity growing as nuclear plant shutdown boosts power imports.

CANADA. Bruce County, Ontario, protest against nuclear waste dump plan.

ALGERIA. Algeria and French Polynesia suffer from France’s 30 years of nuclear bomb testing.

TAIWAN. Taiwan searches for a solution to its nuclear waste problem.

AUSTRALIA.    Australia the ‘poster child’ for climate change inaction.

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