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The Amazon at a Tipping Point — limitless life

The Amazon at a Tipping Point Dear Friends, Mr. Robert Hunziker has sent me the following alarming and important article on the serious crisis of the Amazon.The article warns us as follows: “According to the scientists, current trends threaten (1) to turn parts of the rainforest into savanna, (2) devastate wildlife, and (3) release billions […]

via The Amazon at a Tipping Point — limitless life

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  1. I am disappointed to see Nuclear News postings about climate change that have no link to nuclear issues.
    We get enough climate news from other sources.

    Comment by posopps | December 31, 2019 | Reply

    • Climate change is connected to nuclear issues. The nuclear lobby is using climate change as its main argument, claiming that nuclear power is essential to combat climate change. If the world accepts this propaganda, real action on climate change will be stopped, while efforts and money are re-directed to nuclear power development.
      Secondly, but equally important, nuclear catastrophes are likely to occur, because of climate events – flooding, sea level rise, wildfires.

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | December 31, 2019 | Reply

      • I welcome the opportunity to read and share articles that make this point clear, but not articles that don’t mention it.

        Again, we are inundated from other sources with information about climate change, often claiming it is THE existential threat and often dismissing nuclear threats, or, as you point out, claiming that nuclear energy is the answer.

        With my U.S. Senators and many others entertaining “mini-nuclear power plants” I look forward to sharing information from Nuclear News that analyzes the dangers these pose.

        Thank you for your response and for all the work you are doing on these issues.

        Comment by posopps | December 31, 2019

      • Thank you posopps. Yes, you are so right about “mini nuclear power plants”. I am sure that no objective observer thinks for a moment that these “SMRs” will ever become a reality, in the sense of a viable energy technology. “SMRs” (note that they leave out that nasty word Nuclear) are just the last desperate attempt of the nuclear industry to con the public.

        In this sad human society, money is the only thing that matters.Fortunately, as there is no way that SMRs will ever be economically viable. They’re also dangerous,a target for terrorism, amenable to making “dirty bombs”, produce toxic wastes, require costly security….. We cover this issue as much as possible

        Comment by Christina MacPherson | January 1, 2020

      • Thanks much!

        Comment by posopps | January 1, 2020

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