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Freedom of information and the nuclear industry – theme for October 19

The nuclear industry originated in lies, and in the barbaric culture of Nazism. Werner von Braun and at least 88 other Nazi scientists started working on inhuman weapons, including nuclear. Americans panicked and decided that a nuclear bomb was OK to develop.  With Japan about to surrender in 1945 Truman and the generals hastily tested the bomb out on Hiroshima, then Nagasaki, and the false story went out that this was necessary to end the war.

Faced with the horror of those two atrocities, the allies, including the Soviet Union, and the nuclear boffins, came up with the cover of “cheap” and “peaceful” nuclear energy, and the immoral and probably suicidal,  nuclear weapons race was on for all.[  for page]

Over the decades, despite government and industry cover-ups, the cruel truth about the health and environmental harm from the nuclear industry has at times been revealed in the Western mainstream media.

But now, freedom of information is threatened as never before. The Internet may have enabled alternative media, sites like this one, and social media, to get their message out.  But that is very much a mixed blessing. At the same time, investigative journalists of the mainstream media are losing their jobs. And – disappearing with them are the fact checking, and quality editing.

Worst of all, now, when investigative journalists speak out, they face oppression.  in Russia, China they  risk “disappearing” – with long-held cultures of suppression of free speech.

Now in Western countries they risk life imprisonment.  Julian Assange is threatened with this, and UK and Australia are complicit in USA’s heavy-handed determination to “make an example” of him.

What has this all to do with the nuclear industry?

The nuclear weapons industry, immoral and potentially globally murderous,  has become an insanely expensive burden on the public purse.

The nuclear power industry is out-dated, unaffordable, dangerous, and wedded to nuclear weapons.

Nevertheless, the media now regurgitates glowing handouts from the “new” and the old nuclear industry as “news”.  Journalists want to keep their jobs- it’s easier to tout rubbish  like “new nukes solve climate change”, than to offend government and powerful corporations by really seeking out and publishing the facts.   The governments’ persecution of Julian Assange and Chelsie Manning makes that subservient attitude the standard behaviour for journalists.

If we let America put away, disappear, and shut up Julian Assange  – well, who’s next?


September 21, 2019 - Posted by | Christina's themes


  1. Half of this article is propaganda bullshit. Karen silkwood was a nuclear whistleblower in the USA, that was murdered. Joy had to move, from deaththreats from the nucleoapes. There have been disappeared and, destroyed antinuclears in america.
    The nucleoapes may allow some information to slip through. A lot of the truth is not even processed by sites like this. The nucleoapes know they can get away with the worst misinformation and lies possible and that msm will ne complicit w them.
    There are far more shitty old nuclear reactors and waste sites in the west than russia or china. The nucleoapes in the west pay lipservice to democracy and freedom of information. The do whatever they please. They hide the worst atrocities and cover them up like anta susana metdowns and fires or the INL fire The west has had far more nuclear accidents than other places in the world.
    The west has the most comprehensive media propaganda machine in the world. More nuclear accidents and hundreds of times more bullshit which is why Fukushima occured. Fukushima is hundreds to thousands of times worse than chernobyl, with no end in sight.
    One would think Rosatom would be dead after Chernobyl. The nucleoapes and their criiminal enablers are all sociopaths.
    Why project such bullshit? At least the chinese are cutting back on nuclear. They are bad too but they do not much of an icbm probram or so many reactors.
    In the chinese case, some of it was from open protests. If such open protests occured in murica today fuko would call the dogs out. Like they have on antifrackers and antipipeline. Please try to cut the bullshit more and be more honest in these desparate and dangerous times. Harvey knows. I know. There will be one or more major nuclear catastrophes in America soon and bullshit like this does not help.

    This comment will probably be censored

    Comment by ts | October 1, 2019 | Reply

    • I am at a loss to understand why “ts” claims that this post “is bullshit”. I can only conclude that “ts” has not actually read it. My post is in agreement with much of what “ts” has said. This site has covered the Karen Silkwood case several times I know of no misinformation and lies published here. I presume that you refer here to Harvey Wasserman, with whom I am often in communication: indeed we work together. So I really don’t understand what your beef is – “ts”.

