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It kills slowly, painfully – A Nagasaki survivor speaks about nuclear radiation

Nagasaki nuclear bomb survivor warns , calls for negotiation



It kills slowly, painfully’: Nagasaki atomic explosion survivor has a message for US, North Korea

Nobu Hanaoka was only 8-months-old when the US dropped Fat Man — a Plutonium bomb — on the Japanese city of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. Sep 25, 2017  HT Correspondent  Hindustan Times, New Delhi 

“Does he have all five fingers?” This was a Nagasaki atomic bomb survivor’s first question to the doctor when his son was born.Nobu Hanaoka, 73, says he was relieved when the doctor replied that his son was in perfect health. “I had hoped that the radiation did not affect the child,” Hanaoka told Al Jazeera.

Hanaoka was only eight months old when the US dropped ‘Fat Man’ — a Plutonium bomb — on the Japanese city of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945, killing about 74,000 people. Three days before, ‘Little Boy’ — the first-ever atomic bomb, dropped on Hiroshima — had claimed 140,000 lives.

Hanaoka — clad in a simple, grey coat, has a message for the United States and North Korea as tensions escalate between the two countries over the possibility of a nuclear war.

“This is the kind of weapon that doesn’t just kill. It kills indiscriminately. It kills slowly and painfully.”

“And it shouldn’t be allowed on the surface of the Earth,” the survivor says after a pause.

“We were not even in the city of Nagasaki. We were outside. And yet the radiation that came from the bombing went far beyond the city limits,” Hanaoka said, before explaining the three ways an atomic bomb can kill.

Hanaoka’s mother and sister died due to radiation when he was six, he says, adding that he overheard the doctor telling his father the boy wouldn’t live to see his 10th birthday. “So I knew that I was not going to live long,” Hanaoka says in the video.

The atomic bomb survivor says he was always concerned for his health and feared he was dying when he got a simple cold. He also had survivor’s guilt, a mental condition in which a person feels remorse for surviving a traumatic event when others did not. “Why did my sister and mother, who were wonderful people… beautiful and smart and gentle, and they had to die.”

“And yet, I, who am not unworthy, am still alive?”

“I want all nations to come together and start finding a way of eliminating nuclear weapons altogether,” Hanaoka tells Al Jazeera after warning that there will be millions of casualties if either the US or North Korea is attacked with radioactive weapons.

North Korea’s foreign minister Ri Yong Ho told the United Nations General Assembly last week that targeting the US mainland with its rockets was inevitable after “Mr Evil President” Donald Trump called Pyongyang’s leader a “rocket man” on a suicide mission.

Trump, too, dialled up the rhetoric against North Korea over the weekend, warning Ho that he and its leader Kim Jong Un “won’t be around much longer” as Pyongyang staged a major anti-US rally.

The North had threatened to “sink” Japan into the sea and fired two missiles over the northern island of Hokkaido in the space of less than a month. Pyongyang said this month it had carried out an underground test on a hydrogen bomb estimated to be 16 times the size of the US bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945. It was its sixth and largest nuclear test.

Survivors of Hiroshima-Nagasaki — the only two nuclear attacks in the history of mankind — warned of the threat of atomic weapons in a photo essay by the Time magazine last month. It quoted another survivor Fujio Torikoshi (86) as saying all he wanted was to forget the bombing. “We cannot continue to sacrifice precious lives to warfare. All I can do is pray – earnestly, relentlessly – for world peace.”


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  1. Many thanks for never forgetting! I’m sorry that I let it slip past me this year. I know it is central to the creation of your activism too.

    Comment by miningawareness | August 10, 2019 | Reply


    Some of the dumn bastards, that set off the first bombs, were afraid it might set part of the atmosphere on fire. They did it anyway. They will not tell us the environmental cascades, that things like radioactive krypton are doing to the upper atmosphere.
    Edison knew about the tumorogenic properties of radionuclides.  Muller knew about  the mutagenic in the 20s, from fruit fly experiments. They played with the extinction poisons anyway.
    They did not manage to completely set the atmosphere on fire but, they set the human genome on fire . The fuse is burning to our extinction.

