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Yesterday the nuclear nations pushed the fantasy of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors

William Sanford. 25 January 2020
Faux News “The Five” tried to push the Safe SMR Narrative just yesterday. Complete nonsense on the Climate Crisis shows how doubling down on stupid (and old) technology is a last resort effort to preserve their doomed industry.

Sweden, Switzerland, and Germany all announced increased rates of decommissioning. Add Spain, Italy, as USA continues to hide, censor, and deflect the TRUTH. The IAEA playbook directly from Vienna …and the worst part is many “climate activists” actually buy into the false narrative that nuclear energy is “carbon free.”

The ‘Nuclear Cycle’ uses huge amounts of gas/diesel. From pulling uranium out of the ground to enrichment, use, removal, dry cask ops, and delivery to a repository, LOTS of petroleum. And NO, nuke plants DO NOT RUN on their own power. 1.7 !illion cancers annually worldwide AS A direct result of nuclear power plants directly from the IAEA/NRC.

January 25, 2020 - Posted by | 2 WORLD, spinbuster

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  1. Fukushima is in a bad way. Industial civilization is reaching a tipping point from chemical and nuclear pollutants. Wildfires from pyrophoric nuclear substances

    Comment by pyrophoric | January 26, 2020 | Reply

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