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Disasters fuelled by climate change are the top driver of human displacement.

Nobody is immune’: Climate-fuelled disasters forcing millions from their homes, As the 25th UN climate summit gets underway in Spain, a new report by Oxfam has found disasters fuelled by climate change are the top driver of human displacement.

SBS NEWS BY CASSANDRA BAIN   2 DEC 19    More than 20 million people across the globe have been displaced by “climate-fuelled” disasters in the past decade, new research by Oxfam has revealed.The Oxfam report found people are three times more likely to be internally displaced by cyclones, floods and bushfires, than they are by conflict, and seven times more likely than earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

It linked a number of recent catastrophic events to climate change, including Cyclone Winston which devastated Fiji in 2016, the prolonged drought in Guatemala, and recent bushfires across NSW and Victoria.

“The current bushfires in Australia have shown that nobody is immune to the impacts of the climate crisis,” Oxfam Australia climate change advisor Simon Bradshaw told SBS News.

“Our research reaffirms that communities in the Pacific face particularly severe impacts from global heating, including being forced from their homes by extreme weather disasters.”

The report found small island nations, including Fiji and some of Australia’s other Pacific neighbours, make up seven of the 10 countries facing the highest risk of internal displacement from extreme weather events.

On average, nearly five per cent of the populations of Tuvalu, Cuba and Dominica were displaced by extreme weather each year in the decade between 2008 and 2018.

Emissions per capita from developing small island nations are about a third of those of high-income countries.

We can see clearly that extreme weather disasters, many of which of course are being heavily exacerbated by the climate crisis, have been by far the biggest driver of displacement within countries over the last decade,” Mr Bradshaw said.

Mr Bradshaw said the report shone a light on the unequal impacts of the climate crisis across the globe.

It found people living in low-income countries such as India, Nigeria, and Bolivia are more than four times likely to be displaced by extreme weather disasters than people in richer countries, such as the United States or Australia…….

Oxfam is now calling on world leaders at COP25 to reduce their country’s carbon emissions and provide more support to help low-income communities recover from climate disasters.

During the summit, delegates from 125 countries will discuss climate-related challenges and progress towards the 2015 Paris Agreement, which aims to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius……. HTTPS://WWW.SBS.COM.AU/NEWS/NOBODY-IS-IMMUNE-CLIMATE-FUELLED-DISASTERS-FORCING-MILLIONS-FROM-THEIR-HOMES


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