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USA House Democrats let Jared Kushner suck them in to a very bad space weapons deal



December 21, 2019 - Posted by | Reference, USA, weapons and war


  1. “Establishment of a U.S. Space Force would come despite the landmark Outer Space Treaty of 1967, put together by the U.S., then Soviet Union and the U.K., designating space as a global commons to be used for peaceful purposes.”

    Meeanwhile 96 rotten old reactors , many of them fukushima style , most 30 and 40 years old and older, with embrittled cooling pipes and embrittled reactor vessels. 96 rotten old embrittled vessel and pipe rattletraps, that  stand by themselves, in the trust of the same nuclear corporate types that caused fukushima . No government regulation to keep things fixed. To have adequate backups. To close down in emergency. The people of america completely at the mercy of these massive weapons of mass destruction  and apocalypse aimed at all of us. Enough to destroy all life thousands of times over.

    They will keep them running with earthquakes going on with hurricanes bearing down with floods, when most of the cooling systems fail like at three mile island at brunswick at stp because the are evil greedy killers.

    Trillions for tactical nuclear weapons intermediate nuke missiles and nukes in space aimed at us . No money to reinforce beatup hurricane and quake ridden old beat wmd nuclear plants aimed at the lifeforce of earth. No money to close them. No money to take care of the murderous waste they produce or bury it. The murder machines are producing thousands of tons of the worst hilevel radionuclide waste possible annually. 20, twenty ton  casks enough to kill a billion people. The answer of this demon fascist and its nepotistic henchman , is weapons in space aimed at us for no good reason . Only to murder everything and everyone. The corporate democrat fat-cat ghouls right on board with the evil.

    Comment by teri | December 21, 2019 | Reply

    • Teri – your whole argument is powerful and true. I think that you weaken it by using such judgmental terms as ‘demon fascist ‘ and ‘fat cat ghouls’ . I mean – I can see your point of view here, but I see these people as strangely stupid, ignorant, and so misguided . One could pity Jared Kushner – – his children will discover how he has sold them out, along with all the world’s children.

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | December 21, 2019 | Reply

      • The Stupidity of Los Alamos Labs
        Nuclear Hotsea

        Comment by teri | December 22, 2019

  2. Frank Zappa was raised, not too far from the worst Nuclear Meltdown in American History at the SMR sodium cooled test reactor by Ventura California. There were also two partial meltdowns there from 1960 to 1970. Frank Zappas dad was a research chemist at a MIC weapons test faciclity that was relatively close to Santa Susana. Young frank Zappa had ongoing sinus problems and ongoing intractable ear infection trouble living there.
    Frank Zapa’s mother sought the help of military doctors and specialist to help with the debilitating infections and sinus polyps that were probably induced by all the particulates in the air from the surrounding nuclear testing. Frank Zappa was 12 yo then. Frank Zappa’s doctor’s, inserted radium pellets into Frank Zappas nose, as a child to shrink his sinus polyps. Frank Zappa died at age 53 from fulminant, metastatic, prostate cancer that had started in his late 40s. Most prostate cancers grow slowly unless one is exposed to internal radionuclide poisons and radiation.

    This is what Frank Zappa said about the American Republican party

    Steve Silberman
    “Republicans stand for raw, unbridled evil and greed and ignorance, smothered in balloons and ribbons.” – Frank Zappa, born on this day in 1940.

    The truth also holds for many Corporate democrats and Corrupt politicians inside the beltway and outside it, that are part of the Authoritarian American Nuclear state that is kiling this planet.

    Comment by Dtlt | December 21, 2019 | Reply

  3. If your family were wiped out by cancer, from nuclear, perhaps you could understand my sentiments. Two of my very best friends that grew-up in an american nuclear sacrifice zone, are on chemotherapy right now. One of my last close relatives, dying of cancer. So many friends in Japan ill. Perhaps posh billionaire psychopaths, like kushner can fly what is left of his children to the southern hemisphere when a nuke plant explodes here. What sort of world will they have and what sort of monster could allow such?

    Comment by teri | December 22, 2019 | Reply

    • They profit from the blood money of these tremendous ill-gotten gains

      Comment by teri | December 22, 2019 | Reply

  4. I like this site. Trump is ruining people like me. I think there is not much meaning to anything, anymore. The people with the money and power, want us to die. The trend is in UK, in South America, in Australia. Trump is a mean, old, demented man. Most of the politicians with power are. The voting system is rigged. Trump will win again. Little hope for most of us.

    Comment by ..... | December 22, 2019 | Reply

  5. Kushner is a major slum lord on the east coast . He charges the highest rent for the worst slum apartments, in places like Baltimore. There are millions of homeless in America. There are hungry children, that Trump and Kushner are cutting off food assistanceto, to put nuclear weapon’s in space. Trump and Kushner are cutting social security for the old and disabled. Benefits people earned by working in factories or dangerous industries, and and in other places, in their lives. They are cutting social security and hot meals for school children, to build nuclear bombs in space, aimed at us and more terrestrial nuclear bombs. You are being sarcastic, or facetious, I hope Christina. Maybe not. The world is becoming a very sick place

    Comment by teri | December 22, 2019 | Reply

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