    I said a year ago, that there would be a nuclear explosion somewhere this year. It happened.
    The fact that one or more nuclear reactors will blow up or meltdown in the usa, is not even a longshot anymore w what this irrational regime, has done . It has extended reactors, that should have been closed 10 years ago.
    They have ignored fortifying reactors in flood plains, hurrricane zones, earthquake zones post fukushima. They have completely deregulated reactor and nuclear waste supervision so, that catastrophe is aasured.
    There are now climate catastrophes placeing, multiple damaged old reactors, square in thhe middle of meltdowns, fuel fires, and explosions. Many reactors will just blow-up on their own, because they have holes and cracks in containment and little or no backup. Amercians are too stupid to do anything. We have been talking about it for years.

    Fukushima comes along and it is right there in your face Stupids


    From Chemical Wikipedia, personal experience, Journals of Chemistry, Wikipedia All Public domain Popular Mechanics

    I show you this to illustrate how filthy Nuclear energy Really is.
    Making Plutonium from Neptunium
    One of the Many Ways to Reprocess Used Fuel.

    Making Plutonium or processing any radioclides involves multistep chemical Processes that a.Contaminates Chemical Solvets and reactants
    b. Contaminates all equipment
    c. Contaminates all workers

    Making Plutonium
    A. Separate out Protactinium
    1. Pour the powdered plutonium precurser into a beaker, add nitric acid, and cook it until it has dissolved and the solution takes on a dark green color.
    2. Then the liquid is poured through a column of silica glass beads, whose surface attracts protactinium. The remaining liquid is hilevel radionuclide waste

    B. Denitritration
    1.The liquid solution is rotated in a heated kiln until it sifts out, again in a powdered oxide form. 2.This powder is mixed with powdered aluminum and pressed into pellets the size of a 5/8-inch socket, which are loaded into aluminum rods

    C. Irrdadiate Neptunium-aluminum powder to make target plutonnium.

    D. Dissolving the Iradiated product plutonium-neptunium in nitric acid and following multistep processes of extraction, evaporation and separation to create a final product.

    Purifying uranium from ore is a 20 to Fifty step process Using Sulfuric Acid, Hydroxides, Flocculents Plastic Resins, Other Chemicals. The conversion of the Uranium Oxide to Uranium Hexafluride and, then cetrifuge enrichment, is even worse!

    Gosh sounds so easy and clean!

    Personal experience as a tech and chemical engineer

    I was once assigned to help clean the alginic slime, off the top of a uranium slurry tank with the uranium slurry in it. We were in little boats. They said,  “Don’t fall in, because the uranium slurry is acidic and radioactive.”
    That was nothing, compared to what those poor fellows, at Fukushima Daiichi are doing. 10,000 Bq and greater of the worst Gamma-Beta, emitting radionuclides possible. Horrendous. Working in the midst of so much high level radionuclide contamination.

    Comment by kr | August 13, 2019 | Reply

  3. So why would Arclight retweet jingoistic garbage from Forbes. The Pronuclear billionaire rag, that tried to coverup

    sean mcgee
    Irelandnuclear-news.netJoined January 2014
    154 Following
    Tweets & replies
    sean mcgee’s Tweets
    sean mcgee Retweeted

    Jock McGrotty
    The bomb dropped on Hiroshima exploded with an energy of about 15 kilotons of TNT and the Fat Man atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki exploded with an energy of about 20 kT…
    The Krasnoyarsk explosion was about half of the Fat Man bomb and there are 13,865 nuclear weapons today!
    Quote Tweet

    Dr. Kevin Peter Hickerson
    · Aug 5
    This is absolutely terrifying and HUGE! I did a rough calculation of the fireball diameter based on the shock wave propagation speed and found it to be about 0.2 km! That’s the same as a 10 kT yield nuclear bomb! The video was filmed ~3.4 km from the blast. (link:…
    Show this thread
    sean mcgee Retweeted

    Harvey Mushman
    Replying to
    Interesting read.
    95% #renewables + storage is very achievable.
    with only 5% needed to go Zero Carbon, what would be the best option.
    Definitely not; on price, performance or feasibility.