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | October 1, 2019 | Reply

  2. You have a fixation on Julian assange lady. He is even pronuclear. Many antinuclear activists in the united states have risked their lives. Some have been murdered like Karen Silkwood. Joy continues to fear for her life, as do others. Peoples lives ruined in the usa over nuclear. People irradiated to death. Whole families destroyed by the lies about the massive contamination.. People murdered , like karen silkwood. Hundred of nuclear blasts on their own people. Underground tests that have destroyed our water and rivers. I feel bad for cowboy spyboy-assange. I feel worse for all the whistleblowers and antinuclear activists and nuclear victims destroyed by the evil american nuclear empire that started it all

    Comment by ts | October 1, 2019 | Reply

    • I did not know that Julian Assange is pro nuclear. But that does not matter. He is being treated most unjustly.He is a journalist whistleblower, and his case is symbolic what is happening to whistleblowers. If the world sits back and lets the USA get way with the persecution of Assange- then who’s next?

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | October 2, 2019 | Reply

  3. This is what mainly USA faces although it could happen in Europe or Korea or Japan. The USA has more than 90 rattletrap reactors that are mostly older than thirty years old.
    Turkey Point sits at sea level, right in hurricane alley in Florida as several reactors do in murica. Hurricane severity and frequency is getting worse from climate change. I totally respect but the assnge stuff is getting to be a bit much especially simce many people know he bragged about releasing hrcs email and bragged about his pronuclear libertarian stances. The lying madman in america will prosecute poor julian in spite of what some of the things insane rabbit-hole racist supporters say and that is sad.The coming nuclear accidents in america from the actions and inactions of the madman will affect australia and the world unfortunately.
    The madman running america, that brags about being the most pronuclear thing in history with reactors on the brink. A man with no discernable conscience.
    Activists close down reactors in murica not journalists

    Comment by ts | October 1, 2019 | Reply

  4. This has happened in free america. Silkwood
    whistlleblowers people working in nuclear labs, activists. it happens now under this deranged dictator

    Death of the “new republic” in Brazil

    Brazil’s institutions are collapsing one by one. The separation between the executive, the legislative and the judicial powers is a sham. There’s a state within the state. Español

    The openMovements series invites leading social scientists to share their research results and perspectives on contemporary social struggles

    Marielle was a child of the slums of Rio de Janeiro. She was black, beautiful, young and charismatic. She studied sociology and had an MA in public administration. She was a feminist, LGBT+, Black and human rights activist. Elected on a progressive agenda, she was an active councilwoman of the city of Rio de Janeiro since 2016. She was assassinated on the 14th. of March. Four bullets from a 9-millimeter gun transpierced her body. They also killed Anderson Pedro Gomes, her driver.

    It was a political assassination. Probably perpetrated by the military police or the paramilitary squads, or both, because the police officer who intervenes in the slums against the drug lords during the day can be active as militiaman during the night. The message from the overlords of the underworld was loud and clear. Don´t mess with us! Whoever stands up from or for the people from the periphery and the slums to denounce the violations of human rights will be killed, tortured or “disappeared”.

    Comment by ts | October 1, 2019 | Reply

    • Watch The Trump Nuclear Push That has led america to the brink of Fukushima

      Youtube Karl Grossman
      Excellent Video

      Comment by kitty | October 3, 2019 | Reply

      • Thank you. Excellent tip. I shall put it up on this site

        Comment by Christina MacPherson | October 3, 2019

  5. Watch “ECU 123 Harvey Wasserman” on YouTube

    Shitty awful ugly nuclear genocidal nuclear powerplants

    Comment by kitty | October 3, 2019 | Reply

  6. This is a good essay, in many ways. The first part of the essay is very good. Nuclear weapons and, the ugliness of nuclear power, the nuclear mess were born out of Nazi Barbarism Remember that corporate america, in a large part, financed Hitlers rise to power.
    Gary Webb was a journalist that was destroyed by the massive america Intelligence-media, national security state, and more loosely bound, police state alliance. The police state alliance in america has until recently, been subtle, because america has constitutional guarentees.
    The militaristic, nuclear empire that has been at the heart of the american culture, economy and ethos for 60 years has been exposed more in the past 40 years. It is now more consolidated.

    The militarists and MIC corporate interests have come to dominate the government judicial, congressional and executive branches of government. The awful result is Trump and this insane push to all things nuclear.
    This apparatus and its broad influence, pulled the wool over the eyes of so many people for so long. This is a Nuclear-MIC dominated, plutocracy. Oppenheimer was destoyed by them, when he started questioning the wisdom of nuclear arsenals and nuclear power.

