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Nuclear/climate news to July 23

Again – hard to focus on nuclear issues, as extreme climate events continue.  Africa is suffering from a crippling drought, as is IndonesiaEurope Faces Another Record-Setting Heat Wave This Week . India cops both flooding and heatwaves. Record high temperatures in America. Australian writer Peter Boyer– outlines the plight not only of his country, but of countries across the globe.

Nuclear news – less  dramatic, but still important.    In USA and UK, how to fund nuclear development is the preoccupation of the industry. The State of Ohio is just about to finalise a vote for a dodgy plan that will subsidise its nuclear plants, while ending incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency. Meanwhile the UK plan is for consumers to pay upfront through energy bills, for new nuclear projects before they’re even built,  – and might not even be built.   Alas, we don’t have access to information on Russia and China, but it appears that both countries are more and more relying on selling nuclear reactors overseas, rather than making them economically viable at home.

America’s original moon plan was to explode a nuclear bomb on the moon.  A heightened solar cycle, by chance, reduced the exposure of Apollo astronauts to space radiation.   Future space travellers will be, in reality, radiation guinea pigs.

Dangerous nuclear arms race to follow, if New Start Treaty is not renewed. World security needs nuclear New Start agreement – USA-Russia, not a distraction about China.

July to be world’s hottest month on record.

UN nuclear watchdog chief Yukiya Amano dies at 72.

New research shows how low dose ionising radiation promotes cancer.

The radioactively polluted oceans.

MARSHALL ISLANDS.  New revelations on the very high radiation in the Marshall Islands.

IRAN. Iran makes ‘substantial’ nuclear offer in return for US lifting sanctions. Iran’s diplomatic offer on nuclear inspections meets with USA scepticismU.S. Slaps Sanctions On Nuclear Supply Network for Iran’s Enrichment Program.

NORTH KOREA. North Korea, angered by US military exercises, plans to resume nuclear, missile, tests.

JAPAN. 40 years, $2.5bn costs for 4 Fukushima Daini nuclear reactors to be shut down.   Fukushima Upper House candidates face cynical voters despite anti-nuclear platforms. Fukushima: The ‘100 times normal’ radiation area outside exclusion zone – ‘Worrying!’

FRANCE. Climate change continues to affect France’s nuclear power industry.  France’s nuclear reactors impacted by latest heat wave.   Swedish climate champion Greta Thunberg has received the first Freedom Prize in France.

GERMANY. Activists walk “cease and desist” order into nuclear weapons base.


GUAM.  New bill introduced in U.S. Congress will benefit Guam victims of radiation exposure

CHINA. China faces up to the pollution and radioactive waste problems of rare earths mining and processing.

UKRAINE.  Doubts on the safety of Ukraine’s nuclear reactors.    Vladimir Shevchenko – heroic photographer of Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe.

UK. Hinkley Pt nuclear station’s cooling system will mean massacres of fish.

TURKEY. A lot of safety worries for Turkey’s Akkuyu nuclear plant.

CANADA, Small Modular Nuclear Reactors – at least 10 years away – Canadian Nuclear Association.

EUROPE. Secret Locations of U.S. nuclear weapons in Europe revealed.

INDONESIA. Strong rejection of nuclear power for Indonesia.

RUSSIA. For the second time in a week, take-down of Russian nuclear reactors, due to malfunction. Uncertainty over safety of Russia’s floating nuclear power plants. Moscow’s Polymetals Plant’s slag heap – an intractable radioactive hazard=- could become Moscow’s Chernobyl?.

SOUTH AFRICA. The sorry history and sorry future of nuclear power in South Africa.

AUSTRALIA.  French journalists arrested while filming anti-coal activities.  How the Mirrar Aboriginal people, helped by environmentalists stopped uranium mining at Jabiluka.