    Getting to 100% renewables requires cheap energy storage. But how cheap?
    sean mcgee Retweeted

    Douglas Shurwood
    Hidden behind the distraction of the recent spate of tactical missile tests is a greater development with strategic implications: New submarines that will allow the Hermit Kingdom to improve the lethality and survivability of its nuclear arsenal.

    North Korea Appears To Have Built Its First Real Ballistic Missile Submarine

    From a triangulating clown

    Comment by et | August 14, 2019 | Reply


    “Epstein preyed on young girls whose families were struggling with money, came from foster homes, or were on the brink of homelessness.”

    He turned underaged girls into prostitutes.

    “The best lawyers money could buy won him the famous “sweetheart deal” that made sure his prison sentence would be at worst a mild inconvenience. While restrictions on non-billionaire sex offenders can be so stringent they end up living permanently under a bridge.”

    Provided underaged girls for Donald Trump.

    “Epstein wanted to flood the human gene pool with his DNA by artificially impregnating scores of women at his New Mexico ranch. He also wanted his head and penis frozen for some as-yet-undisclosed purpose.”

    Peter Thiel The Billionaire Vampire

    Peter Thiel’s interest in reversing the aging process by transfusing the blood of the young girls and boys has long been known.

    Gates is Using your tax money to play with the worst poison on earth. Bill and melinda gates and Buffet claim they helped people in other parts of the world and they really have done little but at least they thing about some humanity. Meanwhile Millions in seattle and the USA are homeless.

    Half of america is impoverished now.


    Jason Hoxie
    “Our children are suffering in other ways
    Traditional money advice is laughably out of touch.

    “The standard personal finance advice doled out these days is to save at least three months of expenses, save for retirement, and spend less than a third of your income on housing.

    But when you don’t have enough to cover rent, student loans, and insurance, not to mention groceries, where’s all this saving going to come from? What’s the advice for the 40 million of us earning under $15 an hour, whose jobs don’t cover the cost of living?”

    Trump the fake billionaire gave tax breaks to the billionaires that took a tax writeoff away from middle class and small time landlords for property taxes. Trump gave a thumbs up on camera to the racist gunman in El Paso that massacred 22 people. 19 mass shootings ins the ppast year mostly of school kids by white supremescists and trump encourages it.
    Trump and fascistn usa is strangling Venezuela, Bolivia, Iran to death so there will an explosive diaspora of refugees and immigrants like central america, libya, syria iraq.
    13, 000 toddlers held at the border held in cages tortures sexually abused. Permanently separated from their parents. will growup as sex slaves or in the penal system. such good christiam people trump ans his supporters are
    The usa has massive homelessness. What a goddamned joke. Worse than third world. Small towns with homeless camps in industrial and radioactve ghettos. It is everywherw. The FBI is out in force harrassing rednecks in west texas that do not want 40000 tons of the worst radioactive waste parked in damaged casks in their back yard.
    Bushs FBI infiltrated and terrorized Veterans For Peace in every major american city during Shrubs illegal iraq wars and reign of terror-fear mongerings. Trumps fourth reich reign of terror is a setup to deprive 80 percent of america of Basic Civil Rights. Trump has commented recently on how he will censor the internet in his second term.
    A new world order based on doestic terror and white supremacy.

