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It’s been an important week for nuclear and climate news

It’s going to be costly for the world to take real action on climate change. On the other hand, fighting climate change Is the cheapest option we have left, to ensure the survival of the human race.   Australia is still in climate crisis, with a government strangely unaware of the reality of climate change, of its long-lasting impacts on this continent.

As the 2020 Tokyo Olympics draw closer, the Japanese government redoubles its efforts to downplay any radioactive problems to health and safety .  Fukushima is the location for the start of the torch relay, and for some Olympic events. But radioactive trash bags are a defining feature of the Fukushima landscape. And Japan now plans to release over a million tonnes of radioactive water into the sea from the Fukushima power plant, as the radioactive water continues to accumulate.

A bit of good news –  Even Under Trump, U.S. Renewable Investment Hit a Record in 2019.  This one really appealed to me –Rather Than Slip into Depression, Man Quits Job, Sells Possessions, and Travels the World With a Ferret

Inhumane treatment of Australian Julian Assange by UK government.

“Mercenary science”– crooked science funded by corporations.

Past time to listen to Greta.  Meet the scientists quitting academia for climate activism.

Media has ignored climate strategies to stave off ecological disaster.   BUT – Weather reporters now joining the battle against climate change. As forests burn around the world, drinking water is at risk. Could geoengineering strategies help tackle climate change?.


Oxford City Council says NO to nuclear weapons.

Dangers of Artificial Intelligence with Nuclear Weapons.

Westinghouse will acquire the Rolls-Royce Civil Nuclear Systems and Services’ 11 locations in Canada, France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Surplus nuclear power has become an embarrassment. Inflexible baseload power no longer needed.

ARCTIC. Why Arctic glaciers are melting away at an accelerating rate.

JAPAN.  With 170 tons more radioactive water added each day, Japan’s desperate plan for dumping Fukushima water into Pacific Ocean.   Japan’s METI recommends releasing Fukushima Daiichi radioactive water into sea. Tepco estimates 44 years to decommission Fukushima No. 2 nuclear plant.   Shikoku Electric not to appeal injunction over Ikata nuclear plant.

UK.  In Cumbria, concern over nuclear waste canisters, and inadequacy of Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) Need to include a No New Nuclear clause in climate emergency planning.    New nuclear: protecting the planet or turning climate emergency into double whammy?  UK government could save money, promote health, by energy efficiency programmes.

EUROPE. Europe to be the first carbon neutral continent, and WITH NUCLEAR POWER EXCLUDED. Top EU diplomat to visit Tehran amid nuclear tensions.

CANADA. Indigenous community votes down proposed nuclear waste bunker near Lake Huron. Opposition to Nuclear Waste Storage Plan Near Lake Huron.



NORTH KOREA.  North Korea’s nuclear tests have made Hamgyong Province area unstable.

IRAN. U.S. sanctions Iran’s atomic power chief for nuclear violations.

CHINA. The reasons behind China’s No First Use nuclear weapons policy.

SOUTH KOREA. Kepco to halt two nuclear reactors after missing counterterrorism deadline.

QATAR. Qatar says UAE`s power plant activities are a threat to Gulf stability and the environment.

BOLIVIA. Political instability adds to the danger of nuclear power for Bolivia.

UGANDA. Girl erased, but not gone.

TURKEY. Danger of Armenian nuclear plant to neighbouring Turkey.

RUSSIA. Vladivostok customs stopped a radioactive Toyota Prius that arrived from Japan.


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