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‘Dirty bomb’: Mystery Russian ‘superweapon’ kills five

An on-board reactor would give an engine almost unlimited range. In the case of a guided cruise missile, it could circle the world before receiving orders to attack from out of the blue.

But they’re not easy to control.

They operate at extremely high temperatures. They use explosive fuels, such as liquid hydrogen. And any accident could have devastating, long-lasting effects.



August 12, 2019 - Posted by | incidents, Reference, Russia, weapons and war

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  1. Pretty Darned creepy and scary. Small nuc reactor explosion. Like all the ones they tested at Jackass flats and INL in the 50s and sixties. The rocket just spews the worst radioactive shit possible out of its nozzle as propellant. Most radioactive scenario possible. Everything is disposable to the nucleoapes. This is what they were working on at santa susana. The flipin nukeapes could care less about the consequences. 50 to sixty years later and they are back to this insane bullshit. Fuko and putin love it. The worst possible stupidity

    Comment by gl | August 14, 2019 | Reply

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