    Crappy deregulated reactors ready to blow like fukushima. The chemical and radioactive pollution will eventually disable everyone. And yes they want more victims please so most can rot in radioactive puke blood piss and shit and grabage as mmore accidents occur and reactors blowup

    Comment by gloria | August 14, 2019 | Reply


    When Your Beverage of Choice is Tritium
    Welcome to France
    By Linda Pentz Gunter

    “The headline — Police probe opened into rumours of unsafe tap water in Paris — raised hopes that nuclear operators might finally be held accountable for what appears to be routine radioactive contamination of drinking water in France.
    News stories had circulated after a French radiological testing laboratory published findings on June 17, 2019, that more than six million French residents were drinking water contaminated with tritium released by the country’s nuclear power plants and other nuclear installations.”

    Ironman Tritium Watch Dials

    I actually have a tritium detector. Tritium was used in Watch Dials in Timex Ironman Watch dials, in the late 1980’s and early 1990s. Numerous leukemia studies, prompted Tmex to stop selling the watches because, of the beta radiation Risk from the titium in the watchdials.
    The nucleo-apes never give up. Remember the radium ladies and radium watch faces?
    There is tritium in the water of 7 locations that I could detect. Probably from nuclear reactors close by.

    Indian point has leaked tritium like a sieve, for years. So do all the reactors in Florida. All reactors leak some tritium.

    Tritium is one of the many reasons to end nuclear power and nuclear weapons now.


    The Extreme Senasationalists Fabulationists

    You know them . They mostly produce Youtube videos claiming there are 20 new extreme conspiracies, being perpetutuated every day.
    They are here to further the nuclear lies through triangulations, propaganda scams, extreme conspiracy confabulations .

    One of their hallmarks, is that no reactors meltdown on their own. They say all nuclear and reactor catastrophes are sabotage or aliens did it. They claim, that sabotage caused Chernobyl and Fukushima. They GO AFTER PEOPLE LIKE LINDA GUNTHER AND BEYOND NUCLEAR. The youtube PhDs say Linda Gunther is a fake . They say, she knows nothing about nuclear . They say Linda is lying.

    The Protrump Antipanic Counterintelligence Operatives

    Antipanic operatives claim that nuclear is not so bad. They claim Highlevel Nuclear waste is not volatile and cannot catch fire or explode.

    In fact Plutonium easily catches fire, upon exposure to air. That is what caused The Rocky Flats Plutonium Fire by Denver!

    Nuclear waste has exploded several times in Nevada, Washington, Russia, Idaho, Ukraine.

    Some operatives will even claim, that Tritium, is hormetic. They say Tritium or other nuclear waste imagically prevents radiation illness and damage . The same tactic the tobacco companies did with tobacco in their ongoing crusade to say, that smoking could not cause lung cancer.

    There are several studies associating tritium, with leukemia, by nuclear power plants. All nuclear reactors generate tritium, when water comes in contact with the radionuclides in reactors.
    They will say that hormesis will save us from radiation illness and damage.

    Hormesis is magical thinking!


    The hard-political protrump operatives produce their own fake antinuke website. They never talk about shutting down nuclear reactors or, sequestering nuclear waste properly.

    One article ON THEIR FAKE ANTINUKE WEBSITE, admits that there are numerous dangerous nuclear waste sites in Californnia.
    The article blames the ongoing existence of the dangerous nuclear waste sites at San Onofre, Diablo, and in northern California on the State of California Spending so Much Money on Healthcare for immigrants or illegals.
    Pure protrump, racist propaganda-diarrhea. Healthcare is so poor in California, that half the people in California, are in Tijuana Mexico on the weekends to see a Dr , visit a Dentist in Mexico or get affordably priced medications from Mexico, not the USA.

    The fake antinuke article is absolute horseshit, for this reason and because of the fact that it is up to the federal government to do something about the nuclear messes in California and, in the rest of the USA. They MIC, The NRC created it and are really the only ones capable of doing anything.

    The US federal government, has spent trillions on the military, on nuclear weapons programs on subsidizing nuclear weapons and reactors. The US federal government is responsible for the development of nuclear reactors amd subsidizing them. Nuclear energy, in the USA could not exist without the Price-Anderson Act and the Heavy Hand of the US federal government.


