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Murky Middle East nuclear deal involving Trump’s billionaire friend

Trump’s friend tried to profit from Middle East nuclear deal, lawmakers say

Congressional report finds Tom Barrack tried to buy Westinghouse as he sought a related government post

A billionaire friend of Donald Trump pursued a plan to buy Westinghouse Electric Corp – even as he lobbied Trump to become a special envoy and promote the company’s work on nuclear power in Saudi Arabia, a congressional report released on Monday.

While Tom Barrack failed in both efforts, the report provides fresh evidence of the ease with which some corporate and foreign interests have gained access to the US president and other senior members of his administration.

Documents obtained by the Democratic-led House oversight committee raise “serious questions about whether the White House is willing to place the potential profits of the President’s friends above the national security of the American people and the universal objective of preventing the spread of nuclear weapons”, the report said.

The report is the second from the panel’s investigation into the plan to construct 40 nuclear power plants in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Middle East. The plan was supported by Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn; Barrack, Trump’s inaugural committee chairman; and a consortium of companies led by retired US military commanders and former White House officials called IP3.

One company was Westinghouse, the only US manufacturer of large reactors, which was bought out of bankruptcy by Brookfield Asset Management last August.

The report comes alongside a number of other investigations into the administration being conducted by the panel chaired by the US representative Elijah Cummings – including into the use of personal texts and emails for official business by Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner.

Trump attacked Cummings, an African American from Baltimore, in weekend tweets that the president’s critics denounced as racist.

Monday’s report was based largely on thousands of documents provided by unidentified private companies. The White House, the report said, provided no documents, while other federal agencies submitted some.

The committee may subpoena White House documents, it said.

Documents showed that Barrack negotiated with Trump and other White House officials to seek “powerful positions”, including special Middle East envoy, as he took steps to profit from the civil nuclear scheme he advocated.

A previous committee report, published in February, said efforts to advance the nuclear power scheme began during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump officials have continued meeting with IP3 even though White House lawyers in January 2017 instructed staff to cease work on the plan over concerns that Flynn was breaking conflict of interest laws, according to that report. Flynn, fired by Trump in February 2017, advised IP3 while serving on his campaign and transition team, said both reports.

White House lawyers also worried that promoters of IP3’s so-called “Middle East Marshall Plan” sought to transfer US nuclear know-how to Saudi Arabia even as they pushed back on Riyadh’s behalf against certain safeguards, the reports said. Known as the “Gold Standard”, the safeguards are designed to prevent nuclear weapons development. IP3 called the standard a “total roadblock”, Monday’s report said.

A Barrack spokesman said the billionaire had been cooperating with the oversight committee and had provided it with requested documents. Barrack’s investments and business development in the region were for a “better aligned Middle East”, he said. “This is not political, it is essential.“

The White House and IP3 did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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  1. This is guy is worse than Caligula. It is so chaotic and destructive. It is a criminal, a child molester, a child torturer. It is bringing america to the brink of 2 or more nuclear-reactor disasters like fukushima, in the next few years. A nuclear disaster just occured in Idaho.

    inl fire

    A wildfire burned 90,000 acres around the Idaho National Atomic Laboratory July 25, 2019. There were other wildfires in the area. The Idaho National Laboratory Nuclear Reservation, is 900 square miles. Almost a million acres.
    The fire burned, all the way to reactor buildings, on the nuclear reservation. Many muclear reactors have been tested there.

    “Various organizations have built more than 50 reactors at what is commonly called “the Site”, including the ones that gave the world its first usable amount of electricity from nuclear power and the power plant for the world’s first nuclear submarine. Although many are now decommissioned, these facilities are the largest concentration of reactors in the world.”

    INL History”. Idaho National Laboratory. United States Department of Energy, DOE Office of Nuclear Energy. Archived from the original on February 23, 2014.

    There are massive amounts of Radionuclidea on the million acre INL Resevation. There were three known meltdowns of Nuclear Reactors there.

    The meltdown at the Stationary Low-Power Reactor Number One (SL-1) in south-central Idaho is to date the only fatal meltdown in U.S. history. The SL-1 before it blew up. The nuclear reactor is in the cylindrical structure.
    Nuclear Meltdown in Idaho: 3 Dea…

    There are and have been 50 nuclear Reactors at INL Reservation. There are incledible amounts of nuclear waste stored and buried there. A lot of that shit went up in smoke with 70 years of nuclear reactor meltdown fallout, from more than 90 thouasand aces burning and, you are breathing it America!

    The western United States is desertous The western USA, has mostly been parched for a long time. The basin and ranges, high deserts, and low deserts of the west have always been vulnerable to large, out-of-control, wildfires. The west is also, where the government has many nuclear reservations and nuclear waste sites.

    The high level detritus and pieces of the old Sodium Reactor at Santa susana, were shipped to nevada buried by Beatty Nevada in the 70s 80s and 90s
    The santa susana reactor melted down in the late fifties and had a partial melt in the 60s. There was radionuclde fallout, in the surrounding areas from the nuclear melt downs at Santa Susana.
    The old sodium reactor from Santa Susana, was disassembled. The Highly radioactive-detritus, of the reactor’s melted core, was hauled to Beatty nevada, in the late 60s and 70s.

    Beatty Nevada, is very close to where nuclear bombs, were open-air tested in the 50s and sixties, in Nevada.
    The detritus of the reactor core From SANATA Susana by Beatty Nevada, were declared low-level nuclear waste. It was not low lebel waste. It was highly volatile, high-level nuclear waste. The nuclear waste exploded in Nevada in 2015.
    Youtube video

    video footage on tv mews of exploding nuclear waste by Beatty nevada

    Climate change has dramatically increased the frequency and breadth of wildfires in the western USA.

    Holtec is to store all Highlevel Nuclear waste fuel rods, in a parched desert, in New Mexico. They will store 120,000 tons in wildfire prone areas, in New Mexico. The waste is stored, in shoddy, thin skinned cannisters like the ones at San Onofre. The used Reactor Fuel Rods are extremely volatile, High Level Nuclear waste. They will be stored above ground, in Holtecs containers.

    Orava already has 40,000 tons of high level waste above-ground by Andrews, Texas. Andrews is Not so far away from New Mexico. Both places are parched Deserts, capable of out-of-control-wildfires. Wild fires like the one at Idaho National Lab, that destroyed 90,000 acres and burned all the way to the main complex.

    Comment by doug | August 1, 2019 | Reply

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