    Comment by DR | October 4, 2019 | Reply

  7. The russians pushed 14 abondoned nuclear reactors into the arctic ocean in th 50s and sixties.

    The French just went out and dumped nuclear waste, all over hell in the north atlantic  to the south pacific and even by New Zeeland where they blue up a Greanpeace boat that was dogging them.

    The French, dump enormous amounts of Plutonium and other Radionuclides into the English Channel at its plutonium reprossing Faciliity at La Hague
    Anyonone who has worked with radiopharmaceuticals will tell you they are not just radioactively hot. They generate thermal heat in small concentrations.

    Fire in the oceans Warm Blobs

    The combined Nucleoapes are France, England, Japan, America, and Russia . They have dumped  a million or more of high level reactor waste, uranium waste, uranium and and plutonium processing radionuclides, medical isotopes, old nuclear submarines and reactors  and military waste  into the north atlantic, north pacific and arctic oceans. 

    200 thousand  tons of High level waste from nuclear reactors, abandoned nuclear submarines, and the russians have pushed reactors into the arctic ocean alone and then there are the radionuclides going into the pacific and arctic currents from Fukushima.

    Think of all the radioactive waste runoff from America , Canada, Korea, Russia, China , France England and other Countries that process and have reactors like Germany pakistan and india

    The americans have abandoned reactors in the actic.
    Americans french , english  and russians have dumped hundreds of thousands of tons of medium level and so called low level nuclear waste into The Arctic Ocean, The North Atlantic Ocean, The Baltic Sea, and the North Pacific ocean in the past 65 years. Most of it is in the Arctic ocean. Fukushima is dumping into an arctic current as well as the pacific.
    Arctic currents recirculate into the Northern Atlanic and north  pacific . 

    Masses of radionuclide clump together. Likes attract likes. It is not too hard that blob masses of radionuclides from fukushima and the arctic ocean , could pool together to form lager blobs and migrate south,  like the warm blobs and el ninos in the pacific or become sequestered in huge plastic islands circulating in the pacific. Remember, Radionuclides generate their own thermal heat through decay. Many radionuclides like plutonium are also pyrophoric like phosphorus and can self generate fires.
    I think pyrophoric radionuclide contamination is responsible for the huge Wildfires at the highly radionuclide-contaminated and huge properties at santa susana  and INL. These places are where that worst nuclear melrdowns u never heard of , occured in the 60s by los angeles and by idaho falls.
    A bad wildfire occured at santa susana 2 years ago. It started on the contaminated SANTA SUSANA PROPERTY.

    A bad wildfire happened on the 200 square mile Idaho national laboratory late July ,2019.. It was  massive wild fire that  burned  100,000  acres right in the middle of the 200 square mile  Idaho National   Laboratory  Reservation. In spite of the lies by the media there were old buildings there abandoned reactors and nuclear waste and the fire spead massive contamination like the wild fire at santa susana did. There are massive amounts of nuclear waste at INL  Thousands of tons of it. The governments has tested 50 nuclear reacotors at INL in the past 65 years.
    INL has two bad nuclear meltdowns there in the fifties and sixties you probably never heard of. .

    It is not too hard to concieve that decay heat from fukushima, and a million tons of nuclear waste is doing something in the arctic ocean and the north pacific ocean. The ice is melting in alaska, the arctic, greenland and north siberia.

    There are umprecedented wildfires in those alaska and siberia now. The arctic ocean is warming very fast there are unprecedented warm blobs in the pacific causing hurricanes and droughts.

    From Majias Blog

    ADDITIONAL SOURCE of CONTAMINATION for Fukushima? A NHK documentary also suggests an additional source of water contamination: Fukushima Daiichi’s Hidden Crisis:


    Ground water contamination is extraordinarily high, with the well between the ocean and unit 1 measuring a record 5 million becquerels per liter of radioactive strontium-90 alone in July 2013 [vi]. TEPCO stated the total bequerels per liter is likely 10 million when all beta ray sources are included [vii].