    The ONGOING NUCLEAR MESS that has been going on before fukushima has been axasverbated by trump and the nunclear cartels.
    There is the phalanx of protrump, operatitives. They are really government sanctioned AND CORPORATE supporting, pronuclear operatives. They masquerade as antipanic antinuclear. They are fake, anti-nuke operatives.
    Trump has completely deregulated the nuclear industry,. Trump and its henchman are wholeheartedly, subsidizing reactors that are ready to explode. He refuses to close reactors or enhance their protection in hurricane, earthquake and flood zones. Trump has inflammed a new arms race.

    Reactor accidents have occured on an average of every seven years in the world.
    Climate catastrophes are making numerous decrepit reactors much more dangerous. Dangerous Reactors on the verge of explosions, meltdowns, and fires, that should have been shut down set us toward having a major reactor catastrophe, in america in the next two years.
    The operatives claim that nuclear is not so bad. The so called expert antipanic operatives, say that Highlevel Nuclear waste is not volatile and cannot catch fire or explode.
    Plutonium easily catches fire upon exposure to air. Nuclear waste has exploded several times in Nevada, Washington, Russia, Idaho, Ukraine.

    The protrump, fake-antinuke operatives divert, with so many things racist zeitgeist, smoke and mirrors.

    They will even go so far to say that an asteroid will hit us soon so it don’t matter if nuclear reactors blowup or their is a nuclear war, anyway.
    They would even go with the fabulationists and say aliens did it! Aliens caused Fukushima and chernobyl.

    The Antipanic Operatives Condone the Mass production of Microreactors For Military Use on Their Fake Antinuke Website

    There is currently a push to build more micro and mini nuclear reactors for battlefiled use. Borris johanson wants to use smrs and smaller reactor all over britain despite the nuclear waste issues, the risks of explosions and dirty bomba. They have trying to build such things for 60 years and several have exploded even the ones used in nuclear submarines. Trump wants small and mini reactors too. He wants to use them for energy and to keep the 97 old beat up reactors here going, though they are nots safe. Gates just opened the dooers for terrapower, his small breeder reactor boondogle subsidized by the federal governemt at the taxpayers expense.

    The government and corporate interests, dispatched two phalanx’s of so-called antinuclear groups, after fukushima. They are counterintelligence operatives. Their true-colors are, the maintenance of the nuclear status quo.

    They are here to further the nuclear lies, through Internet manipulations, using networking, smoke and mirror misinformation, extremist conspiracy scams, gutterball political racism, triangulations, propaganda scams, self-serving sensationalism. They do not want the government to stop the insane nuclear arms race or nuclear power to end.

    They never talk about shutting down nuclear reactors or sequestering nuclear waste properly. They divert with so many things. They divert wth the current racist zietgeist in america , smoke and mirrors, and yes even with the meme that asteroid will hit us soon so it don’t matter anyway.

    Crappy nuclear reactors do not blowup on their own according to many of them. They are sabotaged!

    Nuclear reactors are all dangerous, death machines.

    Comment by kt | August 16, 2019 | Reply

  6. The Ever-Tightening of The Noose . The Loss of Civil Rights under Trump in America

    Accidentally submitted w mistake on 8 should be bds where tlab and ihan harrassed bamned from israel

    1. The right to freedom of assembly. Pipeline and antifracking protestors arrested and charged . The freedom of assembly of antinuclear of protestors in the Nuclear subsidization debacle in Ohio with of reactors that are ready to blow. Protestors harrassed and thretened there.

    In California of the Diablo Canyon reactors after the earthquakes that damaged them.

    Harrassment of the antinuclear waste protestors in west texas that do not want 40 thousand tons of highlevel nuclear waste stored in thin huge skinned, damaged casks.

