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Hiroshima – Nagasaki week – nuclear news

There’s a not at all funny irony in that significant nuclear weapons decisions have been made by USA and Russia in this anniversary week.    USA formally withdraws from nuclear treaty with Russia and prepares to test new missile. Putin warns that Russia will follow if USA develops new nuclear missiles. A dangerous nuclear arms race likely to follow, if the New Start Treaty is not renewed.  USA Democrats struggle with Senator Elizabeth Warren and others’ determination to change America’s present “presidential first use” policy, and make it official U.S. policy not to be the first to use a nuclear weapon.

Intense heat waves have swept Europe this summer, breaking temperature records in at least a dozen countries. Scientists have warned that the world should expect more scorching heat waves and extreme weather due to climate change.   July confirmed as the world’s hottest month ever recorded.

Samantha Smith – a 10 year old who acted to reduce nuclear weapons.

The Myths, the Silence, and the Propaganda That Keep Nuclear Weapons in Existence.  Collapse of the INF treaty could be followed by the expiry of New Start.     What Exactly Is Nuclear ‘No First Use’?

Nuclear power will ‘lumber into extinction,’ ex-regulator says.  Nuclear power has never been financially viable.

Major problem for astronauts – radiation damages mood and memory?

UKRAINE. Belarus’ forgotten children – victims of Chernobyl’s nuclear radiation.



MARSHALL ISLANDS. Radiation Levels Higher in Marshall Islands Than in Chernobyl. Marshall Islands to survey leaking nuclear dome.

FRANCE. Another French nuclear plant having difficulties due to hot weather and poor river flow. Climate change continues to affect France’s nuclear power industry.

RUSSIA. Sunken Soviet Sub leaking high levels of radiation, Norwegian researchers say.The nuclear disasters that we don’t hear about – The Kyshtym DisasterRussia’s coverup of 2017 nuclear accident in the Ural mountains.   The nuclear accidents we don’t hear about – Soviet Submarine K-19.

INDIA. Kashmir, nexus of conflict between nuclear antagonists India and Pakistan, faces crackdown, plunges into fear.

UK. The nuclear disasters we don’t hear about – The Windscale Fire.

IRELAND. Overwhelming arguments against nuclear power for Ireland.

BRAZIL. The nuclear accidents we don’t hear about – The Goiânia Accident.

CANADA. The nuclear accidents we don’t hear about – Chalk River Ontario.

BELGIUM. Belgium broke law but can keep nuclear plants open, EU court rules.

UK. Brexit: nuclear medicine at risk from no-deal. UK union unhappy with financing plan for new nuclear power plants.  Concern in Suffolk over the socio-economic and environmental effects of massive Sizewell nuclear project.

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    There was a bee expo here in the midwest. It was a quarter of what it was last year. I ask many of the exhibitors why? The bees are dying, they said. The Mead wine was good though.

    THERE ARE DEAD BEES AROUND 5g TOWERS IN CALIFORNIA.The neonics and 5g, are not the only things killing bees and insects in America. America is saturated with Radionuclides from Bomb testing and, many other sources.

    There are mega amounts of Radium and natural radnukes, in the massive amounts of fossil fuels burned in america.
    Most of our drinking water is contaminated by it. 70 million drinking sources are contaminated by Uranium Radium and the other ntural radionuclides in America from fracking, mining and burning fossil fuels. Professor Busby was measuring soil, after a downpour in Brazil. It was Highly radioactive from radium, from fossil fuel burning trapped in the clouds from fossil fuel burning.

    Natural radionuclides include Uranium, Radon, Polonium, Radium, Thorium.

    Polonium is the stuff that killed the Russian guy in London a few years back.

    There is radionuclide saturation from Reactors. From Nuclear waste, Americium from smoke detectors. Reactor incidents. Open air bomb testing, Fukushima

    As Ihe bees die off, so do human beings. 75% of the food we eat depends on bee pollination.

    There is gaurenteed one or more nuclear accidents in america in the next couple of years as rat traps are forced open on america and deregulated.

    Look around you. Animals dying sooner. Cancer rates going up. Heart anomolies in young people.

    There was a bad radionuclide release in idaho. There will be 1 or more major nuclear reactor accidents in this country soon. There is no place in the world that will have had so much radionuclide burden. There will be a tipping point because the seas are almost dead too from all the manmade pollution and radionuclide pollution. There is a die off or collapse within a few years after that because the radionuclide burden in everyones body is so high here and the human genome is highly destabalizeded for many here. Even in immigrants.

    Comment by ken | August 7, 2019 | Reply


    Mox catches fires and burns easily because plutonium is very pyrophoric. It sponateously ignites in air. We are never told this by nucleoapes. Mox fuel is the most danerousous and unstable fuel in the universe

    Comment by ken | August 7, 2019 | Reply

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