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  1. Human Monkeys are a race of cowards! Dominated by psychopathic Mass murderers and Sadists.
    Cowardly monkeys, that have no determination to save their children. No value to save their world. They wallow in the trappings of crass materialism and enable the deranged sadism, torture and psychopathic insanity of the Sick Plutocrats. The devils have destroyed, most things left of virtue and beauty in the world.

    There will be a nuclear disaster in America soon. It is assured. It is assured by the chaotic-narcissism and hate that governs America and the neo-liberal authoritarian, kakicracies, now. It will happen soon in america. The nuclear disaster, will be covered-up. Another disaster will follow. The catastrophe will occur in the next 2-3 years or sooner.
    The illness will precipitate a societal breakdown, as is occuring in Ukraine and Japan.

    The decline and collapse will occur much more precipitously in America. America is in the the grip of a gross-simmering health crisis, from radionuclide pollution, that already exists.

    The monsterously irresponsible, Plutocratic-Kakiocracies in the west and, places like India or Korea will follow . Their Nuclear Death machines will explode from stupidity, aging and negligence. The nuclear cataclysms and climate change are insuring the demise of the human monkeys in 5-8 years.

    Comment by DL | July 23, 2019 | Reply

  2. If They Cannot See it They Will Not Accept it

    Japan has Reopened Multiple- damaged dangerous, reactors and done nothing to stop the radioactive hemorraghe into the seas.

    Japan is going ahead full steam with the 2020 Radioactive Cesium 137 olympic games in Tokyo and Fukushima and Fuko the Clown Trump endorses them.

    Fuko encourages Abe to ship radioactive food to murica. Fuko has made nuclear war thousands of times more probable. Fuko has lobbied to make american taxpayers pay, to keep, the most meltdown prone reactors in the world open in Ohio in the past few weeks. Fuko has gutted regulation of reactors and, hardening of some of the most earthquake, hrricane, and flood vulnerable reactors in the world.

    The diablo canyon reactor has a radioactive leak from the two earthquakes. The Bay City reactor’s fuel pool is damaged from Harvey. When it floods and burns it will realease the radionuclide fallout, equivalent of 50,000 Nuclear Bombs. The Waterford reactors in Louisina are extensively damaged from flooding and hurricane Berry. Same for the Duke Energy Reacor in North Carolina that was damaged by Hurricane Florence.

    One of the 55 year old reactors in Ohio that Trump demanded and virtually forced to stay opened, has a hole in its containment from a nuclear accident 30 years ago. Trump and its cronies have completely deregugulated the supervion and oversight of the 97 most embrittled, cracked, dangerous, old nuclear reactors in the world.

    The Fort Calhoun Reactor was flooded by the unprecedented flooding in the midwest and south this year. Several other reactors were too. It has been flooding like this, every year in the south for ten years where there are multiple reactors. Several small rowns full of climate deniers, not allowed to rebuild on the governments dime anymore. Creeps and idiots, do not care about climate change and nuclear oblivion. If they do not see it they do not believe it.

    Comment by Doug | July 23, 2019 | Reply

  3. Elevated Gamma Radiation was detected yesterday, July 14, 2019, 50 miles North of Little Rock, Arkansas by the Energy One Reactor in Russelville Arkansas. This was one of the reactors damaged by the massive midwest flooding, this year.

    The State of Arkansas has closed down the RadNet radiation monitoring site. Arkansas’ local RadNet is a under Arkansas’ political control.

    Elevated radiation level was made by a federal government radiation monitoring machine.

    Comment by Nick Hashimoto | July 24, 2019 | Reply

  4. Why contact and use hushmail? Very cryptic

    Comment by dl | July 24, 2019 | Reply

  5. Wildfire by Nuclear reservation in Idaho

    Monitoring the 90,000-acre Sheep Fire at Idaho National Lab (the site is about 570,000 acres). Most facilities are shut, including the hot cells where spent #nuclear fuel is reprocessed. They are protected by firebreaks, so hopefully will be ok.…

    Comment by Nick | July 25, 2019 | Reply

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