    2. Trump wants to completely censor any internet critical of himself. Trump Had Julian Assange arrested.

    3. Freedom of speech. Several internet sites have been censored badly or completely under Trump including Craigslist, News websites and several other websites. Trump threatens journalists and had Julian Assange arrested.
    Trump has openly encouraged proud boys and othe brownshirts to attack journalists and prodemocaracy activists.

    4. We know that mass surveilance started under Bush, has gotten worse under trump. Local police agencies routinely use networks to routinely monitor and harrass people. People have no say in the rollouts of more intrusive 5G technologies that are massive health hazards.

    5. The police are more militarized than ever. Profiling both racial and
    socially based is getting worse. More Intrusive recognition technology.

    6. More centralization of traditionally racist-political agencies like the FBI , DHS and their satellite agencies. Intelligence agencies like The CIA and NSA spy as much domestecally now under Trump than they did when the whole shitshow was started by the protofascist Bush with the Patriot act.

    7. Freedom of religion and a woman’s right to choose. More states are banning womens right to choose. Trump and Pence have openly stated their support of Federal laws banning women’s rights to choose.

    8. More loss of Relligious freedom, by allowing Trump and congress to harrass the PRO-BDS members of congress . Trumps regime made flood and disaster victims pledge fealty to Israel before they could get FEMA funds

    9. Taxation without representation taxing the middle class to death while ending all taxation of Billionairs, Corporations and the top 10 percent.

    Trump eliminated federal tax breaks for middle class and other small-time property owners, at a time when property taxes are at an all time high in america and middle class-working people are struggling to survive.

    10. More taxation without representation Trump and its cronies have actively deregulated the nuclear and chemical poisoning industries, at the publics expense. They insure higher medical expenses and bailout expenses for industry at taxpayer expense.

    11. More military spening on useless nuclear weapons that poison its citizenry pf america

    12. Illegal subsidization of nuclear power plants on the brink of meltdowns.

    13. Much increased subsidization of the petroleum industries and petrochemical industries.

    14. Subsidization of huge monopolistic Agricultural and GMO companies through NAFTA and international tarrifs that hurt small farmers and help large Agricultural monopoplies.

    15. The Arrest of Julian Assange and tergeting of journalists by this lying fasicist president.

    16. The targeting of elected Cogresswomen for violence from Trumps fascist followers.

    17. The calling of violence against people of differing political opinions, teachers, women, people of different ethnic groups, disabled people, poor people, refugee children and calling for violence against them by this garbage mouthed lying fascist jerk and its violent followers.

    18. The weekly mass shootings by violent white supremacists that are openly given thumbs up by this violent, lying, openly racist garbage mouthed thing tjat is posing as a president

    19. Failure to insure and secure Voting integrity and Democratic Electikn Process.
    -More corporate and dark money in politics
    -Lack of voting intergrity in easily manipulated corporate electronic voting machines
    -More Gerrymandering
    -More purging and restrictions on who can vote with selective id laws

    20. Reinstitution of a Federal Death Penalty

    21. Several laws restricting citizens from sueing the federal government and corporations for federal and corporate malfeasance

    Comment by cc | August 17, 2019 | Reply

  7. It was consistent with a reactor accident and small low yield nuclear explosion. There is not much time for Humans left with insane Bastards like Putin , Trump, Johnson, and Abe in Power
    Dr L
    Roshydromet is attributing the gamma radiation spike to a cloud of noble gases (Xe, Kr) — consistent with a reactor accident.

    Russia’s Federal Weather Service says ‘meteorological situation’ dispersed radioactive gases around…

    Comment by nick | August 17, 2019 | Reply


    FULL OUT NUKE ARMS RACE AND BIDEN THE THE GUY THE DEMENTED RACIST LOSER WARMONGER that mining awareness roots for w voa propaganda is about to lose to a deranged madman

    AUGUST 7, 2020
    Roaming Charges: Every Which Way to Lose
    Still from “Every Which Way But Loose.”
    “And through the fog of the plague, most art withered into journalism.”

