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The week to 11 February in climate and nuclear news

I never want to minimise the nuclear perils. But, it is a dying industry, and can look irrelevant as news about the climate crisis continues to be revealed.

One thing about nuclear power – the mainstream media continues to mindlessly hype the industry as the climate solution, while in fact nuclear is the third highest carbon emitter after coal-fired plants and natural gas. Even if they were “zero carbon”, nuclear reactors would never be installed in time to make a difference.

CLIMATE – where to start? Combined environmental crises could trigger ‘global systemic collapse‘, scientists warn.  Some climate modelling is now predicting an unprecedented and alarming spike in global temperatures — perhaps as much as 5 degrees Celsius.   Ya know that things are getting serious when it hits industry and markets –  The northern hemisphere winter has been unusually mild: That’s making life difficult for oil and gas traders,

Antarctica posts a record high temperature. Arctic ice melt is changing ocean currents .  Coronavirus likely to be connected to climate change – bats the likely first vector. Fires and floods: Australia already seesaws between climate extremes – and there’s more to come. Delhi’s disaster – disappearing water supplies.

A little bit of good news – Nuclear energy exhibit to be closed, turned into clinic for doctor-hungry Yamaguchi town

Climate emergency plans must have a ‘no new nuclear’ clause.

Nuclear power went backwards in 2019, and the outlook is bleak.

Nuclear power and harm to animals.

Permafrost thawing -“fast and dramatic, affecting landscapes in unprecedented ways.

MALAYSIA. Malaysia – a definite NO to nuclear power.

USA. Trump’s budget – slashes foreign aid, but $billions more for nuclear weaponsPresidential nuclear decision by Twitter: Trump confuses about policy on Yucca for waste dump. Rep. Newhouse and Trump at odds after tweets about dangerous nuclear waste disposal . Sea-level rise – an Unmanaged climate risks to spent fuel from U.S. nuclear power plants..

NORWAY. Norways Nuclear Naughtiness – Censored Secrets and Haldens Hurtful History.

SPAIN. Spain scraps controversial nuclear waste facility.

POLYNESIA. Polynesian MP calls on France for “vast project” to withdraw radioactive waste in Mururoa.

FRANCE. French President Emmanuel Macron seeks leading role in post-Brexit EU nuclear strategy.

JAPAN. The ” task force” stage of Olympic cancellation ?  Fukushima and the 2020 Olympics.  High-level radiation at Fukushima Daiichi No.2 reactor.

RUSSIA.  Russia ready to discuss nuclear weapon restrictions. Russian Orthodox Church rethinks its practice of blessing nuclear weapons.

CANADA. Ontario Power Generation says ‘no’ to proposed nuclear waste disposal site following opposition from Saugeen FN.

TAHITI. France drags its heel over nuclear compensation claims from Tahiti.


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