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Donald Trump plays with possible nuclear crisis in Iran

January 9, 2020 - Posted by | Iran, politics international, USA

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  1. The neoconservatives and mic interests, that run the Trump junta, have said they will use tactical nukes on iran, since 2002. This is evil. Now we see a run up, to an illegal war and probably a nuclear war, by the same PNAC psychopaths and fascists that did iraq, in 2003.

    The NY times was part of it. Part of the propaganda juggernaut that led to the blood-lust of iraq.

    The neoconservative nuclear-warmongers, are hateful evil things. They are pathological liars and mass murderers. They think a nuclear war is winable and survivable.

    Here is a twitter from a stupid evil little thing, that pretends to be antinuclear . It is really an operative, for the evil fascist, nuclear murderers-creeps. It insinuated itself as antinuclear a  couple of years after fukushima. It is a mole. It takes blood money to push nuclear death propaganda and chearlead for nuclear bombs, nuclear war and nuclear oblivion on the internet. It is a propaganda cointelpro troll and agent that uses sensationalism and lies to project its garbage

    We do not believe, for a second that Iran intentionally shot down a Boeing jet or, really shot it down, for that matter.  Boeing jets have had a litany of techical issues for the past two years. This is the same sort of gutter propaganda, the warmongers neoconserative, creeps used to drum up hate and lies for the pre-emptive war and destruction of iraq.

    NEW Video Shows Ukrainian Plane Being Hit Over Iran – NOT mechanical failure except what resulted from being BLOWN UP. #RIP🥀

    Video Shows Ukrainian Airliner Being Hit Over Iran”

    This thing constantly plants the worst government and neoconservative, deep-state issued-propaganda, in its twitter feeds and on the internet. Like the story, about the chinese detonating a nuke in the s china sea.

    We are not religious . We dont care for the religious insanity of jews or christians or sunni or shia . Middle east conflict is not about religion. It is abput in the PNAC psycho and israel, surrounding and destruction of  iran. It is about greed, power and military-nuclear insanity.
    Same for the cold war and nuclear escalation with China and Russia. It is not about ideology  it is about getting money for more insane, nuclear escalation

    the rightwing fascist racist hate-rag  zero hedge, is  running the same gutter propaganda about iran shootim down a boeimg jet

    This thing was part of the group that posted garbage all over the internet that China detonated a nuclear bomb is the south china sea a month ago. It almost seems like they want a worldwide nuclear. The neoconservative junta and mic do want more money to build more nuke production to consolidate the poisoning of mother earth and the USA

    Watch this video before it is deleted

    Comment by Anonymous | January 10, 2020 | Reply

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