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As Trump trashed nuclear weapons treaty, Putin promises ‘symmetrical response’ to US missile test

Putin promises ‘symmetrical response’ to US missile test after end of nuclear treaty Telegraph UK   23 AUGUST 2019

Vladimir Putin has promised a “symmetrical response” to the US test of a missile banned under a nuclear weapons treaty rubbished this month by the Trump administration amid fears of a new arms race.A new land-based version of the navy’s Tomahawk cruise missile fired from an island in California struck a target more than 310 miles away on Sunday, according to the Pentagon. The recently defunct 1987 US-Russian intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty banned land-based missiles with ranges between 310 and 3,410 miles.

On Friday, Mr Putin told his security council that the test just 16 days after the treaty’s demise proved that the United States had long been developing weapons in violation of the agreement, while accusing Russia of the same as part of a “propaganda campaign”……

He ordered the defence and foreign ministries to “analyse the level of the threat to our country created by the aforementioned actions of the United States and take exhaustive steps to prepare a symmetrical response”.  While he did not say exactly what that would be be, it was reported in February that Russia could begin producing a land-based version of its Kalibr cruise missile with a range of 1,600 miles by the end of the year.

“For a symmetrical response, it would be enough to take Kalibr and put it on land and conduct a launch,” defence analyst Alexander Golts told The Telegraph. “That wouldn’t take a huge effort.”

Donald Trump’s announcement in February that he would withdraw from the INF treaty, which ended the deployment of US ballistic missiles to Europe and of Soviet nukes targeting them, raised fears of a new arms race. ……

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  1. What difference does it make. They have completely stop oversight of reactors that are ready to blow in America. They are pushing nuclear reactors to meltdowns and explosions. They are pushing for nuclear war. America is in political chaos. They want apocolypse and extinction

    Comment by Alise Cho | August 24, 2019 | Reply

  2. Caught this on Arclight2011 twitter.
    TERRY TEMPEST WILLIAMS IS PRONUCLEAR. CAN U SPELL HIPOCRACY. They willl not leave uranium in the ground if there are reactors Furthermore, Uranium is a radioactiv poison and reactor waste is the worst radioactive poison. I just do not get it. Dsounds like terry twmpest williams is a rich celebrity, who thinks this is ok.

    sean mcgee Retweeted

    Horrible. Was just here. commemorating uranium mining/spill… #churchrock – worst uranium accident in US history. 1979. Swept under the rug. #environmentalracism
    Quote Tweet

    · 4h
    New+Grand+Staircase+plans+greenlight+mining+on+lands+Trump+stripped+from+Utah+monument,… Please write in protest.

    Comment by kr | August 24, 2019 | Reply

  3. Terry Tempest williams says nuclear energy is compelling and so is pandoras promise in the last paragraph. Nuclear energy is not compelling

    Comment by kr | August 25, 2019 | Reply

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