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To August 12 – nuclear news this week

NUCLEAR. This week , the spotlight has been on Russia, as conflicting and ambiguous reports come out, about a Russian rocket test explosion that caused radiation levels to spike in the Arkhangelsk region. The Russian nuclear agency Rosatom finally admitted its involvement. Russia honours as ‘national heroes’ the 5 nuclear scientists who died in this suspected secret testing of a nuclear-powered cruise missile.

CLIMATE. While governments and the older generation in general continue on their merry way with business as usual, young people are ever more concerned about climate change. It’s THE issue at this week ‘s International Congress of Youth Voices, in Puerto Rico.  High school students are organising Youth Climate Strikes.    Why stay in school if our planet will die?

How the viewing public was ‘protected’ from seeing what the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombing did to people.  Hiroshima nuclear bombing, and the birth of the Doomsday Clock.

Another expensive nuclear weapons race about to take off. Putin And Trump are ‘normalising’ the increasing numbers, and the use, of nuclear weapons.

Wildfire cloud study sheds light on the processes of ‘nuclear winter”

Harm to astronauts’ brains from space radiation.

Even the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)  is concerned about radioactive trash management from Small Modular Nuclear Reactors.



Putin’s silence on mysterious radiation accident. Test rocket explosion causes radiation spike in northern Russian city.   Two accidents involving Russia’s military.  Nuclear fuel carrier “Serebryanka” is still at anchor near Russian military test site.  Naval base is on mysterious lockdown after an accidental missile explosion  Scientists found evidence that Russia covered up – a major nuclear accident in 2017.

Barents Observer report on Russian nuclear reactors in the Arctic. Russia’s planned dangerous expansion into the Arctic with nuclear icebreakers, Rosatom in control, increasing climate change.

KASHMIR. India and Pakistan on Hair-Trigger Nuclear Alert Over Kashmir.  Pakistan on the brink again, as India abolishes self-rule for Kashmir.

ARCTIC. Anxiety over Russian nuclear power plant afloat in Arctic.

MURUROA. Health research on descendants of Pacific nuclear veterans.

NORTH KOREA. It’s realistic to accept North Korea as a nuclear state.


UKRAINE. Chernobyl ‘sarcophagus” on the verge of collapse.

CHINA. China’s nuclear policy.  China buried nuclear waste in Sudan desert.

UK. Three British nuclear submariners sacked over cocaine use.

THAILAND. Government under pressure with growing opposition to nuclear reactor plan.

AUSTRALIA  Three  Parliamentary Nuclear Inquiries are now underway, with short deadlines for submissions. (You can bet that the nuclear lobby’s well-paid shills have sent theirs in already.) National Radioactive Waste Management Facility Taskforce’s heavy-handed, repressive, approach to community consultation. It’s even more undemocratic than the one in Wales

GERMANY. Tower of German nuclear station demolished. The plant was on line for only 13 months.

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  1. I said a year ago, that there would be a nuclear explosion somewhere this year. It happened.
    The fact that one or more nuclear reactors will blow up or meltdown in the usa, is not even a longshot anymore w what this irrational regime, has done . It has extended reactors that should have been closed 10 years ago.
    They have ignored fortifying reactors in flood planes, hurrricane zones, earthquake zones post fukushima. They have completely deregulated reactor and nuclear waste supervision so that catastrophe is aasured.
    There are now climate catastrophes placeing, multiple damaged old reactors square in thhe middle of meltdowns fuel fires and explosions. Many reactors will just blow-up on their own, because they have holes and cracks in containment and little or no backup. Amercians are too stupid to do anything. We have been talking about it for years.

    Fukushima comes along and it is right there in your face Stupids!

    All there are, are counterintelligence crackpots on the internet trying to make a buck off the sensationalism, while encouraging this insane zeitgeist.

    All the farm land will be poisoned by the worst radionuclide shit!

    Long lived radioactive iodine, polonium220, americium, uranium234-238, strontium90, cesium134-137, cobalt60, ruthenium106, plutonium136-239 . There much much more, kiddies! It will, most certainly completely poison most farm land across its path, in the usa . That will be the whole usa.
    Many people are already chemical and radionuclide poisoned in the usa. A great deal of the genome destabalized.

    Most people will be sick and week zombies withinn 6 months of nuke disaster. America is already a radioactive chemical mess. It will spread. The counterintelligence trolls that support this regime do not want people to be alarmed by the truth or know the truth. Brutes and pathological people.

    They spent millions or even billions, to get to this point. Internet networking. Dark money for the worst crackpot and most rotten extremists to form extremist, poneristic-networks, espousing hate and murder .
    This is what america is coming to. They only have about twenty percent or less real support. Mostly from insane extremist plutocrats and a cotorie of extremist cult-operatives. The plutocrats have allowed them to run amok.

    Comment by kr | August 12, 2019 | Reply

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