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The week in climate and nuclear news

COP 25 – a chance to avoid catastrophic climate change. Not a lot happened in the first week of the COP25 climate talks in Madrid.  Dr Katharine Hayhoe on The Bible and Climate Change.  Disasters fuelled by climate change are the top driver of human displacement.

A bit of good news Renewable cities arising around the world. or  listen on You tube

Water shortages to hit 1.9 billion people as glaciers melt.

Research shows that Climate models have correctly predicted global heating. UN chief praises youth leadership on climate action, deplores government inaction.  Coal power becoming ‘uninsurable’ as firms refuse cover.

9 climate tipping points pushing Earth to the point of no return.

Bacteria to consume CO2 – a climate change solution?

ANTARCTICA. .Antarctic ice sheets could be at greater risk of melting than previously thought.

AUSTRALIA. Australia on fire. Scott Morrison under fire over bushfire emergency. Australia is copping it at COP25 – and rightly so. Australia burns, as government leaders choose not to discuss this.

JAPAN.  The status of Japan’s nuclear policy and future prospects.  ‘ Scorpion‘ robot mission inside Fukushima reactor aborted.  Fukushima nuclear debris removal to begin in 2021.    High-level radiation hot spots found at J-Village, the starting point of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay.  Korea to bring food, check for radiation at Tokyo Games.

EUROPE. Nuclear power headed to be excluded from EU green finance scheme. European report: don’t sacrifice the planet’s ecology in the drive for economic growth.  Technical fault shuts down Belgian nuclear reactor.

FRANCE. France’s nuclear industry in dire straitsAnother shutdown at French nuclear power station Golfech.

ISRAEL. Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz suggests bombing Iran to stop its nuclear program.

IRAN. Britain, France and Germany press Iran over its ballistic missile program. Rafael Mariano Grossi, new UN nuclear agency chief, states he will be“firm and fair” stance on Iran.

UK . UK election. Nuclear power is a hot topic in Wales.      Significant obstacles to Rolls Royce’s fantasy of “clean” nuclear-supplied jet fuel.  Need for scrutiny of troubled Hunterston nuclear reactor before restarting it.

IRAQ. First the U.S. invaded Iraq — then left it poisoned .

CANADA. Ontario’s First Nations to vote on nuclear waste plan near Lake Huron. To store Canada’s nuclear wastes close to Lake Huron – the worst of the worst.  Small Modular Nuclear Reactors – many pitfalls, including security risks.


ARCTIC. Floating small nuclear reactors bring serious risks.

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  1. This comment will be censored because it contains too many facts

    Climate Change is real. Astrophysicists have valid proof of it from planet’s with atmospheres. Venus, Mars, Earth, Gas Giants.
    The composition of the atmosphere of the earth is changing from human monkey-activity and radionuclide flooding. It effects the climate. Humans burn quadrillions of gallons of fossil fuels a year.
      Atmospheric gas changes like sulfuric acid and grenhouse acceleration on venus, actually caused
    geophysical changes  on venus and more vulcanism. Carbon dioxide traps heat in green houses.
    The gas giants have constant dynamic, climate-change because they are volatile. Any slight change in atmospheric composition causes major changes in temperature in large areas. Venus could never support life from its precipitous, climate change cascade.
    Gas giant moons, with atmospheres, have climate change. These facts, go  right past climate-deniers. The ones who say the earths climate, is only affected by the suns radiant energy or the earth’s
    magnetic field, other mumbo jumbo.
    Radionuclides catalyze chemical reactions in the earths atmosphere affecting the ozone layer and affecting climate in other ways. Many radionuclides like cs137, co60, st90, iridium, plutonium generate their own heat
    The nucleoape countries have dumped, a half million or more tons of high and medium level radionuclides into the arctic ocean, including old nuke subs and reactors.
    Plutonium , rcesium and iridium  are pyrophoric in trace amounts .
    They spontaneoulsy set off fires in already climate changed areas . 
    Radionuclide pollution helped catalyze the wildfires at massive and large nuclear sites,   like the Idaho National Nuclear Lab Nuclear Reservation where 900, 000 acres burned. There was also Santa Susana
    Accumulated hyrdrocarbon residues on the ground from burning hcs all these years, probably helps  wildfires burn. Radioactive gasses like  and krypton from  nuclear reactors and radium in clouds,  from burning hydrocarbons, cause free radical reactions in the upper atmosphere, that deplete ozone.
    Dr Busby has measured large amounts of radium from rain- cloud outbursts in South america. That radium comes from the radium that exists in fossil fuels, that are burned in intern combustion engines.

    Climate-denialist,  have boundless troves of conspiracy theory-refutations and irrational comebacks. Most of them do not care about anyone but themselves. No cares for kids or the future. Only money-insanity and war , life destruction.

    The combination of climate change and nuclear-flooding, of the earth with radionuclides, is bringing down systems faster than most can comprehend.

    Comment by ken | December 11, 2019 | Reply

    • Why would I censor this comment for “too many facts”‘? True, I am in no position to verify or otherwise , the statements. Readers can judge for themselves. I censor only abusive comments, and ones that clearly come from pro nuclear shills.

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | December 11, 2019 | Reply

      • Good Blog and thanks for that. Some people will censor these types of comments. Some will threaten ya nowadays when discussing climate change scenarios, they do not like. Nuclear-news has a lot of integrity.

        Comment by ken | December 11, 2019

  2. If people had understood what was happening with The Nuclear Military Industrial Complex, they would not have allowed it. There are many things they have done in America that violated the laws and constitution for corporate and military greed. Jeoprodized many peoples lives. Same in other nuclear countries. Hard to say what they are doing to you, n Australia. It is sad what they are doing in thw USA, in the name of corporate greed and warmongering, as this man points out

    The good are punished. Chernobyl and Fukushima are a wake-up call

    Comment by dtlm | December 12, 2019 | Reply

    • Thank you for drawing our attention to this. This is an absolute shocker. I am still reeling. Australia is said by many human rights experts to have the strongest government surveillance powers inn the Western world. We spend much time deploring China’s system of surveillance. Is any country safe from government spying on its citizens? Are we all headed for Gilead?

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | December 12, 2019 | Reply

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