    TEPCO had originally interpreted the July 2013 beta tests as indicating 700,000 becquerel per liter of strontium, but revised the figure upwards to 5 million in February of 2014. The revised figure of 5 million is 170,000 times the permissible level. TEPCO was accused of deliberately withholding extraordinarily high contamination levels [viii].

    Trends went sharply upwards in strontium, tritium and cesium contamination levels from July through February of 2014 [ix].


    A German study, ‘Dispersion of Radionuclides and Radiation Exposure After Leaching by Groundwater of a Solidified Core-Concrete Melt,’ predicted that strontium contamination levels would rise exponentially years after a full melt-through located adjacent to a river:

    The highest radionuclide concentration of approx. 10^10 Bq/m3 is reached by Sr-90 after 5000 days. The effective equivalent dose for an adult is above 10 the second power Sv/a. After a prolonged period of about 10,0000 days, Cs-137 reaches a maximum of about 10 to the eight power Bq/m3. The effective equivalent dose for this radioncuclide is approximately 1 sv/a. [x]
    We can expect years of spiking radiation levels in ocean water, especially of strontium, if the German scenario is predictive for Fukushima Daiichi.

    Japan is NOT THE ONLY COUNTRY poisoning the ocean with radioactive waste. Look to the US, Russia, the UK and France as historic leaders in poisoning the ocean with radioactive contamination.

    The world’s energy problems are real, but nuclear is not a sustainable way forward. First, nuclear power is extraordinarily costly and government subsidies required to finance and insure nuclear are market distorting. We see that in the US decision to offer $8.3 billion in subsidies to Southern Co. Vogtle nuclear plant in Georgia, despite cost-overruns and delays.

    The problems of spent fuel storage and nuclear waste more generally have not been resolved and already we see that the contamination caused by 20th century nuclear disasters – from war, atmospheric testing, and nuclear plant accidents – remains unmitigated, causing incalculable costs to the environmental resources and human health.

    Our genome itself is at risk by nuclear. Nuclear is the ultimate betrayer, promising godhood while destroying the fabric of life itself, our somatic, genetic being

    Former Prime Minister of Japan Naoto Kan, Oct. 28, 2013: The accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant was the most severe accident in the history of mankind. […] I had pushed the policy of utilizing nuclear power […] my view is now changed 180 degrees. […] there are no other events except for wars that would require the evacuation of tens of millions of people. […] it is technically impossible to eliminate accidents, especially if human factors such as terrorism are taken into account […] to eliminate nuclear power plant accidents. All we need to do is to eliminate nuclear power plants themselves. […] we are leaving the huge problem of nuclear waste for future generations to care for. There is no other way but to go down in the path toward achieving zero nuclear power, for the sake of our children and grandchildren. It is possible for mankind to get enough energy without relying on nuclear power — by using natural energy such as solar, wind, and biomass. To help curb global warming, we need to stop the use of not only nuclear power but also fossil fuels. […]

    Radioactive Water Crisis NHK Radioactive Water: Fukushima Daiichi’s Hidden Crisis (reactor 1 Nov 2013)

    Subodh Varma (2014, February 10) Fukushima radiation data is wildly wrong, management apologizes, TNN,

    Tepco “There is no way to shield Bremsstrahlung from contaminated water tanks” Posted by Mochizuki on January 12th, 2014 Press conference

    Radioactive Water Crisis NHK Radioactive Water: Fukushima Daiichi’s Hidden Crisis (reactor 1 Nov 2013)

    [v] Kazuaki Nagata Aug 20, 2013 Tepco yet to track groundwater paths. Liquefaction threat adds to Fukushima ills. The Japan Times,

    [vi] Record strontium-90 level in Fukushima groundwater sample last July Feb 7, 2014 Kyodo/JIJI

    [vii] TEPCO to review erroneous radiation data Feb. 9, 2014 – Updated 02:33 UTC

    [viii] TEPCO withheld Fukushima radioactive water measurements for 6 months (2014, January 9) The Asahi Shimbun

    [ix]For example, The Asahi Shimbun reported ‘TEPCO announced Record cesium level found in groundwater beneath Fukushima levee’ Feb 14, 2014, The article said that cesium found in groundwater under a coastal levee near unit 1 spiked from 76,000 becquerels per liter on February 12, 2014 to 130,000 becquerels per liter on February 13, reaching the highest

    Comment by Gloria | October 27, 2019 | Reply

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