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To 15 October – nuclear news this week

Again – climate and nuclear news collide. In Japan, Typhoon Hagibis re-spreads nuclear contamination far and wide – nuclear workers at heightened risk. Low lying Marshall Islands, victim of nuclear testing, now declares a Climate Emergency.

Revealed by Wikileaks – facts about nuclear weapons and the nuclear industry.

Climate Scientists urge protestors to keep on going with Extinction Rebellion.  Google publicly decries climate change, privately donates to climate denialism Massive Carbon Tax is needed– International Monetary Fund.   U.N. officials on how Nuclear Power is irrelevant to climate action. The woman who was first to scientifically show, in 1856, how atmospheric C02 caused global warming.

The impossibility of nuclear power solving climate change. Mainstream media fails to cover news on military carbon emissions.

Physics Nobel Laureate predicts NO Migration to Other Planets.


FRANCE. Soaring costs of France’s Flamanville project casts a blight on the global nuclear industry. EDF’s Flamanville nuclear project – more costs, more delays.  The million year problem – deep burial of nuclear wastes.


NORTH KOREA. North Korea threatens to resume nuclear, long-range missile tests.  A Partial North Korean Nuclear Agreement Is Better Than None at All.

SOUTH KOREA. Drones a threat to nuclear facilities.

INDIA. Continued strong public opposition to nuclear power in India.

RUSSIA.  Putin warns on the need for a new nuclear weapons treaty.  Russia and the quest for nuclear power in space.

TURKEY. USA anxiety over its nuclear weapons stashed in Turkey.


IRAN. Iran categorically opposes nuclear weapons – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.  Urgent need for diplomacy with Iran.

PHILIPPINES. Senate to probe Philippine’s nuclear energy program.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. UAE cooperating with Russia to buy Russian nuclear fuel, minister.

SAUDI ARABIA. Russia ready to work with U.S. to build Saudi nuclear power plant – Rosatom.

ISRAEL. Submarine launched missiles in Israel’s probably 300 Nuclear Weapons.

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  1. Thanks for this summary and for the reblog. I feared that waste was going to flood but nothing that bad. If that town is where it seems to be then it had a long way to float to sea – I guess downhill though. I wonder if it was on purpose.

    Comment by miningawareness | October 15, 2019 | Reply

  2. I am glad someone talks about the 22 shoddy delapitated, nuclear reactor, crammed into tiny little South Korea! They are extremely vulneralble. South Korea wants to ship massive amounts of nuclear waste to Australia.

    Globalist, UN IMF-austerity is why people are taking to the streets in Ecuador .
    Carbon taxing nonsense. Crabon taxing is what loses greens and labor elections in australia.

    Carbon Taxing poor people, while billionaires fly the world at will, in jets and sail in 100 million dollar yachts, caused the yellow vest movement in France. People were trired of banker-oligarch, austerity, in France.
    Neoliberal banking , dark american forces and the IMF ousted the government of Ecuador to put Lenin Correa in. Lenin Correa promptly withdrew assanges ecadoran embassy santuary and, here we are. That is why assange is in jail. How can u live with that sort of cognitive dissonance?
    Corporations and bankers, suck common people dry. Countries need to stop investing in war, Military insanity , nuclear and fossil fuel bullshit and force renewable investment. They need to force nuclear and coal closure. They need to end nuclear weapons and nuclear submarine programs of any sort.

    Comment by dl | October 15, 2019 | Reply

    • Thanks for your comment .I didn’t know that South Korea wanted to send nuclear waste to Australia. Do you have any links to evidence for that?

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | October 15, 2019 | Reply


    I ORINALLY saw it in a Korean Article. Cannot Translate it now. Here is a Suggestion by Ben Heard for South Korean nuke waste in Australia.

    Of Course It is from Ben Heard
    A large and growing market exists for the management of used nuclear fuel. Urgent need for service lies in Asia, also the region of the fastest growth in fossil fuel consumption. A logical potential provider of this service is acknowledged to be Australia. We describe and assess a service combining approved multinational storage with an advanced fuel reconditioning facility and commercialisation of advanced nuclear reactor technologies. We estimate that this project has the potential to deliver a net present value of (2015) AU$30.9 billion. This economic finding compares favourably with recent assessment based on deep geological repository. Providing service for used nuclear fuel and commercialisation of next generation nuclear technology would catalyse the expansion of nuclear technology for energy requirements across Asia and beyond, aiding efforts to combat climate change. Pathways based on leveraging advanced nuclear technologies are therefore worthy of consideration in the development of policy in this area.

    Closing the Cycle: How South Australia and Asia Can Benefit from Re‐inventing Used Nuclear Fuel Management


    South Korea faces impending shortages of licensed storage space for used nuclear fuel (Dalnoki‐Veress et al. 2013; Cho 2014) and has expressed an urgent need for more storage (Kook 2013). In 2015, Taiwan Power Co. sought public bids worth US$356 million for offshore used fuel reprocessing services, at a price of nearly US$1,500 kgHM−1 (Rosner & Goldberg 2013), to be funded from its Nuclear Back‐End fund, which currently totals US$7.6 billion (Platts 2015).

    Australia, in contrast to its near neighbours in Asia, has long been considered a logical jurisdiction for the management of used nuclear fuel thanks to a convergence of factors. 1 Highly stable geology, finance, institutions and politics promote confidence in the international community. Australia has the advantage of respected nuclear regulatory bodies in the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency and the Australian Safeguards and Non‐Proliferation Office and a 50‐year history of successful operation of a research reactor and associated facilities (run by ANSTO)

    Comment by dl | October 16, 2019 | Reply

    • Well found, Di
      Ben Heard is like a fungus – popping up everywhere!

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | October 16, 2019 | Reply

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