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Information, media freedom – theme for October 19

You might think that this has nothing to do with nuclear issues. And you’d be right – nothing directly.   But this is a world issue that affects every controversial matter, and suppression of journalism will surely affect nuclear issues, and indeed, it already does.

Press Freedoms:  Criminalizing journalistic activity

Prosecutors recently expanded a criminal case against Julian Assange to include accusations that he violated the Espionage Act by soliciting, obtaining, and publishing classified documents leaked in 2010 by Chelsea Manning, which could establish a precedent that such common journalistic activities (a separate question from whether Assange counts as a “journalist”) can be treated as a crime in America…..more

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  1. If you thought Radioactive Contamination in russia was so bad , Think again. I wonder How many towns with Uranium Mines, Uranium Mills and Uranium piles in them, in australia have kids with these levels of radioactive contamination in their bodies?

    Nearly a quarter of Navajo women and some infants who were part of a federally funded study on uranium exposure had high levels of the radioactive metal in their systems, decades after mining for Cold War-era nuclear weapons ended on their reservation.

    That probably counts double and triple levels of Radioacive metals in their systems in colorado plateau towns with Uranium tailings piles and Uranium mills in them
    like Durango Colorado, Farmington New Mexico, Grand Junction Colorado, Monticello Utah and a dozen othe towns in Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Virginia, Nebraska, Washington State, and North Dakota

    Comment by Doug | October 19, 2019 | Reply

  2. watch it before it is deleted

    Comment by Dr W | October 19, 2019 | Reply

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