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Chaos ahead in international relations due to Trump’s chaotic nuclear weapons policies

December 5, 2019 - Posted by | politics international, USA, weapons and war

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  1. Then there are Demented Donny’s fake, antinuke, MAGA operatives trying to start ww3 in russia and china. Fuko just used thugs, to insure reactors that are ready to blowup in ohio, stay opened, while peoples taxes and rates go up.
    Donny theclown’s, MAGA operatives, talk about hormesis and nuclear war survivability. Donvchya know entropy will close those reactors, their MAGA thugs use intimidation to get reactors to atay opened. Trillions are spent on an awful new nuclear cold war by Donny the Clown.
    Coastal reactors flood and fail in storms.
    Swarms of earthquakes appear in fracked areas w reactors.
    There are 10s of thousands of tons of cesium 137, co60, plutonium, st90 nuke waste in shoddy cylinders are parked by yur town around the usa. All to make fuko, perry and holtec richer. They are so stupid and demented they do not care. Why have any dialogs w any MAGA creeps

    There will be 2 or more of the 96 beatup usa reactors that blowup in the next 6 months. Thanks demented don and yur maga cult

    Comment by Richard Fechten | December 6, 2019 | Reply

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