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via Boris nukes — daryanenergyblog,  A few weeks back Boris Johnson made reference to how the UK would shortly be building mini fusion reactors, courtesy of a generous grant of UK government funding (and thus brexit wasn’t going to be the disaster to UK science everyone is predicting). Of course, the actual nuclear scientists were quick to point out that […

that this is about as accurate as pretty much any other Boris Johnson statement. Such as his claim there will be no border checks between Ireland and the UK post-brexit (which would result in the UK facing sanctions from the WTO, the EU, and the US, plus he’d be unable to prevent counterfeit goods or smugglers flooding the UK market and why would anyone give the UK a trade deal if you can smuggle stuff across the UK border via NI tariff free?).

In truth the UK leaving the EU also means the UK will be leaving Euroatom (The European agency that handles regulation and sale of nuclear materials). And given that the Tories plans for a UK regulator to replace them are in various states of chaos,  the UK leaving the EU will probably mean an end to any significant nuclear research within the UK. While the UK will technically be still part of the ITER and JET fusion programs, its inevitable there will be some blowback as a result of brexit (e.g. scientists or their sick grandmother can’t get visas and walks off the job). About the only thing fortunate is that given the long time lines before we have a working commercial fusion reactor, its likely the UK will have rejoined the EU by the time this becomes a problem.


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