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India keeps increasing its nuclear weaponry – aimed at Pakistan and China

India’s Nuclear Weapons Arsenal Keeps Getting Bigger and Bigger, Michael Peck, The National Interest  October 20, 2019   
Key Point: India has its nukes pointed at China and Pakistan, two other nuclear powers.

“India is estimated to have produced enough military plutonium for 150 to 200 nuclear warheads, but has likely produced only 130 to 140,” according to Hans Kristensen and Matt Korda of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists. “Nonetheless, additional plutonium will be required to produce warheads for missiles now under development, and India is reportedly building several new plutonium production facilities.”

In addition, “India continues to modernize its nuclear arsenal, with at least five new weapon systems now under development to complement or replace existing nuclear-capable aircraft, land-based delivery systems, and sea-based systems.”……

October 21, 2019 - Posted by | India, weapons and war

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  1. You can blame rightwing fascism promoted by Bannon enforced by trump and modi for this. Think of all the damage fuko and its acolytes have caused in murica and the world. All of these stupid crazy, evil fukers believe in hormesis . They are so fuking psychopathic psychotic and deluded, that they believe that somehow using any nuclear weapon is survivable, in a world already flooded with the worst radionuclde poisons

    Comment by doug | October 21, 2019 | Reply

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