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The reprehensible pro nuclear campaign for bailing out nuclear power in Ohio

Melting Ice, Crumbling Nukes, Cecile Pineta Newsletter Sunday, October 27, 2019 For anyone following or attempting to follow nuclear energy news in the United States, what’s been going on in the State of Ohio is a solid indicator of just where we stand, technologically, and from a style of government standpoint.

Without going into stupefying background detail, I’ll try to sum up the Ohio situation with help from the summary published Oct. 26 by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman who have been birddogging this issue for decades now. And I quote:

  • In July, the gerrymandered Ohio Legislature passed HB6, a massive

[1 billion-dollar] bailout to keep the two dying nukes operating on Lake Erie, [Davis-Besse, and Perry].

  • Akron-based First Energy is bankrupt…[demanding] a promised $1 billion bailout.
  • Signature gatherers were offered as much as $2,500 to turn over their signed petitions. [Contrast this with receiving only $.25 cents a signature.]

While disrupting legitimate [signature] gatherers, pro-nuke thugs aggressively collected multiple duplicate signatures for a fake non-binding petition.

Deep Pockets

  • First Energy then claimed it had gathered more than 800,000 “pro-nuke’ signatures.
  • First Energy accompanied [thug] assaults with a massive radio/TV/mailer campaign [with the ridiculous claim that] “Chinese Communists” were buying Ohio’s grid.
  • OACB’s court filing showed that state regulations imposed on certification have vastly reduced the number of referenda Ohioans can vote on.
  • Wednesday last, Oct. 26, a federal judge rejected OACB’s request for more time to gather signatures, and sent the case to the Ohio GOP-dominated Supreme Court.
  • OACB is rumored to have about 225,000 signatures on hand, 40,000 short of the threshold. Far more will be needed to overcome a [Republican] Secretary of State certain to disallow as many as [possible].
  • [And here’s the kicker:] Polls show Ohioans [who will be the rate-payers] vehemently opposed to the bailout. [That’s why] most observers believe if it [got] on the ballot, the referendum would pass by a large margin.
  • [But] should Federal appeals fail, and the Ohio Supreme Court refuse the request for more time, the referendum process will have suffered a potential death blow nationwide. It will mean Fascist thugs will be free to assault legitimate signature gatherers at will.

This last point is the main take-away. First Energy mounted this campaign in major Ohio cities: Youngstown, Akron, Toledo, and Columbus among them. It underwrote its million-dollar-plus cost-of-doing business in flyers, TV/radio/mailer announcements. It paid thousands of goon-disrupters to do their thuggish business on the streets.

At play is a $1 billion bailout. A million-dollar cost-of-doing business is a mere investment, a drop in the corporate bucket. At issue is that its cost will be passed directly to ratepayers.

Core tests conducted at Davis Besse show that its containment vessel is critically embrittled. Should there be an accident (like Three-Mile Island for example} Lake Erie is at serious risk of nuclear contamination. First Energy’s ratepayers draw their water from Lake Erie, the fourth largest of the Great Lakes and source of fresh water for Canadians and Americans living in the area.

Already in 2011, following the nuclear catastrophe at Fukushima, I covered the issue of Davis Besse’s critical embrittlement in Devil’s Tango: How I Learned the Fukushima Step by Step.

That was 8 years ago…..

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  1. Unfortunately this comment will probably be censored

    alex jones is a Protrump and secret Pronuke Operative. It is also a counterintelligence operative . It has been vacillating between pronuclear and fukushima exposure for years. Typical counterintelligence propagandist in the age of Cambridge analytica and Steve Bamnon.

    Deregulated nuclear after fukushima

    Encourages Japan to ship radioactive food to america

    Started the worst nuclear arms race in history

    Is responsible for the Recent Nuclear Missile nuclear explosion in Russia

    Bails out the worst nuclear reactors in america that are ready to meltdown and undemocratically enforces them staying opened like Davis-Besse

    No reinforced reactors post fukushima in the face of unprecedented Hurrican  Wildfires, Flooding and Quake catastrophe

    Trump and Perry refuse to cleanup Hanford or santa susana now . Trump and perry are also responsible for storing tens of thousands of tons , of hi level waste in shoddy containment at san onofre in new mexico and texas

    This is wat trump and its phoney acolytes like alex jones and radchick are all about

    Trump is importing gigatons of  hilevel Nuclear waste to america and storing it  above ground in america in shoddy casks

    There will be a nuclear meltdown in america soon because of these assholes

    I SAW THIS POSTED ON #fukushim a Fukushima info thread by protrump operative Alex Jones.  Total scumbg. Alex Jones has alternated between being pronuclear and concerned about Fukushima for yeays. He is a phoney ProTrump operative

    ALEXJONES🇺🇸INFOWARS🇺🇸 ⓑⓐⓝⓝⓔⓓ.ⓥⓘⓓⓔⓞ
    Replying to

    ask anyone in your cult what are y’all going to do about #Fukushima … 
    Save your virtue signalling talking points for the squirrels.

    Disingenuous posing by a known senstionalist, protrump pronuclear operative propagandist and shill

    Comment by George Hayduke | October 28, 2019 | Reply

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