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Frozen nuclear city to ‘seep radiation into environment’ as ice melts


Next Chernobyl? Frozen nuclear city to ‘seep radiation into environment’ as ice melts

A FROZEN underground city could be threatening to seep radioactive materials into the environment as climate change forces the ice to melt. Express UK By CALLUM HOARE Nov 8, 2019 

Camp Century: Pentagon’s secret mobile nuclear base revealed

Project Icework was a top secret United States Army programme of the Cold War, aimed at building a network of mobile nuclear missile launch sites below the Greenland ice sheet due to its strategic location near the Soviet Union. To study the feasibility of working under the ice, a highly publicised “cover” project, known as Camp Century, was launched in 1960, but six years later it was cancelled due to unstable conditions. The nuclear reactor was removed before the site was abandoned, but hundreds of tonnes of toxic waste remain buried beneath the ice.

Now, climate change is threatening to expose it, as the ice melts at an alarming rate.

YouTube channel Seeker spoke to William Colgan, who is currently running The Camp Century Climate Monitoring Programme, in the hope of preventing the radioactive material from reaching the surface.

He said in 2018: “The people working at Camp Century did not have an understanding of climate change. “They didn’t have solid records, global climate models, these big data sets so you can see an overview of what’s happening to Earth’s climate.

The moving ice sheet started to destabilise the underground tunnels, prompting the US Army to abort Project Iceworm.

“When Camp Century was decommissioned, only the nuclear reactor was taken out for destructive testing, and the rest of the camp was left in place, and they closed the doors.

“It was abandoned on the assumption that climate wouldn’t change, and it would continue to snow at Camp Century forever and the perpetual snowfall would entomb all of the base infrastructures and eventually bury it.”

The narrator of the series explained why Dr Colgan is so invested in the project.

He said: “The climate has changed and temperatures have reached record highs in the Arctic and Greenland’s ice sheet is melting at an unprecedented rate, which could turn Camp Century’s abandoned waste into a major environmental risk.

So a team of scientists, including William, went back to the site.”

Dr Colgan explained what his team is doing.

He added: “In 2017, the government of Denmark, at the request of the government of Greenland, started the Camp Century Climate Monitoring Programme.

“We set up a bunch of instruments that are erected on the ice sheet surface and then we drill in and we put probes into the ice sheet.

“It keeps a real-time data stream coming from the Camp Century site where we monitor a bunch of things, mainly the temperature of the snow, the temperature of the ice and the air temperature…….

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  1. My friend Allen’s dad was a nuclear physicist at Idaho National Labs. INL is a huge 900 square mile nuclear lab reservation, in east idaho. INL is 30 miles from pocatello.

    Allen is a doctor at the largest medical clinic in pocatello. It is the University clinic in pocatello. Al says there are 20 new cancer cases that have come into his small city clinic, since the fire in July 2019. There have been 8 children diagnosed with leukemia. There is an epidemic of children with reactive airway disease.
    My friend in wyoming, just east of INR was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 50 a month ago.

    INL has 100s of thousands of tons of nuclear waste .
    INL has 50 reactors . INL has had 5 nuclear reactor meltdowns . Probably more.

    SL1 meltdown

    Recently there was one of the worst nuclear catastrophes in history , at idaho national laboratory reservation . We did not hear much about it, except some propaganda blurbs.. Completely downplayed by the media. A blip on the goddamned tv screen.
    The Idaho national wildwire Lab Reservation fire, in July 2019 was a combined nuclear and climate catastrophe wildfire, that put thousands of tons of the most radioactive smoke in the world from the heart of the Idaho Nuclear Reservatiion lab, into the western american skys.
    Allen my doctor acquaintance, is the head doctor at the large University Clinic in pocatello.
    Allen has bad memories. Allens dad committed suicide 47 years ago at Idaho National Lab, because he knew how evil nuclear is.

    America is a fasicist-plutocracy, nucleoape state, that has had and, has so much secret and open nuclear homicide going on, it dwarfs the rest of the world ten times over.

    The despicable murican MIC nuclear-oil complex, has destroyed the seas . It has engineered a human nuclear apocolypse that is destroying our genome and will kill
    everything in the near future
    And people talk about how secretive the stupid russians are. I hope the russian people overthrow, the rotten nucleoape-autocrat named putin soon with his nuclear cruise missile explosions and large ocean floating reactors in the arctic . I pray
    the stupid american people get rid of the demented orange nuclear fascist, called fuko the clown soon who has deregulated all the nasty nuke reactors in shithole america. Fuko is forcing the moronic, murican zombie people to subsidize 30 nuclear reactors, ready to blow. Fuko has also escalated the world nuclear arms race to the point of critical mass.

    Comment by Ellen Tieg | November 9, 2019 | Reply

    • Thank you for this comment and information about the INL fire, etc. I wish that everyone could read it.

      Comment by miningawareness | November 11, 2019 | Reply

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