    — Pete Hamill

    + Four years of Trump, the most precipitous collapse of the US economy in history and one killer pandemic later and we’re right back to where we were in the late summer of 2016…

    + How could this possibly be, you ask? Well, here’s Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee in hiding, demanding to know if a black journalist, who asked him a question he didn’t like, is junkie…

    Biden: “Why the hell would I take a test?…C’mon man. That’s like saying, ‘You — before you got on this program you took a test where you’re taking cocaine or not, what do you think? Huh? Are you a junkie?’”

    + Biden could pick Angela Davis as his VP nominee and it wouldn’t be enough to mask his innate racism, which is deeply encoded into almost every strand of his political DNA.

    + Given every advantage, Biden will still stumble into every which way to lose, from scolding the progressive base to sabotaging his own roster of VP candidates…

    + Thousands are dying every day, millions are unemployed, their benefits running out, millions more are facing eviction and Biden’s driving around in his Corvette, cosplaying Steve McQueen? WTFingF…

    + These attacks on Karen Bass are getting more and more grotesque and nonsensical. All of the neocons who slithered out of the Reagan administration, including two presidents and two presidential nominees, backed the Apartheid regime as ADULTS, as did the top US client state (Israel), while the Cubans were helping to eradicate apartheidism across southern Africa…

    + Let’s a have an election about Cuba, starting with how many lives Cuban doctors have saved…

    + Covid-19 deaths per million

    Cuba: 8
    Florida: 361

    + Biden sat mute as Democrats & Republicans savaged the estimable Karen Bass for a few bland remarks she made about Cuba and Fidel Castro, then hired a rightwing, viciously anti-Cuba Republican hack named Ana Navarro to “rev up” Latinx for his campaign…

    + Bass is also getting shivved in the media for speaking at the dedication of a new Scientology center near her district in Los Angeles, an entirely normal event for politicians. Are the Scientologists any worse than the Catholics, Mormons, Southern Baptists or Hare Krishnas? Cockburn had a fruitful relationship with their former supremo, Heber Jentzsch, who I believe the church has now disappeared. They’d done a lot of litigation against the CIA, drug companies, FBI and shared some of their discovery with us, which proved very useful in the writing of Whiteout. I never met Heber, a former journalist with LA Free Press, but I talked to him many times until he went missing in 2004. Now when I drive by that sprawling building in Hollywood, I wonder if he’s locked in one of those dark rooms, getting “readjusted”…

    + Ken Salazar, the man who gave us Deepwater Horizon, is now advising Joe on energy policy…

    + “There is a lot of room in there for oil and gas,” said Matt Gallagher, the president of Parsley Energy, a West Texas oil producer, after getting a peak at Biden’s energy plan.

    + Gordon Chang: “China Prefers a Biden Presidency.” First good foreign policy reason I’ve yet heard to cast a vote for Biden. Unfortunately, you can’t believe a word Gordon Chang says.

    + During the foreclosure crisis of 2008/9, the Democrats bailed out the banks instead of the people losing their homes. During the eviction crisis of 2020, they’re about to bail out the landlords instead of the people being kicked out on the streets.

    + More than half of low-income communities in the USA have no ICU beds, yet another reason the coronavirus pandemic is disproportionately killing the poor.

    + An analysis of census data shows the Portland, Oregon neighborhoods hit hardest by COVID-19 are the same places, most of them east of 82nd Avenue, where poor people are packed into extremely tight quarters.

    + Andrea LaShea: “For the record, I’m not dying so that this country’s economy can improve. My ancestors already did that.”

    + Even though US taxpayers are paying for 100% of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine development, the company told its investors that it will be charging the highest price yet for a coronavirus vaccine, essentially forcing a COVID-battered nation buy back a vaccine developed with its own tax dollars.

    + It looks like the early COVID-19 precautions taken by Tribal Nations in Wisconsin have paid off. Their rate of infection is half that of the other residents of the state.

    Comment by sunshine | August 9, 2020 | Reply

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